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Side story for the Demon Trinity series. Lilith is free from the clutches of the Clan Leaders intent on using her against her Clan. 300 hundred years have gone by and it feels like she missed it. Bittersweet and tormented Lilith cant cope with being weak. Can she remain in the Clan strongly or will she perish? Iram her mate is determined to not let Lilith go, and will stake his life on making hers better. They are demons, and thus stronger than those opposing them. If he has to go to the ends of the earth to have whats his... so be it. View table of contents...


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Lebaux was sleeping still as Lilith watched him, she looked at her mate, who was reading in his chair by the large bed, Lilith could feel the mounting power massing beyond the walls, and she knew that Ambrosia, Zeke, and Chris were working out their differences about the most recent battle with the new Council Member, and Clan Leader Lakmi. She smoothed her hand down Lebaux's face tracing his jaw, his gotee, she was practically in love with his looks. She smiled and leaned down kissing him and breathing energy into their link. His mark glowed a faint red and purple before it woke him up. He looked at her and smiled, "Thanks for saving me." He said touching her cheek. She leaned back down kissing him again before he jerked back, "Hey, arent you... like together with him?" Lebaux looked over at Iram who smirked though never looking up from his book.

"You earned your right to go to Lilith, and once she gets started there is not turning back." Iram spoke, "Go right on ahead, I will sit here and enjoy."

"Seriously, watching, what if nothing happens?" Lebaux appeared sarcastic and annoyed, but Lilith was having none of that, she ran her hands down his bruised chest, it was yellowed and splotched but he was whole. She used her energy to leash him in. He blinked rapidly and smirked looking at her.

"You obviously dont know much do you human?" Iram chuckled and sat his book down to lift a wine glass, he held it up in cheers and she blew him a kiss. She looked back at Lebaux, and her energy flowed into him bringing him up by his mark, it was like a collar. She was pleased by this, and she ran her hands into his hair before snatching it and hauling him into a bruising kiss. He groaned and she used her energy to leash his arms to the top of the bed. She smiled and touched his neck again he gasped as their energy mingled.

"You are like an abused pet, you dont know who to turn to, just to fight. I enjoy breaking the hard pets, you need to be wiped clean, brought back to your neutral self and beaten into my perfect slave." She purred along his neck as she nipped him. "That is very hard to do."

"Is it now?" He spoke and she shifted sharply her legs fitting over his. She smiled and kissed him deeply, he growled and she pulled his hair.

"Youre in luck, I'm very good at drawing your anguish out in one heated romp." She tossed him back and her energy whipped back inside her. "You an I will be doing a dance of regret and hate. From this union right here we will be wiped clean of our lingering feelings, we will start anew and Iram will pull us back to ourselves."


"Him? A Wrath Demon is that in tune to emotions?" Lebaux asked slightly surprised, though his attention was on Lilith as she untied the statyes of her dress. It fell away and he was looking at one beautiful demoness. She was pale, but he suspected no time in the sun would help that, and her long black hair was just a plus for ehr. Her breasts were lush, asking to be played with. Her flat stomch and long legs, he was hard, damn he was hard. This wasnt like with Desidiae where she forced his arousal. He'd been sure he didnt know what arousal was anymore, but here looking at her, with a demon watching them. He cursed as she crawled forward on the bed, he hurried to rip his shirt the rest of the way off.

"Call me Mr. Nice." Iram laughed as he gazed at them. Lebaux was tingling all over, he hadnt felt like this in a long time, what was wrong with him? He looked at this demoness who touched him and the bad memories filled his veins with rage and hurt. He was ready to kill and be killed feeling like this, then she touched him again an d it turned to lust. She smiled and he looked at her in astonishment.

"I will continue to change the flow of your emotions unitl you come, and when you do all the pain and rage will dissapear." She spoke against his mouth, he lifted his hands asking her with his eyes until she nodded. Smoothing his hands along her sides made him wild, she was soft, and she was smooth all over. He ran his hands up before cupping the soft breasts begging for attention. He leaned up taking one nipple into his mouth, her hand smoothed and he cursed switching over to the other one as he hated Desidiae, hated himself, hated the world.

As he made his way back up her neck it turned back into lust, she laughed as his hands slid her down, onto the bed, he continued his assault as his fingers found her most precious possession. She was wet and tight around his fingers, he didnt know why but she smelled and felt so god wraped around him, legs rubbing his, arms stroking his, her lips mashed with his. He growled as he drove his fingers inside again and again, she moaned and tilted ehr head back. He smiled, even Lust Demons could be pleased it would seem.

He couldnt handle it he sat up and unbuckled his leather pants, she looked up at him and he froze. Those red eyes watching him, her black hair spilled all over the gold silk bedding. Her body pliant beneath him he cursed as he freed himself, just before he could touch himself she was there, a lightning flash and she was sucking on him. He sat on his heels as she took him again into her mouth, those deft hands strokinghis balls and sending shooting fire through him. He hated life itself but in this moment he could be in love. She was right, he was beginning to not care about the past, to not care about what was done to Lebaux the slave. No, to Lebaux the Sloth House Slave. She pulled back and he lifted her leg to curl against his elbow, she scooted into his embrace and he sank into her slick leat like she was water. He let his head drop as he filled her to the hilt, he felt her hands smoothing his skin and their link opened so he could feel, see her emotions. She was just as messed up as he was and it was his turn to free her from the pain she was going through everyday.

Beginning slow and powerful turned into fast and violent between them, her claws had extended as he thrust into her furiously, she was arched up, her cries damn near birdlike as she was takinghim in, the soft suction she provided had Lebaux continuing despite his desire to come, he wanted to hear her cries first. She was pliant yet would in his arms, her breasts bouching with the force of his thrusts and her meeting him halfway. He tilted his head back and drove into her faster, his thrusts getting erratic, Lilith tilted her head to look at Iram, the demon had been silent, his red eyes nver leaving them. He took satisfaction in knowing the demon was would up watching him fuck Lilith into the bed, but it was more like she was makin him fuck her into the bed. He liked that more than anything else, their reactions.

"Now." Iram's rough growl sent them both over the edge, so powerful that one word was, it filtered into Liliths mind and made her orgsm powerfully. He forze over her as he emptied the last of his unfinished emotions. She leaned up and they exchanged a soft kiss, he fell to the side and laid there, stunend into silence. he wiped himself off and re buckled his pants. Iram's weight filled the space between Lebaux and Lilith, his strong arms pulled Lebaux over so his head rested on the demosn leg. He looked over to see Lilith resting on his otherside the same way. Their fingers curled together and Iram laughed. "Now you are both free from the suffocating emotions tying you down."


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