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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Ambrosia stood at her throne as she listened to the reports given about the start of the attacks on the traitorous districts. She didn't like the notion of them being so far away, she didnt like her mate or her slave being in the line of fire. But she knew if Zeke was to fight on the front lines, he was going to need to beleive all was safe here in the Castle. But as Ambrosia looked at the entrance to the throne room she was steadily becoming angrier, a pair of assasins were darkening her doorstep as they looked at her. She knew with the blood contracts not instated she was the line of defense the twins would have. They were hidden away with the wet nurses deep beneath the castle walls. Ambrosia looked at the assasins and smiled as they rushed her. Flinging out a hand her energy whipped out into the air, throwing off their attack formation. She grinned and allowed her demon form to coil from her. Leathery wings spread as her tail curled around her skirt. She summoned her gaurds, the ones actually on her body. they intercepted the assasins as she motioned her court demons tot he back exit. She glowered at her enemies before stepping forward, her claws clipped on the floor as she sauntered over. All the power and strength in her measured up the assasins, she found them lacking.

"I know who sent you." Ambrosia spoke. "As I stand here contemplating how best to remove your organs and keep you alive; your Districts are being attacked. They are being taken down, in but a few hours, your Districts will be empty."

She watched the indecision on their faces and smiled evily despite herself. She walked back to her throne and sat as the court demons and the royal allies joined her, tonight they had come as she had intended them to. It was still not time to allow the twins up as much as she wished she could share this moment. She ordered the demons to bring the two immobilized assasins to her, they were chained to the floor with the power muting manacles. She sat down her leg tossed over the other, she looked at her court and smiled darkly. "Take heed, for any who betray me, are subject to my wrath." Her allure surged out and into the beings of the demons chained to the floor. They saw heat and need, their tasks completely forgotten under the wave of desire for each other. So strong they struggled against their bonds to get to each other. Hell fire erupted around each other as they fought and clawed to get to each other. She saw they impassive faces of the court demons. Even the satisfaction on Krenari and Lakmi's faces. She stood as she felt Chris' mind erupt as her energy drained. "Brand them and leave them in the streets." She ordered.

She felt Chris absorb their enrgy as their link opened wide, he was fighting Cupiditas, she cried out suddeny as he took a blade to the side. She roared her fury as Chris began to build the walls back in place. She scrambled to break through, to help her slave. Zeke intervened and solidified a mountainous barriar around their link and left her bare. She unleashed her fury as she ordered every one out, her gaurds dragged the assasins out bloody and raw, she felt her energy whirl around her like a cyclone of darkness. She screamed as she unloaded her power into the ground, it shook the barriars of the magic and rattled the demon castle. She hoped Chris was safe, because if he wasnt going to be okay she'd tear Cupiditas' head off herself.


Chris dodged and ducked under the blade, Cupiditas was a formidable warrior despite his conniving ways. He was thoroughly enraged by Roubo's injury and Chris was warmed by that devotion, but at the same time he was dodging and deflecting for his life. He spun back and slashed the blade away after it dug deep into his side. he gasped and fell back, as Cupiditas leapt into the air, his demon form roiled out a massive creature that looked more monsterous than human. He dove down and Chris felt his Paladin Power suck the holy out of him. He felt somehting hot and dark in his soul, something that screamed for him to use it, it was stronger that Ambrosia's allure. Inticing as Chris sank into himself ready to embrace the darkness inside him, then light washed over him and he came back, he looked to see Lebaus above him. Armor crackign under the strain of holding Cupiditas.

Chris forced his wings to lift him, he yanked Lebaux up and created a circle of light ot contain Cupiditas. His soldiers came runnign for the gorge, spying Iram standing on a roof he waed. Iram's wave was all Chris needed to fly out holding the pillar of light as long as possible. He collapsed as they hit the ground, his power unraveled and he opened his link again. Ambrosia and Zeke's anger washed over him like a hot bath. It soothed his aching muscles, he was lifted onto a trnsport vehicle as they started working on his injuries. He soothed his Mistress and Masters worry and anger. He was safe, Lebaux had made it in time. But Chris was more afraid of what would happen if he'd succumbed to that toxic lure deep inhs being. What was that? Why did it hrive when his Holy essence was so depleted, touchign the gold bands onhis arms he wondered if it had a link to his power bands. He passed out as someone prodded his deep wound and got him injected with a sedative.


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