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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Ambrosia glared down from her throne, her legs were crossed and she braced herself on the arms of the chair. She looked next to her to see her husbands empty throne. Zeke was away investigating the sudden appearence of a black crater in the western sectors. He had gone with Iram and the Pride Mistress Krenari. This left Ambrosia in charge of the kingdom, and Lilith in charge of the security. However she was not looking at security issues as she looked at her latest offenders. She was looking at her twins. Asher was bowe down his forehead nearly touching the floor, his black hair was spiked, his body folded in on his black pants and red shirt. He was seven now, and he was a bundle of trouble. Lucas was white blonde, his head was also bowed against his black pants and sapphire shirt. She glared down at her sosn, seven and already causing enough trouble she was pained daily by it.

Ambrosia's glare shifted to the boy's care takers. The two sealed demons that were blood bound to each boy. Asher's care taker was Kale, a fire elemental demon. His hair was crimson, and spiked back from his face, small bangs framed his cheeks, he even had a gotee of the same color. His amber eyes glinted as he remained standing next to his charge. Ambrosia figured he had a very savage air to him, one that only softened around Asher. She saw it and she didnt like it, she didnt like anything she didnt know about, his history was dated back before the apocolypse, and she was sure he was not a Hell Demon nor an Earth Demon. All she knew was he was contracted to her son. His companion, and complete opposite was Sen, he was an ice elemental demon, his hair was white, and he wore a long coat where kale wore short. Their armor was identical, but Sen bared his chest to the waist where his coat connected. He had glittering frosty eyes, and he was as cold as Kale was tempermental. They absolutely hated each other. She had notticed despite the clause that when their charge died they were free from their imprisonment, they had taken to gaurding the boys since they were weaned. They cared for her sons better than she could on soem days. She looked at them and scowled, obviously not today.

Today her sons were covered in filth, mud, and blood. Fighting had been reported in the city square, where a group of human boys were fighting the demon princes. She gritted her teeth as she remembered going to stop the fight to find their gaurds watching and growling at any that intervened. "Explain yourselves." She hissed at her sons. They flinched at her tone and she was glad she was their mother as well as their queen. They feared her wrath both ways.

"The human males said we were doomed, that the Paladin would kill us." Lucas spoke, his blue eyes glittered red for a moment and he looked back down. "They said we weren't meant to exist."

"I started the fight." Asher said shooting his brother a look that spoke of his desire to protect his brother. Sometimes Ambrosia suspected he knew Lucas wasnt Zeke's son, but she would neither tell them, nor hint at it. "They shouldnt be allowed to say what they want about us."

"They are humans Asher, and they are as blind as they are weak, we need them, they assist us in our centuries of life, they remind us what we lack as demons." She spoke, this was a serious offense, but she was intent to teach them as well as all the demons inthis chamber, that the humans were important. "They are a short lived species, a weak race, but this is their world as much as ours, we must give them their freedom, but we must also guide them. They know not what they are nor what they do. It is ou job to show them now, since their god abandoned them."

She stood and made an imposing sight as she stared down, "Why did you not break up the fight, you know my laws?" She glowered at the two blood contracted demons, they bowed next to their charges, Sen looked up first.

"Forgive me my queen." He spoke, his eyes were downcast and he sighed. "I thought it best the boys work out their differences."

"These boys could kill with their strength even now, human life is important, without them we fall as a kingdom."Ambrosia hissed. "You failed to protect them this day, they are bloodied, and hurt. I should have you whipped for your incompetance." She growled.

"My lady, I stopped Sen from helping them, the other humans were amused to see the boys in a fight, expecting so see them beaten and punished. They do not understand, nor do they know how to bow in respect to those more powerful than they." Kale growled his head whipped up and she burried her instinct to slay him where he knelt. "If the humans do not learn to fear the boy's, they will trample them underfoot. I refuse to see that happen, and if the Paldin comes, I will kill him myself."

Ambrosia rubbed her temples in annoyance."My sons will learn to command respect as they age, at seven they can muster very little power, you are charged to protect them, not decide what battles they face, do not ruin what I have created. For the offense of fighting with humans, the human boys are to work in the kitchens for a month, and you boys are to assist the human women in their laundry house. You two worthless gaurds are to remain in you imprisonments, for one month you are permitted out only when my sons are in immediate danger."

She watched the horror cross their faces as Zorn made notes to send to the human boys in question, she glared at the defiance."Be thankful your father was not here to meet out your punishments. Do you want to spend time in the King's dungeons?" she asked. Her sons looked even more horrified, she stepped down from her throne and sat, alltogether exhausted with punishing her sons. "Come." She beckoned and they practically ran to her. She enveloped them in hugs to soothe the hurts. She held otu a hand and a maid came with washrags a basin of water and bandages. She began to clean her boys up and sighed at the split lips and bruises.

"Mother?" Lucas asked his wide blue eyes questioning. "Will the Paladin really come to kill us?"

