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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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When Ambrosia felt Chris' energy spiral out of control she knew something was wrong, his daughter had been stolen as well. He had given into the dark power, she stood and morphed into her casual attire, leather pants and a corset. She walked to the door where Lilith was speaking to Sen and Kale. She pointed to them and moved down the hallway. "Lilith I trust you can keep things under control." She said with vehemence. Liltih agreed and Ambrosia flashed into town, the two demons hot on her trail. She pinpointed Iram and Lebaux, they were chasing after Zeke. He must have split off after feeling Chris explode. She was worried, his mind was cut off, but she knew he was going after the Knight.


Chris found the Knight in an unfinished construction sight the humans were using, though gone for the night it was empty, but as Chris perched on a beam he saw the Knight. He w walkign amongst possibly sixteen children. He saw Lucas and Asher for the first time in a long while. They had gotten bigger, and Lucas was perched over Jin who was weeping on the ground, a red mark clear onher face. Asher stood to protect them, his eyes flashed red, his demon horns small in his harir. He was fierce for a child, Chris would ensure his bravery was rewarded with this Knight's blood. He searched again and found Hope close by, she was knocked out, her wings thankfully still hidden by his magic.

Chris slipped closer as the Knight muttered to himself, talkign to the angels that were no doubt putting him through hell. Mind to mind speaking with a heavenly being was dangerous, especially for one as young as this Knight. Chris caught his words as Hope woke up, her eyes blazed, tears already streaking her face. She started to cry, which inturn got the other children crying. Chris moved down faster, but not fast enough as the Knight grabbed his daughter and flung her, Asher caught her and hissed, his power whipping out to seperate the man, he started forward. Chris took a chance and dropped to the ground between them. He lugned hitting the knight hard, crackign his helment. He fell back and Chris pointed to the children. "Go, run that way, town is just down the street!" He ordered, they ran and he turned to the twins and Jin. They stood around Hope protectively, and Chris smiled, glad his helment was up. She was crying, her little head missing a few chunks of hair. He vowed to decimate that bastard.

"Hope, I'm here, Daddy's here." He spoke, she looked up sharply and ran to his arms. He hugged her as she wailed into his embrace.

"You're the Paladin arent you, thats the coat." Asher said. Chris looked at him and nodded, he set Hope down though she wanted to hold onto him.

"I dont attack kids, much less tiny demons." He held out Hope's hand, he took it. "I have to go destroy something unnessesary, I'm trusting you to watch my daughter. Please dont let anyone hurt her."

"I will." Asher looked vehement, he turned to see his son. His breath caught as he saw him helping Jin up, her cheek was blistered, bleeding slightly, the Kngiht must have hit her hard. "She fought, and he hurt her." Lucas said his eyes misting but he was furious. He lifted a palm and Lucas winced, patting his head he moved behind him.

"You did well, I'll handle it from here, your parents are on their way." Chris stalked away from the children, he brushed a bit of Holy magic over them to heal their minor wounds but he was saving his fury for the Knight who didnt know the meaning of his gifts. Chris saw him as he was getting to his feet. Smashign him into a wall of cinderblocks Chris began to punch his helement, then his ribs, as the knight started to fight back Chris left devestating counter attacks on him. He growled as he felt his energy spiral around him, he continued the assault and drew his dagger, they clashed again and this time Chris sank the dagger into the Knight's side. He twisted it and growed in his ear. "Thats for hurting the kids," he spread his Paladin wings wide and started to ascend itno the air, as the kngiht fought some more Chris bashed his helment with an elbow, "Thats for hurting the demons."

Chris flew high, right up to the sky entrance to the under city, he looked at the White Knight and tossed him into the air, "And thats for hurting my daughter." He watched him fall right to an abandoned neighborhood and flew back to the sight with the children. Sure enough Zeke and Ambrosia were there comforting the kids. As Chris dropped he felt his control slip, he sank to his knees and bellowed in agony. The darkness was takign control, he clutched his sides and pressed his head to his folded knees, he screamed and felt his body morph, suddenly it washed away, Hope stood before him. Light encompassed her and she smiled at him, his darkness was abolished as she flooded his life with light.

He looked at her and leaned up, his arms ciciling her, his daughter, she was so innocant, so hurt by a misuided knight. She cried into his arms, and he held her close. "I'm here sweetie," he whispered. "I'll always be here, you were so brave today baby."

"Daddy." She cried.

"It's okay now, I wont let anyone hurt you again." he spoke to her. He looked up to see Ambrosia and Zeke watching them, Ambrosia smiled and Chris nodded his thanks, they moved off to reunite Jin and Iram.

Lebaux joined him as he was perched on a beam his daughter had cried herself to sleep, he sat and punched the iron. "Dont do that Lebaux, I have to pay for that." Chris chided.

"I was useless." Lebaux growled.

"You helped emensly." Chris smiled and laid his head back. "Relax, you can help Iram with the knight, I left him alive for torture."

"What about that is good for our cause?" Lebaux asked.

"He hurt Hope, Julia, the twins, and Jin." Chris spoke, "He deserves everythign he gets."

"I guess," Lebaux looekd at Chris, "Is the darkness gone? Youre hair is blond again."

Chris handed Hope to Lebaux and felt for that pit of darkness. Save for his own normal taint the overwhelming darkness was gone. Smiling he ran his hands through Hope's curls. "I'm cured."


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