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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris stared at Zeke as they broke from their intense kiss, "I've been meanign to ask you Zeke." Chris said as he sat back. "A year ago on the assault in the other Districts... I was informes Kuisata and Hamstre are still alive."

"No, I killed them... but when they were staging the coup, they begged the Hell Demons to bring them back." Zeke looked up as well before laying back into the sand, his dark eyes lighting red with anger. "I had no choice but to allow it since they went over my head, when I found they were still opposing us I dealt with them the only way possible. I had their powers sealed."

"So they live?" Chris felt angry, he was in a rage he could kill them. But he quieted that anger, their Kuisata's targets were him and Lebaux, Hamstre wouldnt do anything rash with out orders. Chris was sure he could keep things under control if he didnt have to face them, hopefully they would keep their heads down after being branded traitors twice and still allowed within the Demon Castle walls.

"Enough of this." Zeke growled coming up and drawing Chris down to him, his clawed hands puling Chris' head to Zekes. They merged in a brush of lips and a tangle of tongues.

Chris' shirt was removed instantly with a rip of fabric, Chris' thoughts were banished under the rush that was his masters mind. "I wont have you as the rebel, right now you are my slave." Chris nodded as Zeke ran his demonic hands down Chris' ribs. Shivering at the contact he lowered his arms to circle his masters head. Zeke hissed as Chris closed around him, his arms wrapped around Chris and they remained frozen. Chris felt like he was breaking apart, he wanted to cry at how relaxed he felt, how safe. He cursed and lifted up looking at Zeke's red eyes, they glittered in the moonlight as his demon form spiraled forth and he growled. Hell fire sprang up and burned Chris' pants and shoes off his skin, the heat itself called to Chris' arousal.

Chris leaned his head back as Zeke rose up from beneath him, his expert mouth latched onto Chris' neck. Teeth sank through skin to bury into him, Chris arched into the waiting grasp of the demon, his breath hissed out as Zeke marked his skin. A mirroring bite was on the other side, Ambrosia's lasting mark of ownership. Zeke pulled back, his sharp teeth dragging as he continued his assault on Chris' collar bone, then down his chest, stopping breifly over the blast mark from so long ago, it was faint now but still there. Zeke smoothed his tongue against the rough skin and Chris was mindless. He sagged on his knees as Zeke brushed hot and sharp kisses across his abs, down to the line of his pubic hair. Chris found that this time he wasnt fighting Zeke, was this okay to not fight? His master usually prefered to be fought, it heightened the act. "Relax Chris... we've already fought this day." Zeke murmered as his teeth latched onto the tender skin of his hip. Chris arched and gasped as his cock strained in the air, shit he was too hard. He hadnt been touched since Ambrosia but it felt like forever.

Zeke suddenly took him deep into the cavernous mouth that commanded Chris' flesh better than a command did. Chris cried out and jerked his hips, strong hands curled around his hips and held him still, Chris looked down as Zeke took him deep, tongue ircling and teasing his aching cock. It was relief and torture all in one. Chris growled almost demon like as Zeke pulled back and held out a hand, Chris materialized the lube and handed it to Zeke. "Warming?" Zeke asked a hint of humor in his voice.

"Shut up." Chris growled. Zeke smirked and removed his clothes as he laid back on his coat, he pulled Chris forward and they were flush again, Chris poised above Zeke with his legs wide to the sides, he looked at Zeke in surprise, usually he wanted to be ontop, in charge of everything.

"Tonight isnt about being in charge Chris." Zeke spoke, Chris spared a moment to be annoyed that Zeke was responding to his thoughts, but let it go as Zeke wrapped a hand around his cock again and Chris panted into his masters hair.


Zeke smirked against Chris' skin, what a sight he was, shivering and thrusting into his hand, he opened the lube and coated his hand with it, he trailed a finger down Chris' skin and circled his puckered entrance. It had been a while so Zeke intended to be gentle, but this time he wanted to see his high strung proper slave undone. He delved a finger past Chris' walls, feeling the tight ring suck his diget deeper. He growled as Chris' hand slipped around his cock, massagin his balls and stroking in the same motion. His slave shouldnt be able to do that in his position, but Zeke chose not to complain.