"No, that is but an empty threat." Ambrosia spoke she rubbed his cheek with salve and bandaged the cut there.

"It is the King and Queens duty to fight the Paladin." Sen spoke from a few feet away as he took to his feet.

"He wont hurt kids, father said so." Asher spoke proudly.

"Yes, the Paladin would never harm children." She smiled and looked at her boys. "The same cant be said for your parents though!" She tickled them and they squealed with laughter.

"I'm sorry mother." Lucas said his eyes on the verge of tears. Asher nodded and looked like wise on the verge of crying. She sat back and accepted another joint hug.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, you defended your right to exist." Kale said and held out a hand, "Let's go get you changed."

Asher sprang up and ran to Kale to get up onto his shoulders, Sen helped her other son up as Zorn came to assist her own rise. She watched them leave and sighed, that they feared the very man that helped their existance come to be... it was saddening. She wondered how her husband was, then she wondered hos Chris was. She had heard he left near six months ago on a mission. She hoped they were well, she was needy for their touch and love.


Zeke stared down at the black crater he was investigating. It had been three days and all he had learned was that he didnt like it. It oozed an evil not of Hell or Earth origin. He looked at it as it smoked in the air, but remained still. He half expected it to roil like a pit of Hell, it sure felt like it was. He decided to chance it and step into the mass of darkness, he stepped down into it and stepped back immediatly, hsi demon form spiraled forth and he looked at the crater in shock and fear. He didnt like this thing in the least bit. He looked back to his troops and his assistants. Iram was missing but he still had Krenari and her slave Cest to depend on here. This was out of his power league.

"Mistress Krenari." he waved with a hand and she came to his side with Cest in tow. Krenari was a gorgeous demon, her white hair was pulled back by an amber clasp, she wore leather of the pearliest white. But she was imposing even as she looked tall and frail. Her slave Cest was dressed to do battle. She wore leather pants of black, and a leather corset that bound her breasts to her. She had a peice of amber at her neck linked by a chain, she was a slave of commendable strength. Cest had originall been human, but because of an anchient spell and the artifact Zeke was charged to protect she had become a dark sorceress. Zeke needed the Pride spellcasters.

"Cest, I will need you and your spell casters to create a barriar. Seal this taint here." He spoke, she nodded and Krenari waved her off.

"Is it dangerous my king?" she asked.

"I dont know, but I dont like it." He shook his head and looked around for his brother, "Where is Iram?"

"In the tents, he was mumbling about his slave." Krenari sighed.

"I leave this to you." Zeke walked off to find Iram, he made his way to the tent they were sharing, it was disquised but when he entered he saw his brother pacing. His eyes flared red periodically but he looked otherwise sick. "What bothers you brother?" Zeke asked.

"It's Lebaux," Iram hissed, his fright and fury filled eyes met Zeke's," Demon Hunters captured him."


Chris was absolutely and completely pissed off. He sat on a darkened tree line with his small troop force hidden in the darkness. He peered into the Demon Hunter camp that had captured Lebaux early in the morning. Lebaux had noticed the Demon Hunters ontheir trail and said he would kill them to keep them from alerting the rest of the Hunters. Since the mission had begun six months ago there had been nothing but trails to follow. All the usual outposts were deserted, Demon Hunters had massed to engulf half the human populace. He had decided to take them out, they were a danger to not only demons but other humans. He glared down at the camp anew.

Lebaux had been captured, he was strung up on a whipping post and had been there all day, he was beaten, bloody but he still held his own, taunting them for whipping like little girls.Lebaux could handle pain, he had seen and taken the Demon's Kiss that alone was enough to make pain appear to be nothing. But Chris had to get to Lebaux before they decided to kill him. Chris stood up and materialized his armor, his thirs commander came to him. "Paladin?"

"I am going in alone." Chris spoke. "They are too few to warrant an entire army battalion."

"We cannot let you go down alone." The soldier spoke angry.

"You can and you will, Lebaux is my brother and a White Knight, obviously they captured him which means they are strong, I will go, flash bomb the area." Chris ordered and stepped back a few paces as they got ready to flash the small canyon. As it went up into the air Chris ran forward and letp off the wall, it flashed just as he landed. Rushing forward Chris' rage lifted, and continued as he slashed though the Demon Hunters. They were nothing underfoot, it felt werid, as if he were inside himself, he felt the darkness deep inside hism engulf his heart and mind as he continued his assault. How dare they steal his brother? How dare they hurt him?! He lost consiousness under the wave of anger and hate that washed over him.

As he came back he was panting, he was looking at the sky, his eyes burned his neck hurt, he looked over to see Lebaux staring at him in forrified shock. Chris looked down to see his armor coated in blood. The surrounding camp was littered withj bodies and dismembered body parts. Blood spattered across everything, even across his face. Chris realized this was his doing, he realized that he had killed the's Demon Hunters, he had annihalated them. He hunched over and cut Lebaux loosed, just before he vomited in revulsion of his actions.


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