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Side story for the Demon Trinity series. Lilith is free from the clutches of the Clan Leaders intent on using her against her Clan. 300 hundred years have gone by and it feels like she missed it. Bittersweet and tormented Lilith cant cope with being weak. Can she remain in the Clan strongly or will she perish? Iram her mate is determined to not let Lilith go, and will stake his life on making hers better. They are demons, and thus stronger than those opposing them. If he has to go to the ends of the earth to have whats his... so be it. View table of contents...


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Lebaux didnt know what to think as he watched the battle below the balcony where the Clan Leaders sat. He was behind Chris and he wondered when Chris had begun to stand so tall, when he had begun to look so formiddable without his armor. He had a thousand and one thoughts flowing through his mind as he turned his attention to each of their party. Chris had begun to change steadily because of these two Demons, Ambrosia and Zeke. They played their cards close to their bodies, no one seemed to know what to think when they smashed a brutal manuver that made everyone look stupid. The only ones clued in seemed to be Chris, Lilith and Iram. Lebaux was at a crossroads as it was.

He looked over his eyes doing the movement so he looked for all the world like Ambrosia' slave. Desidiae was watching him, her eyes found his and he looked back to the floor. This was too much, she was so close, with one well aimed touch she could have him in her snare again. He shook his hands balling just before Lilith's soft ungloved hand slid up his wrist. She was watching the battle royal in the small arena but her attention was on him, her touch seemed to calm him in a way he was surprised to not repulse him. She smiled as if to commend the fight but that grin was all for him, his chest hurt suddenly and he turned he needed air. He walked through the curtains before he stopped seeing the Pride slave pouring hot water into a small glass, she set a tea bag in the water to seep before she noticed him. Her firey red hair was down around her shoulders, she was beautiful he culd understand why her Mistress had her. He poured himself some coffee as she greeted him. "Hello Lebaux, how are you?"

"Fine I guess, like a little fish in a sea of sharks." He looked down and laughed at his joke, there were no fish anymore, at least not the kind the human populace was used to eons ago. He sipped the coffee and she smoothed a hand down his arm, he noted that no matter how attractive she was, he didnt seem to respond as he did when Lilith touched him. He stiffened as he sensed Chris, Lilith, and Iram enter. Something was wrong with Chris, sure his eyes were glowing a bit bluer than before, but he appeared to be possessed, but he was in control. How was that possible?

Chris walked over touchign Cest's arm, "Go." He advised and she noddedd sitting her drink down and hurrying out to her Mistress. He watched Lilith and Iram sink into the shadows before he froze himself. He was locked in place as Desidiae walked into the small antechamber they were in. He felt as if cold water had been dumped on him, no way would she have left him alone here. He had believed himself safe, believed she wouldnt come after him. He was oh so wrong. "I think its time this stops my pet, come back to me and I will forgive you."

"Never." He spat coming back to himself with a rush of rage and hate. He sat his drink down as he readied to summon weaponry, he would rather die than return to her. It wasnt that he didnt want to belong like Chris did. Perhaps he could try with Lilith and Iram. She understood him, they were linked by their tainted actions and existance, maybe Iram was the key to be normal. He was calm, collected, he had the ability to pull Lilith back. Maybe Lebaux could have that too, but looking at Desidiae, she'd never give him the chance. He would rather die than chance her coming for him again and again. Suddenly Chris was there between him and Desidiae, "Chris-"

"You, human, always in the way." Desidiae's haunting voice penetrated Lebaux's mind and he filled himself with divine energy he needed to stave off her power."Remove yourself."

"Not so long as my Master orders me here." Chris spat in a level tone.

"I am not afraid to kill you." She growled, "I prefer not to go against the Council, but get in my way and I will kill you."

"I am not afraid of you." Chris spoke back, she attacked then, slashing with long violent claws. She was vicious as she attacked Chris, Lebaux started forward until he felt Lilith stepp to him, her hand stopping any futher movement. Desidiae was suddenly focused on them, and she flung Chris over her shoulder, he hit the ground hard but didnt get up. A black pool of energy sat beneath him, gluing him to the spot out of fatigue.

"You think you can have him little demoness?" Desidiae walked and Lilith stepped up to the Clan Mistress, they were nose to nose red demon eyes watchign one another.

"Oh I already have Lady Desidiae." Lilith smiled a dark grin, Lebaux pulled her back trusting her bluff. He didnt ignore how well she fit alog his side, how soft she was beneath his grip. He wanted to belong to her, she alone could understand his pain, she could be his savior, he wanted her to posess him, to own him. He looked back at Desidiae, lettign all the contempt he felt for her fill him.

"Ive decided to become her slave instead, she seems more fit to rule me." HJe felt Lilith's power spiral around them, a powerful vortex that sank into his skin with a firey intensity. It burned into his neck and he slumped forward, she had branded him hers, he smiled in hate, now Desidiae could hav enothing from him.


Iram picked Lebaux up, the sleeping human spent from the bonding between him and Lilith. Chris stood up, his armor fully black with his union with Zeke; Iram tried not to be jealous, this was only the beginning for the Lust Slave Lebaux. "You heard him and saw the union yourself." Chris spoke before he pulled his helment off, Iram was surprised to see Chris' eyes glowing dark blue, flames licking along his sockets, he wasnt just Chris right now, he was Zeke. "I, Zeke of Wrath House have seen this union and have recorded it into the memory archives. You Desidiae no longer have pull on the human Lebaux Glory."

"I will argue this in the meeting." She pointed a demonic hand at Chris and Zeke. "Mark my words I will not be taken a fool, I will have what is mine."

"What was yours now belongs to me."Lilith hissed her possessinve side already showing. Iram was both impressed and delighted. She stomped off her hair whipping with unseen energy. Lebaux was asleep his light body fiti into Irams arms nearly as well as Lilith's did. He smirked looking donw at Lebaux. "Just you wait Iram, soon we will have what we want."


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