He eased a second finger past Chris' entrance and felt his slave stiffen, his eyes shut as his face filled with pain, then pleasure. Zeke chuckled at the play of emotions on his slaves face. He added the third finger and stretched Chris to accomodate, in one movement he sought out Chris' prostate, presing it gently and hearing Chris gasp in breathless need. Zeke withdrew his hand and lathered his cock in the lube, he shoved Chris up and slammed his cock home, Chris arched impossibly far, his eyes wide as he was filled. Zeke snarled and tossed his head back, he tried to remain still as Chris adjusted, he preyed Chris would adjust as quickly as he had long before. As if on que his slave stroked a hand across his chest and Zeke took that hand, he looked at Chris. "Ride me slave." Zeke ordered.

He watched the shock and the apprehension on Chris' face, then the blush that bloomed on his cheeks. "Let me see those golden wings." Zeke ordered, Chris nodded and his power surged, the holy glow would have blinded Zeke if he wasnt staring into his slaves eyes. Those eyes made form the demon energy in his mind. His slave was the image of what he and Ambrosia wanted. He bracketed hands on Chris' hips and moved him, adding his thrusts to the movement as they rocked together, thsoe wings flared light across the sand, bathing Zeke in heat that almost burned him. It was what he wanted, the risk of death... being with Chris was dangerous and Zeke liked it that way.

Chris broke past that last barriar of reservations much to Zeke's delight, hsi hips rocked of their own accord, his hands braced on Zeke's chest and held him aloft as he rode himself on Zeke's cock. Shit watching Chris do this was almost like a gift of the gods, or like hellish temptation. He tossed his head back and angled his hips for Chris' they met and sank deeper, Chris arched up his eyes wide as his body cried out with need, Zeke smirked and wrapped his hand around Chris' cock to take his slave higher, he wanted to watch Chris cum. It took barely two more thrusts before Chris was crying out his body arched, cock pumping hot seed into Zeks' hand and on their abs. Zeke growled and rolled Chris over, lifting one leg over his sholder and holding the other to the side, Zeke continued to thrust driving himself into the abyss. He roared his release and shot deep into his slave.

Panting and breathing deep his demon form unraveled around him, Chris folded the light back into space and laid there as Zeke held himself up byt hs arms. They stared at one another before meeting in a content passion filled kiss. Zeke was reluctant to let his slave go, and he flet Ambrosia's sorrow join his as Chris rolled away from Zeke, they sat next to each other for a while and regained their strength. "I've been feeling the earth shift Zeke." Chris spoke.

"Me too, but I can not tell what it is." Zeke said, "It is weak now but it seems to grow, keep your senses keen Chris."

"You too." Chris said as his armor covered his bare skin, his clothes were gone but Zeke found no pity for the offending fabric. "How are-?"

"The boys are fine, they've taken a penchent for flirting with the maids." Zeke informed, "Ambrosia finds it exhausting to explain to every maid not to play into their crap. Little heart breakers, they arent even out of diapers yet."

He looked to see Chris chuckling amused, he smiled despite himself, it was easy to be around Chris, just as easy as it was to be around Ambrosia. Zeke wished time would move faster, so they could be a trinity again. He looked at the sky annoyed, damn the angels and their never ending tricks. "How is your daughter Chris?" Zeke asked to see the connection they had. Chris' eyes softened and he looked at Zeke.

"She's a breath of fresh air," Chris spoke. "I find it easier to be near her when I miss the boys."

"She calms the emptiness?"

"No, the emptiness is still there, but she has her place in my heart." Chris said and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. "She's my light."

"Are you going to bring her when you return?" Zeke's eyes were already sharpening back to strength and he was truely curious about the little girl. Chris opened his mind up to see images of her, that bright smile and wide blue eyes, damn she looked just like Chris with dark brown hair. It would be hard not to love this little girl.

"I hope to, if she can understand who I really am." Chris said and rubbed his chin, then he stood. "Come on, lets go see who died."

"I gave orders to kill only if the choice was life or death." Zeke informed hoping to ease Chris' aprehension.

"Me too but they are idiots." Chris walked ahead as Zeke dressed and joined him, his power teleported them to the gorge, the humans were tied up the supplies still where they were. Zeke felt a surge of pride at seeing only six humans dead, and four demons dead. Not bad odds. Chris frowned from his perch int he shadows before his helment returned to his head.

"Release them, a negotiation was reached." Zeke ordered. He watched as Chris pointed to the ridge, the humans scrambed up with the supplies in tow. He looked back at Zeke before moving to join them. Zeke watched Chris leave and felt his demonic heart sync up with Ambrosia's, they were in pain. Zeke rounded his demons up and they departed, Iram would catch up, right now, he wanted to see his sons.


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