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Side story for the Demon Trinity series. Lilith is free from the clutches of the Clan Leaders intent on using her against her Clan. 300 hundred years have gone by and it feels like she missed it. Bittersweet and tormented Lilith cant cope with being weak. Can she remain in the Clan strongly or will she perish? Iram her mate is determined to not let Lilith go, and will stake his life on making hers better. They are demons, and thus stronger than those opposing them. If he has to go to the ends of the earth to have whats his... so be it. View table of contents...


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Iram was concerned when he entered the main palace, not so much that this was one of the few times Jin had been around the twins but more because of the events concerning his slave. Lebaux was locked away in scrolls and Lilith was confident he would return them when he had an idea of what he needed. Iram decided deciphering Chris' problems could wait. For now he looked down at Lebaux's daughter as well as his own with pride, Jin was progressing fast. Her demon energy was high for her age, but she had internally put a limit on her power. She would be a powerful creature when she grew up. But for now she needed lessons from the only two demons alive who could claim to be Clan Leaders of Wrath House.

They entered the huge training arena Zeke had built, half of it was all exercise equipment that woudl help them keep up on their regimine. The other half was where the training would take place. Some gaurds filtered around working out, but Iram's gaze was focused on the demons in the center. Zeke pointed to the side and two grown demons walked away. Kale and Sen, obviously not pleased to be excluded but unwilling to disobey the King. The boys themselves were doing stretches on the floor, garbed to fight they were wearing loose cotton and silk. Jin was garbed likewise, only she was levels above them interms of skill. Iram as well as his most trained fighters were training her when he didnt hve work to complete. Zeke turned and smiled down at Jin. "Little Jin, how are you?" he asked, the boys eyed her annoyed.

"Fine my king." Jin smiled at him as he patted her head.

"Your father tells me you already bested Haul, he is a demon in strength." Zeke smirked. "I commend you for the feat itself, but you are still worlds away from being a Clan Leader."

"Teach me my king."Jin smiled with promise. Iram swept her up under his arm as Zeke swept his own boys up.

"Here's the thing you three will now begin trainging together, once every two days. Iram and I will trade turns teaching, and you will obey all orders and rules." Zeke spoke, "Your demon caretakers are prohibited from intervening and joining in. That goes for you as well Jin, your shadow spirit is to remain dormant."

Zeke dropped his boys and Iram dropped Jin, they lunged for eachother, all tree fighting with promise. Zeke phased over and lowered his voice, "They should team up against her or they wont win." He chuckled and sighed. "Ambrosia told the caretakers the truth."

"Ah, how did they take it?" Iram asked, he twisted as he felt a shift in the kingdom, something holy had risen up, then was swallowed by something dark. Zeke's eyes darkened as he clutched his chest.

"Chris-" Zeke huffed before he closed his eyes, seeking. He vanished from sight and Iram turned to the kids, jin already had them pinned on the ground, sitting on lucas who was keeping Asher down.

"Well done student Jin." Iram spoke, "Now what went wrong?'

"Where did father go?" Asher asked.

"A bit of business but he will return." Iram spoke, "Why was Jin able to pin both of you?"

"She kicked me." Asher growled.

"She dropped me on Asher." Lucas huffed.

"Incorrect, when you face an opponent more powerful or stronger than you you rely on two things."Iram spoke, "Listen up Jin, we will focus on this alot."

"What is it father?" Jin asked.

"Teamwork, and using your opponents strength agaisnt them." Iram said. "Come at me and I will demonstrate."

They rused him as one and he flipped Jin behind him, dropped Asher to the floor and grabbed Lucas' head as he swung. "Teamwork, we have a long road ahead of us."


Lebaux sat against the door to his room as he felt Chris' energy lift then ebb, the darkness inside him was growing. The Paladin energy was running rampant he was fighting to control it, even as he went through whatever was going on in his mind. Lebaux couldnt find anything helpful in the scrolls. As Lebaux stood to stretch he heard Hope scream. He ripped the door open to find Julia lifting her from the floor in front of Chris' door. "No! I want to see daddy!" Hope yelled.

Lebaux walked over and took her into his arms, "Hey little bit, your daddy is hurting right now, we need to let him heal." he spoke.

"I can heal daddy!" She protested bright blue eyes glistening with tears. Lebaux hugged her his heart aching.

"No sweet one, he needs to heal himself this time, he'll be okay." Lebaux tossed her into the air and she didnt seem the least bit amused. "Look at uncle bo, would he lie?"

"If it got you the last cookies." She huffed, he smirked.

"Leave it to uncle bo, I'll protect your daddy, I'll help him." Lebaux entered the kitchen where Julia offered her a cookie, she clamped on it out of reflex. "How about you draw for your daddy, maybe it will help."

She nodded and moved to her little art table, Lebaux clenched his fists and went back to his room he snatched the scroll up to find something useful.


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