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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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This had to be a curse. A punishment for being tied to demons, but as Chris laid on his bed for the fifth day, he hadnt eaten, he barely drank anything, he was aching all over. His skin wanted to crawl off, and all he felt was the battle waging within, his Paladin energy was slithering through him and meeting with the darkness that continued to absorb his inner being. He had walled off the connection with Ambrosia and Zeke and hoped they didnt dare push his weak shields. He wasnt confident in his ability to protect them, he wasnt even confident in his ability to protect his child. Hope wanted nothing more than to see him but he was afradi to taint her. This darkness was a curse, he didnt know what was wrong with him. Chris closed his eyes and forced sleep to enter his veins.


Ambrosia woke with a start, she had been napping as Zeke did work next to her. She sat up her mind filled with haze, it wasnt her own, it was leaking from Chris' mind. She frowned and took human form. "Ambrosia?" Zeke asked.

"He's topside." Ambrosia breathed, Zeke took to his human form as well and he phased them out into the city. She looked around, seeking his signiture, she could find ehr slave anywhere. When she saw him she was shocked. Ambrosia didnt quite know what she was seeing. There was Chris, walkign with huge crowd of human and demon women. He had black hair, his slave mark was white on his flesh, and he exuded a charm more akin to her or Zeke. He laughed and tugged tow women closer to his side. Ambrosia watched as he walked into a tavern, she looked at Zeke who was just as stunned.

"What the fuck?" Ambrosia asked. Lebaux ran from a crowd of people and stopped infront of them, he was out of breath, stunned into a stupor that had Ambrosia twitching with the desire to hurt him. "What happened?" She demanded.

"He came out of the room like that, didnt recognize me or Julia, thank the gods Hope was alseep. She'd have been heart broken." Lebaux cursed as he looked in the tavern. "Somethign is seriously wrong with him, the darkness must have taken over."

Ambrosia sighed and rubbed her hands together. "We need to get him out of there, somewhere safe, as far as I can see I need to drain that darkness, help him wake up." Ambrosia tossed her hair and changed her appearance again. "Zeke be ready to knock him out, Lebaux find out what the fuck is going on."

She stepped into the bar and smoothed into her role, she was a sultry patron, demon descent. He would notice her the first second he saw her. And on que Chris was already looking at her with heat in those strange alien eyes.


Chris didnt know who she was, but that short red hair and tight ass in leather pants had him hard. He tossed the women next to him out of his way and made his path cut straight to her. She looked up unamused by him as he stopped next to her. "Let me buy you a drink." He offered. She narrowed ehr gaze at him and smiled slowly enough to have him wanting to toss her on the bar right now. She leaned clsoe to him, and whispered something in another language, then her tongue flicked out to his jaw before she settled back. Shit she was hot.

He ordered the drink and smirked, damn she was the finest thing here, he was sure she'd be in is bed before the end of the night. And for that matter where was his bed? He'd find one if it meant fucking this beauty into the night. She finished her drink the leaned over grabbing his hand. A smile had him following her out into the alleyway. If she wanted it here, she'd have it. He was struck from behind and he fell tot he ground panting, what the-?


Zeke glared down at the being that wasnt his slave by nature. Whatever transformation was going on Zeke didnt trust it. It was almost as if he was cursed. Ambrosia knelt next to him and Zeke ripped their link wide open, the trinity flared as his mark did. Ambrosia touched Chris' mark and enrgy began to flow through them. Zeke delved into Chris' mind as Ambrosia's mental brush twined around him. He dove head first into the darkness and they absorbed it, it was self produced asn Zeke didnt know what this would do for his slave but he hoped it fixed him. They pulled back and settled behind the walls, Lebaux stood expectantly as Chris laid on the ground back to normal, blond hair mussed, his mind righted. He looked at Lebaux and cursed, if this dark Chris got loose again, who knew what he would do.


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