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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Zeke watched his sons play as they crawled, small bursts of energy could be seen as they wrestled for a toy. He smiled as he watched them, this was the usual. He finished his work and traded positions with Ambrosia. She would work until she felt done then she would visit the Lust House to feed. Upon her return they would make love until they were spent, then they watched the children sleep. he had grown used to this rotation as they year had progressed, but he was uneasy, he could sense something building up. He could feel the earth moving as well, his power was now intune with the Hellish plane they lived in and something was changing. He didnt know wher or when it would change, but he was wary of it.

Ambrosia slid into the room her gown sliding like soft water behind her. She lifted her sons into her arms as they squealed in greeting, Zeke cringed at the sound. "At leat soun dmore manly." He muttered as he stood next to her staring down at the boys who appeared to watch them intently. He figured in this moment he could say something of use that would impact them later in life. "Demons are proud, they do not squeal, they do not waver." He said.

Ambrosia smiled as they let out squeals that gratted in Zeke's ears. "To bed with them." he hissed, Ambrosia kissed his cheek as two tiny hands gripped his coat. He looked down at his sons. Asher watching him like god, and Lucas watching his brother."I love you." he spoke before kissing each head and sending them off with their mother.

Ambrosia returned and climbed onto his lap as he picked up his report book. She kissed him and smiled, "I saw Chris today." she spoke, his shivered at the thought of them together. "He chased me through the lower city."

"Was that safe for either of you?" Zeke asked worried she'd been spotted.

"He hid my energy well for me. But the women down there... it reminds me fo how the demon women see you Zeke." She laughed and kissed his ear. "Youre going to make him fight you arent you?"

"Of course, you found your way to him, I intend to do the same." He spoke and kissed her intently. "Then I will come home and fuck you with his scent all over me."

"Sounds inviting." She giggled and rolled her shoulders before standing up. "I feel the earth moving Zeke."

"As do I love." he said back. She watched him with dark green eyes and he nodded standing to hold her close, "I will protect this world Ambrosia, when I can discern if it is the planets doing or somethign else I will act."

"I have a feeling it isnt the planet, and it isnt the Hell Demons, I've felt them brewing as well but it isnt the same." She sat in a different chair and he crouched in front of her. "I suspect it is the angels, they wont be satisfied when the eighteen years are up."

"Time is irrelevant to us, and it is irrelevant to Chris. Our powers exceede time, so eighteen years will fly by in our world." he spoke to reassure her. It worked as she kissed him and smiled. She stood to check on the boys before she moved off to feed, she was right though, the ritual routine would become a jumbled mass soon.


Chris cleaned the counter as he listened to Julia and Lebaux bicker about the right type of meat to get for the next week. The supplies were gone, but Chris would be back tomarrow night with the supplies in tow. Zeke had them because he was tired of waiting, he wanted Chris not the supplies. Chris suspected Zeke wanted a fight and a fuck session. Frankly after hjaving Ambrosia on him today he wanted Zeke as well. With his Ambrosia fix sated he needed his master fix. Chris stiffend as he felt a tiny hand on his leg. He looked down to see Hope sitting next to him, her eyes burrowing up into him. Her tiny wings fluttered slightly and Chris knelt down to pick her up. He esposed her back and touched the delicate white feathers.

Whispering a few lines of Hell Verse they sank back into her skin and formed a white tattoo on her back. They were of wings but they were no mor solid than her skin. he watched her watch him. He smiled and kissed his daughters head. "There, now you can play with other kids and not worry." He handed ehr to Julia as she came in to do the evening feeding.

Chris walked to Lebaux and flopped into his chair, he felt almost normal here, like a human. It bothered him but he felt different. Like he had grown up quite a bit. He still wanted to go with Ambrosia and Zeke. But that was out of the question of the next seventeen years. He smirked at the knowledgfe that he would be battling Zeke tomarrow. Delighted with the knowledge he challenged Lebaux in a game of chess. Which he won and bolstered his go a little more. This was the life of normalicy he;d wanted long ago... even though he missed Ambrosia and Zeke and the twins. He'd missed this just as much.


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