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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Zeke was so angry he couldnt see straight. His twins were stolen, kidnapped by a White Knight; he had no choice but to join the search, he couldnt sit home alone with Ambrosia and wait. He knew she wanted to look too, but her authority was strong in the kingdom. She coudl keep the Clans at bay while he searched for his children, hoping beyond his means for them to be alive. He looked at his shaking hands and tredged on, Lebaux joined him and Iram as they searched the Districts. Nothing so far, and they were nearing the end of their search. He slamed his fist on a chimney and watched some bricks crumble to his feet. It didnt satistfy him, only the blood of the Knight would satisfy him.


Ambrosia wept for all she was worth, her children were gone, her husband searching, her slave incapacitated. She was alone, she knelt in her sons room and cleaned their toys up, then found their matching jackets on their beds. She grabbed them and wept as she inhaled their scents. Their worthless gaurds were recovering then they intended to go out and hunt as well. Ambrosia didnt care as long as Asher and Lucas were found. She slammed a fist into the ground as she screamed in agony, why? Why? Why?

Another White Knight, had the angels gotten restless waiting for Chris to attack the royal house? She wondered as she cursed and cried for all she was worth, she didnt shed tears... ever. But for her slave, her mate, and her children... she wept like an infant. Lilith joined her and offered silent comfort, but Ambrosia wanted to be out, helping. She wanted to be out searching. She felt Chris enter her mind, he was chained up, but he was trying to console her. She wrapped her mind around him and silently fed from the darkness in him, it strengthened her but she was empty without his son and Zeke's.


Chris was miserable, hanging from his chains he'd ordered Lebaux to go help search for the twins. This was an event he hadn't prepared for, his urge to break form the wall and help was all encompassing. He laid back on the wall as he broke through his sheilds to comfort Ambrosia. She was a wreck, but he fed her energy and tried to offer some comfort. He sighed, she had felt another White Knight, did they expect him to lie back and allow this? Sure he hadnt taken on the royal family, but it would seem that desire was banished under the wieght of Ambrosia's pain. He would begin fighting Zeke, the angels were playing dirty now. He had to get over this bullshit and get back out, he couldnt let this happen.

He froze as he heard noise outside his room, the door opened and he wondered if it was Julia. Suddenly he heard Julia shouting, screaming rather. "What are you doing?! Who are you?!"

Chris strained against the chains, someone was in his house, Lebaux was topside, and Chris was strung up like an invitation. His eyes landed on the knight who was standing in his doorway, staring at him, Julia's hair in his hand, her knocked out form by his leg. Chris felt his rage fill him, he glared at the Knight. "Who are you?" Chris demanded.

"I'm your replacement." The man spoke, his armor gave away nothing, Chris strained again and froze at the sight behind him, Hope was standing there, her tiny hands over her mouth as she took in the sight of a stranger holding Julia's broken form. Chris struggled anew, his muscles screaming as he shouted.

"My replacement?" Chris smirked."Think you can beat me fool, come get some."

The knight shook his head and tossed Julia on the floor, there was blood on her head. Chris saw red all of a sudden, he struggled and Hope screamed as the knight set his sights on her. "A child huh? So be it." he walked forward and yanked her up. She fought, oh gods she fought.

"Put her donw, shit! Your target is me, come for me!" Chris yelled, he was desperate, but the manacles wouldnt budge.

"My targets were the children exactly seven years old, she looks the right age as well." he lifted Hope up and laughed as she cried in wailing sobs.

"Daddy!" She reached out for him and Chris yelled as the Knight moved away fromt he room.

"Dont cry Hope, I'm coming for you, Daddy is coming I swear! Be an angel baby!" He yelled at the top of his lungs in rage. "You're the best there is remember that!"


Chris heard his front door shut and he screamed in raw pain and agony, he couldnt get free, the manacles effectively shut down his power as well as his weaponry. He had no other option. He knew the darkness responded with his anger. He dived into it head first letting all his rage pour into it as well. He emerged from the depths with full mobility. He ripped his arms from the wall incinerating the cuffs with his energy. he stooped forward and summoned some holy energy. Sinking the divine life into Julia she started breathing normally. He stood up after putting him on his bed. He caught sight of himself in the mirror. He was black haired, his eyes even more demonic than before. He summoned a sword to his hand and ran from the house. The knight was long gone, but Chris would find him, he had his daughter, and from listening he had other children of the same age. He had the twins and Lebaux's daughter. Chris would find them, he had to.


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