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Demon Infinity

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Hope has awoken as a divine Nephilium, alone and unprepared for the truths in front of her she stays by her fathers side to assist in his recovery. Despite the truths she has learned about him. Asher is ready to take his place as his fathers heir, and with the threat of the Nephilium under the Kingdom, now is his time to sine. If he can get his partner out of a certain angels grip. Which would be easy if mysterious Kale and sexy Hope didn't elicit some heavy desire from him. Kale takes his job protecting Asher seriously, but seeing Hope has brought up desire and memories so old he cant help but beg for her mercy, and Asher's. View table of contents...


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Kale streatched as he stood face to face with Sen, both fully powered by the link between them an their masters. Who sat not too far away, they had about twenty minutes before Hope showed up. So they were instructing Asher and Lucas the proper secret way to injure a Nephilium. "Here, right at the base of the neck." Kale spoke.

"Attack swiftly, so the Nephilum doesnt notice the attack." Sen followed. They moved through a few stances and suddenly Kale and Sen couldnt resist a few actual hits. They started fighting seriously, Kale felt his temper rise as he slung out a fist covered in fire. Sen snatched it and they started an all out elemental slug war. Kale was snatched back and Sen flung to the side. Hope stood between them and Kale looked at her boot on his chest.

"There is a difference between sparring and fighting." She snapped. "We're here to learn how to defeat nephilium, not watch you two fignt it out."

Kale moved a small amount but she ground her heel into his skin, Kale hissed as the motion went straight to his groin. Her glare followed, yup, he was harder than a brick. He looked at Asher who was looking away his face a hot red flush. Damn, they were done for. "Stay put fool." She growled. Kale saw Sen lash in, his attack a fist covered in ice. Hope dipped to the side, directing his fist away from her. She flipped back and sank into a crouch.

"Good, deflecting the attacks is the best course." Sen growled. "You are small, the attacks from a Nephilium are devestating. Hit me with all you've got!"

Hope flung her hands out and brought them close to her, she roved them around in a circle as light began to swirl around her fingers. Kale sat up and watched as the twins watched her. Kale was stunned she could control her powers that well. She wove them tighter and tighter until she lunged forward, she lifted into the air, two massive white feathered wings bursting from her back as she descended on Sen, one punch drove him to his knees, she sank lowe and uppercutted him. Kale lunged catching Sen before he hit the ground, Sen cupped his jaw and smirked.

"Damn." He huffed. Hope stood up her fists shaking as the light dispersed. She blinked a couple of times and tipepd over, Asher caught her and helped her sit. Kale set Sen down and went to her side.

"You okay?" he asked. She nodded and looked up at them, a blush covered her face before she shoved them away from her.

"So?" She asked.

"That was devestating." Asher laughed.

"You could kill a lesser Nephilium with attacks like that." Kale mused. "But you need a weapon."

"Weapon?" She looked up.

"Yeah, everyone has a wepon linked to their soul, it just takes various ways to summon them." Kale spoke. "We Sephirian have the ability to call them, Nephilium can too. Demons have problems with that, they can manipulate shadows and darkness to form weaponry."

"W-What about slaves?" She looked up at them and Kale looked to Asher, that was his expertise.

"Slaves have a plethora of wepons contained within their slave mark, but they can only be used by their master." Asher explained. "These weapons are used in various ceremonies, all to be used and viewed publicly."

"So my dad does these things in public?" She asked.

"The only ones I know of are the Demon's Kiss ceremony, and the Demon's Dance." Asher sat next to her, his coat flared over his shirt. Kale watched his muscles move and wanted more than ever to have a piece of his male mate. Looking at both of them he wanted to consummate this union right here right now.

"What are they?" She asked. Her face was so open, honest, she was concerned for her father. Kale cursed inwardly, they needed to speak to Chris as it was. Ensure that they were in good with him. One word from the slave and the King and Queen no matter being Asher's parents would object and keep them from Hope. He flinched as his mind picked up the conversation Asher had with Chris. Shit.

"The Demon's Kiss is a whipping ceremony, where the slave must be whipped before a crowd of demons by their master, to prove that only their master exists inside them." Asher sighed. "I know it's not a pretty sounding act, but to a master and slave, so absorbed within eachothers mind, each whip is ecstacy."

"That just sounds gross." She looked down and over to where Lucas sat with Sen, Sen laughed and Lucas smiled at something. Kale looked at Hope and crouched next to her.

"You could go meet him." He suggested. She bristled and looked at Kale,"I'll kick his ass if he bothers you."

"Pfft, I will." Asher huffed. "Lucas needs a good kick in the ass every now and then." Asher leaned back and flopped into the grass.

"I'm sorry, he's your twin." Hope stood up, and looked away. "You should-"

"Be with you." Ashr grabbed one arm. She looked at him and he sent Kale a pleading look.

"Dont look at me, I only know how to say offending things to women." Kale lifted his hands.

"Happy Birthday." Asher spoke.

"Yeah, Happy Birthday." Kale smiled and Hope flushed suddenly.

"Thanks, but it's not exactly..."

"Ideal?" Kale asked. "Yeah, nothing with me is going to be ideal I guess. Look at us we vastly out power the most powerful demon here."

"Thanks for reminding me I'll be the laughing stock of the council." Asher snapped. "But that's not important rigth now."

"What is?" Hope asked.

"Showing you a good time on your birthday." Asher smiled. She shook her head.

"Thats not necessary." She backed up and Kale looped an arm around her shoulders.

"Oh its absolutly necessary." He smiled. "Whether you are our mate or not, we'd still show you a good time."

"Yup." Asher smirked.

"So princess, what do you want to do today?" Kale asked, she looked up and he watched her face light with joy. What caused such a reaction? He wanted to know. He wanted to know everything about her. Asher looked just as rapt by her.

"I want to fly." She said. Kale smiled as his wings burst forth, Asher likewise slid his wings from his skin through transformation.

"Your wish is our command." Asher took one of her hands as her wings materialized. They took off and Kale waved to Sen who was sputtering about their leaving.


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