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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Zeke sat on his throne as he looked at his Court. The Clan Leaders were front and center, at their table all discussing the events of the year that were troubling them. He looked at Cupiditas who was as withdrawn as he had been nine months ago when Chris had infiltrated and fought against him and his District. Then at Zavist who had also dropped off the radar, the Greed and Envy Masters had retreated to a safe level of activity. Their Districts had also merged with the Kingdom. Pride and Gluttony had also merged, all that was left was to get a new Sloth Clan Leader and complete the Demon Empire. Being branded a traitor was enough to scare any Clan Leader enough into obediance. Today the finalization of the military was apparent. He looked to Ambrosia who was just as fierce and beautiful as ever. He smirked and adressed their counterparts. "The time has come we merge completely," He spoke gathering the attention of his court. Ambrosia laid a hand on his for support and ease, he smiled and stood. "The army is at its strongest, and the branches are ready to be formed. The City Guard is to be managed by the Pride House."

"Yes, my King." Krenari bowed her head, behind her Cest was watching the procedings with a comfortable ease. In the past year Fray had been killed, Krenari was finally completely content with just Cest. Zeke suspected the petite sorceress had something to do with Fray's death, but Zeke didnt care enough to pursue the knowledge. She was fitting in well if she was ambitious enough to monopolize her Mistress. He turned to Cupiditas and Zavist.

"You two will be managing the revenue and importation of goods from Hell. There are gaurds that manage the gates and are loyal to me. You are to oversee this, do not fail me." Zeke growled. He looked to Ambrosia as she stood, her hand fitted into his and she adressed next.

"The Lust House is responsible for the care and health of the citizens, be them human or demon. Lilith's doctors and demons are well equipped to handle this. The Wrath House is to manage the army itself, I hope you are up to the task Lord Iram." She looked at his brother and Zeke met Iram's aghast gaze. he nodded as did Lilith. Zeke looked at Lakmi and smirked.

"You Lord Lakmi, your House is in charge of the distribution of goods and items among the city itself." Zeke spoke, "The demons of your Houses are free to enlist where they wish and join the army, the stores, the castle employees. Their loyalty will not be questioned, but they will submit to the rule of the King and Queen."

"I trust we all are in agreement, any complaints will he heard by us and swiftly taken care of." Ambrosia added, she looked up at Zeke and he smiled at his Queen. "Other than that, the armies and inner gaurds of the Houses are welcome to join in the training sessions with King Zeke and Lord Iram, we coudl al stand to reaffirm our strength."

"I think... we should be more worried about the Paladin." Cupiditas spoke, Zeke's gaze snapped to him. "Could your slave know anything?"

"Our slaves duties are with the Princes." Zeke hissed.

"The rebels have gained in number, growing steadily, though we have seen hide nor hair of your White Knight Slaves, I feel we deserve a bit of protection." Cupiditas hissed. "Nine months ago my District was attacked by the Paladin, and a White Knight. If anythign the angels are recruiting, we shoudl be well informed."

"We are well informed, but it is our duty to deal with the Paladin and the Rebels." Zeke spoke. "I assure you, now you are very safe, if the Paladin dares to strike again, I will be there to deal with it."

"As will I." Iram spoke up to his counterpart. "If anyone can fight the Holy it is us, our Slaves have hardened us to the battle of Holy and Evil."

"Trust me Cupiditas we have this situation well under control." Zeke smiled darkly, the though that his slave had impacted Cupiditas enough to shake him like this was a silent satisfaction, Ambrosia was even chuckling in his mind.


Chris was absolutely sure, they were fucked. On one hand, his army had massed enough to fill the entire town below the Castle. They were a sparse bunch of humans. But in the nine months they had been training and staking claim on outposts, Chris had risen enough to earn the respect and position as the main commander. But the state of his human civilization was the smaller of his worries. It was Hope.

She was currently screaming up a storm, kicking in Julia's grasp as the woman tried for the life of her to change Hope. His daughter had longer hair now, it was curly, and it was soft. Hope had an ear infection, and she had the tiniest of teeth growing, as well as the tiniest of angel wings growing on her back. She was angry and in pain because of it. Chris was pained by his daughters pain, but the only human who had knowledge willing to talk was Julia, she lived with himand Chris but they were limited in the resourses needed to take care of an angry sick baby.

Lebaux slammed into the room, he held out a rubber ring in his hand, he glared at Chris. "I just sold my arm to get this." He spoke, his eyes and tone said he demanded compensation, and considering his arm was still attatched Chris was assuming Lebaux was being dramatic. "The woman I bought it from says its a teething ring, it will ease the tooth pain, as for her back, theres nothing I can think of to do."

Julia picked Hope up as tears streamed down her little cheeks. Chris held her tight and handed her the cold rubber ring, she clamped on it like a vise, little gumms biting down. She looked up at him those blue eyes sinking into his soul. He shushed her and flexed his fingers over the patch of feathers and tiny wings on her back, it seemed to calm her more than anything. She cooed and relaxed against him as Julia came with an ear stopper, she sucked the ear wax out of her ear after putting a few drops of antiseptic in each ear. Chris watched as Lebaux leaned on the door aghast. "I cant fucking believe it." He hissed. "She cries all night, all morining, and a damn teething ring and a small massage did the trick."

"It wont be that easy." Chris spoke. "I have a meeting to go to in a few hours, so shell be in your care Julia."

"Ass." Julia spoke and frowned but took Hope into her arms. Repeating the motions Chris was using before Hope was quiet, and before a few minutes had passed she was asleep. Chris laughed and inclined his head to Julia then left with Lebaux. The had to meet with the rest of the commanders and figure out how to resolve the dwindiling supplies issue. He opened his mind as the left the safety of their hidden home and into the streets of the underground haven. He could feel Zeke's amusement for him, then Ambrosia's heated press of their connection. She was in the mood, and wanted him, Chris sighed as his cock twitched, how long had itbeen since he'd been inside her? How long had it been since he and Zeke fought?


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