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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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The first things Zeke was confronted with when he returned home, were mundane yet disturbing. A meeting with his wife confirmed his suspicions, their son's caretakers were getting wise. They had yet to guess the truth, but they were close. Lucas' father was really the Paladin, Zeke couldnt contact Chris no matter how hard he tried so Zeke's decision was to allow Ambrosia to tell Sen and Kale the truth then swear them to secrecy for the safety of the boys and Chris. Zeke knew he would lose his temper with them and decided Ambrosia could best reign them in with the threat of Zeke over their heads. The second disturbing thing was that the boys themselves were causing more mischief now that they had befriended a few human boys. That spelled disaster but Zeke had been informed by Lilith that human boys often acted this way. The third most disturbing thing was how well Jin was progressing in her training. Iram was pleased so Zeke decided she should get lessons with the boys now.

And finally Zeke was disturbed most by the news of what had actually transpired while he was at the crater. Leaving Krenari in charge out there was wise, she would handle that while he went back to being King. Chris had locked himself away and Lebaux was frantic to find answers to the transformation going on in Chris. Zeke was troubled by this as well, he once again tried Chris' mind to find it closed off, an iron wall seperating them. Zeke sighed as he rubbed his cheek against Ambrosia's stomach, she shifted and he looked up kissing her. Being home was a sweet affair but he missed having Chris here with them, they hadn't joined as a trinity in seven years. Zeke was beginning to get annoyed by that.

"I cant reach him either my love." Ambrosia said, "Lilith told Lebaux that the scroll might hold the answers, he hasn't found any yet. But he's optimistic, there has been evidence of another White Knight slave, durring the war."

"What happened to them?" Zeke asked, he wondered if their plan to use a White Knight had been as well thought out as they had thought, most of the scroll was missing, it had only recently been put back together. Zeke had never thought to go through it again.

"They died, obviously, but I dotn know much else." Ambrosia sat up, their red silk sheets pooling at her waist, Zeke pulled her to him, feeling her unease.

"Let Lebaux work my love, he will reach Chris, he has to." Zeke said, "And if he cant, we will do so."


Ambrosia walked into the gardens, the night air whizzed past her silk dress, she ran her hands through her hair and adjusted the strands around her horns. She waited as she walked, Sen and Kale would be joining her, Zeke had decided to train the boys so they were free. Ambrosia kept moving as she felt the two opposing forces sidle up behind her, she looked back. "I didnt bring my gaurds, so I trust youre as competant with a grown demon as you are with children." She smiled and watched their faces as they sighed with exasperation. "I have blanketed the area with my power, no one will hear what I will reveal to you. But I will have your oath on your contract that you will never repeat what I tell you unless the time is right."

"Why?" Kale asked.

"Because what you desire to know is one of mine and Zeke's closely gaurded secrets." She said and moved to the gazebo and sat on the bench they moved to take sides where they could survey the area for threats. "I would have liked to have planned this better, but the situation has become different for us."

"My queen-" Sen started.

"Your oath first or I go back inside." Ambrosia looked at them with hard eyes, she was determined to not have the truth out for anyone to know. Not everyone needed to know why Ambrosia and Lilith had been able to bear children, The Elders were already one too many.

"I swear on the ice that makes me that I will not speak of the truths I will hear here." Sen said and bowed to her, Kale rolled his eyes and bowed as well.

"I swear on my fire that I will not speak of the truths before me." He hissed.

"Now ask away." Ambrosia smiled.

"Where is your slave my lady?" Kale asked, his eyes slipped to the slave mark on her face, right where Chris' would be. She sighed and touched it with disontent.

"My slave lives in the human district, deep below the kingdom." She said.

"Why?" Kale looked shocked.

"It is safe for him to be away, he was called to duty." She looked away and they looked at her in shock.

"Your slave is a rebel?!" Sen asked his eyes wide, those blue iris' bright.

"My slave is the Paladin." She said, they might as well have been jawless as those mouths stayed gaping at her. She frowned and sent them a look of loathing.

"The Paladin? How did that happen?!" Kale asked.

"When I found him he was a White Knight losing his faith, he was burned out from fighting a war more pointless than the one he is fighting now." She rubbed her hands together. "In a few nights he became my slave, then when I almost died he became Zeke's linking us in a trinity."

"A Demon Trinity?" Sen looked in awe, his mind working to turn the events inhis mind over, seeing the truth but not believing it. "What does the Paladin look like?"

"You would know the moment you saw him, in armor or not." Ambrosia looked to the sky, how she wished she could see the flash of golden light that was her slave's Paladin wings. She looked back.

"How could we tell, all humans look alike." Kale asked.

"Incorrect, that is why you are so very young though you are so very old. Humans are unique, they change color, they dress on a whim. They speak differntly, they act differently, but they are very much human. And therefor weak, as demons it is now our place to keep them, exist with them, protect them." Ambrosia sighed. "But my slave as well as Lilith's... they are much different."

"How so?" sen asked.

"Lilith's slave was originally the slave of the former Clan Mistress Desidiae, my slave broke their bond and he was rebound in a Demon Trinity with Iram and Lilith. You may have seen him he has blond hair, sandy really, and a goatee." Ambrosia smiled. "You would know him the moment you saw him, my slave."

"What does he look like?" Sen asked, his eyes darkening.

"It would see I wont be able to get away with just the Paladin being my slave, Chris looks exactly like Lucas." Ambrosia looked at Sen and saw his eyes widen.

"That cannot be possible, Lucas is a demon." Sen shook his head.

"The doctor suspected, that Lucas picked up my energy in the womb. Because I used the elixir of the fallen I was able to breed, and inone night I concieved twins, with different fathers." Ambrosia said. "Zeke's seed was taken becasue Chris was able to purify my womb enough to be implanted by demon essence. Lucas was conceived with Chris' seed."

"The Paladin is Lucas' father?" Sen breathed as if to ask himself the truth, Ambrosia smiled at the sincerity in his eyes. There was no question where his loyalties were, and they were with her son. She looked at Kale he looked likewise sincere over the boys. Ambrosia was glad for that, she had seen many a blood contracted demon take advantage of their keeper. "Why isnt he here?"

"The Angels called for him, he couldnt deny them." Ambrosia said, she chose not to reveal the secert of the only nephilim onthe planet. She wa dangerous but with Chris raising her she would come to understand demons as much as he did. "We let him go and he made us swear to not tell the boys about the truth, that it was Chris who enabled us to concieve, even his own son was conceived. He might as well have been in hell, he didnt want to leave, but he was forced. He has fought this war right htough, he has taken out our enemies, demon and human alike. He eradicates the Demon Hunters so the others wont have to."

"Wow." Kale hissed and turned. "You swore not to tell."

"That is where you two come in." Ambrosia sighed. "In eleven more years he will return to me and Zeke. I want you to tell the boys the truth then."

"And Zeke has no problem raising a child not his own?" Kale asked, his eyes dark with anger. Ambrosia was on him in an instant, her fingers curled around his neck. Her blade at Sen's throat.

"Never mistake Zeke's intentions, he and I cherish those boys. Zeke would never treat Lucas as if he werent his own. Our Slave means that much to us." Ambrosia looked at Kale showing his uncertain eyes the depth of her fortitude. "Lucas is not to know the truth until he is eighteen. Asher is not to know the truth either, though I know he suspects. If they do find out I will kill you both."

Ambrosia left the gazebo and walked back inside, she needed a few moments before she decied to kill them for their inability to speak with respect. She let her mind drift to Chris again and was frustrated to hit that wall again. She punched the wall in frustration, what was he doing?


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