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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris looked at the store house in front of him, he had a look of pure annoyance upon him as he listened to the humans in charge explain the attack in detail. The Kings soldiers had swept in and stolen their supplies, the modest amount that they were. A note was left for the Paladin, and Chris had recieved it with a look of anger even as his heart skipped a beat. He looked at it easily deciphering the Hell Verse. Zeke had the supplies in the cliffside behind the castle, his taunt made Chris want to vomit. he even sent an annoyed image of him stabbing Zeke to the idot demon. Zeke had responded in his usual fashion. A sultry mind touch that made Chris want to be touched, a silent glare of promise that had Chris hard in his pants. Ambrosia laughed in his mind even as she closed off her connection to Zeke and sent Chris an image of her in the alleyways beneath the city. She was here?!

Chris' annoyance was gone, replaced with a need so strong he twisted suddenly seeking for her. Lebaux lifted his brows and frowned. Chris looked at him and Lebaux nodded, "Our Paladin has some things to take care of, you can finish breifing me and I'll go and chat with the other commanders about this. When you said there was supply issues you should have mentioned the Demon King had them stolen." Chris didnt bother to pay attention, he had heard what he did, Lebaux would handle the rest. He sent out a wave of energy seeking his Mistress. She was no doubt in disguise, her normal look would have her spotted easily. He needed to hunt... he needed to find her. He knew he would owe Lebaux for this and silently vowed to pay him ten times the usual trade. He sprinted off his mind feeling for hers even as she locked her mind down.


Ambrosia was quite amused with herself. She had asked Lilith to watch her children with the nurses as she snuck down here to observe Chris. He was a rigid soldier now, and it made her mouth water with want. She watched as he realized she was in the lower city, his eyes scanned the small square where she was strategically hidden. She wore the form of a woman in leather pants and a pink long sleeve shirt, her power bands easily hidden. Her hair was a dark brown and she was well hidden in the crowd. She watched him scan with eyes as hard as ever, it made her want to call out. She smiled as she saw him enter the square. "Oh isnt he dreamy?" A woman spoke behind Ambrosia, she qued into the voice.

"Who? The Paladin?" Another voice asked.

"Yes, what I would do to be the one he comes home too." The first woman spoke.

"Do you know he has a woman living with him and Lebaux?"

"What? No way?!" She gasped.

"Yeah, the nurse Julia, some say they had a kid with her, who knows which one."

"A kid?"

"Yeah, we walked by his house the other day, could have sworn I heard a baby crying."

"Youre full of it."

Ambrosia swirled a bit of power into the ground and tripped the two women talking nonsense. Ambrosia slipped into an alleyway, walking into a near abandoned side of the small city. She walked until she felt a hand seize her, whipping around ready to fight she froze as Chris kissed her. Their mouths tangled and she groaned at how good it was to taste her slave. He pulled back and scanned the street before dragging her into another darker alleyway. She was yanked close to him, his hands buried in her colored hair. "Drop the disguise." He spoke, his voice was rough with want, she obeyed. Here she wa intent on tormenting him and dominating him into bliss. but she found herself pressed to a wall, his mouth on hers again. She didnt care, all she wanted was him inside her. She morphed her pants into a skirt and his hands sank to her flesh. She gasped as his mouth met her neck.

"I missed you." She rasped as his hands found her molten core, she was aching for him, fingers slid along her slick folds and she cried out at the teasing motion.

"I missed you more." He growled before sinking his finger deep inside her. "Did you fuck Zeke?"

"Just before coming here." She said, she heard his groan and his bared cock was pressed against her. She smiled, only Chris and Zeke would find it a turn on to fuck her after she'd just had sex. She preferred to do it this way if they were seperate. This way they might as well all be together.

"I need you." he moaned into her ear, she lifted her hips and he sank into her in a wet slide that filled her to the brim. She groaned into his mouth as he lifted one arm to the alleyway wall and the other under them. His fingers brushed the wetness where they were joined. He thrust then, his length impaling her, she gasped and cried out as he drove into her. Her hands lifted circlinghis neck holding them close. His hand lifted and lifted her shirt up, palm cupping her breast. She cried out and arched into his body, he pressed her closer into the wall, caging her with his body. She threw her head back as her power and allure roiled around them."All of it." he growled.

"Let me devour you." She hissed as her demon form spilled forth, her wings held them together as her fangs sank into his neck. He growled a release so dark she was sure she was making love to a demon, her eyes watched as her mark on Chris' face lit up bright red. He watched her, his eyes glowing that clear blue, pupils slits in those depths. She felt her self cum as his seed spilled inside her. His heightened energy poured into her. She cried out as he held her through the orgasm, her body feeding from his limitless energy. He held her even after she looked up at him. "Hell love." She greeted. His smile lit up her world.

"Are you sure you should be down here?" He asked.

"Probably not now, I just transformed and let my enrgy loose, a few of your humans soudl be fucking their brains out until the allure wears off." She mused. he shook his head and cupped her face kissing her intently.

"No, my energy has blanketed the area, yours didnt pass it." He spoke.

"Which energy?" She asked.


"Thats dangerous Chris, it could kill you you know!" She hissed as he set eh on her feet, her disguise rippled across her as she got her footing.

"Thats the point, it adds to the danger of fucking you in a dark alleyway." he pulled her close and her hands cupped his ass. He chuckled, then kissed her head."Hows-?"

"Lucas and Asher are fine, terrorizing and leching on the maids." She spoke and smoothed his stubble lined jaw, he visibly relaxed in her grasp. She liked that, she touched his face. "I heard a human is living with you."

"Julia? She takes care of Hope while Lebaux and I run things." Chris explained and laid his head atop hers. "Helpful too, she was a wet nurse when I found her."

"Hope?" Ambrosia asked as he nodded, Hope was the angels daughter. "Do you love her?"

"Juila or Hope?"

"Hope." Ambrosia indicated.

"Of course, she's my daughter, she takes my mind off not being with you and Zeke and the twins." Chris stepped back and sat on a stack of crates. He looked tortured and she wanted to soothe him, take him home and let him play with the boys. "I love my daughter, she's so innocent to what the Angels are using her for."

"I hurt for you." She said as he hugged her waist. She felt his tembling shoulders and wanted to comfort him better.

"I hurt for you Ambrosia. I shoudl be there, with or without Hope." He growled."I didnt want her to be born, but looking at her everyday, I want to raise her to see the lie in the Angel's promises."

"I know you will Chris." She leaned down and kissed him heatedly. "I have to go now, but I want you to know I love you."

She saw his eyes widen as she kissed him again. "I love you too." he muttered, she grinned and patted his arm before she steppd away, he caught her arm just as she turned to leave. They fit together perfectly, his motuth locked onhers as their tongues danced and her power swirled around him. he pulled back and held her hand to his lips, he stepped back. "Be careful Mistress." he spoke. She nodded and kissed his cheek before she teleported back home.


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