Demon Property

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 20,

Chris was locked in his room, his arms chained to the ceiling with Demon Cuffs. He was aching as he felt the darkness inside him growing stronger. He hated this, looking over to Lebaux who sat on his bed going over the scrolls with devestating intensity. Reading Hell Verse was easy, but reading Hell Verse written by Hell Demons was a whole other ball game. Lebaux was pouring over them, trying to make sense of the gibberish and vague discriptions. He was so intense he barely looked up in time to stopp Hope from entering the room. Chris lurched in hsi chains as Lebaux blocked her sight from him, he wanted to see her... his beautiful daughter. He cursed and looekd at the ceiling as Lebaux spoke to her about her daddy being asleep. "Tell her to make me a book of her drawings." Chris hissed as Lebaux relayed the statement. That should keep her busy.

Lebaux re-entered and sighed, then sat and began to pour again. "I think the cause was the Paladin energy, Ambrosia and Lilith swear that we bond so well with our slave marks because we have taint in our souls already." Lebaux sighed. "Yours must stem from the doubt of your reason to fight. Ambrosia strengthened that, and when Zeke bonded to you the darkness was equalized in you. Now there's a huge stock of holy, the darkness must be trying to compensate." Lebaux rubbed his temples. Chris found that explanation valid, but since he had been found the first time, he;d transformed into his "Dark" self twice more in the span of a few days. This was bad, he was seethign with rage the first time when he saved Lebaux. Aching with sexual need the next, and the last two times he'd been overly angry at being tied up.

"The trigger has to be my emotions." Chris shook his head to relieve the ache and shifted his arms from their hook on the ceiling. Lebaux nodded and picked up the book he'd begun writing in natural Hell Verse. Detailing his knowledge of being a slave. "The Holy power vanishes under the weght of the darkness, it cant be overflow from Ambrosia or Zeke. The problem is in me, the holy cant fight the darkness inside me. It wont bow down either, if I cant control it Lebaux I have to die."


Ambrosia sat in the garden watching the boys train with Jin and Zeke, and Iram. Jin was worlds ahead of the boys but she was certain they could manage. They were great in power she could feel it. She startled from her thoughts as she felt Iram and Zeke converge on her spot. She smiled and waited as Lilith joined them from the office inside. "How are they doing?" Ambrosia asked.

"The boys are hot headed." Iram huffed.

"Jin is arrogant." Zeke grumbled.

"Just like the two of you." Lilith smiled, they shot her a glare as she sat next to Ambrosia. They lounged and listened to Iram and Zeke argue about the propper way of fighting and teaching the children. Ambrosia felt her senses come alive and she whipped around as she felt fire erupt from the ground, she stared at the blazing inferno that was Kale's trademark. She lifted ehr skirts and lurched to the place they were training with the children at.

Ambrosia screamed in rage when she saw the sight, Kale and Sen pinned to the ground with arrows of light. The children gone. She shook in fury as Zeke ripped her up into his arms. She stared wide eyed at the sky glowing with pride at the theft of her children. She heard Zeke issue enraged orders, "Lock the city down, I want every human locked in their housing units. All demons are to be assembled. The children were stolen by a White Knight, using arrows."

Arrows? Her slave used  sword, Lilith's slave used a sword, even blades on a chain according to Lilith and Iram. Was there another White Knight?! Ambrosia screamed again this time losing control of her demon form, unable to cope with the theft she ripped the two servent up form the ground. "What happened?!" She roared. They looked defeated, her children were gone and they had lost. She threw them to the ground because they didnt even knwo what had happened. Her hellfire licked on the plants incinerating everything around her. Zeke gripped her close. "It's okay, we'll find them."

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