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Demon Affinity

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Ambrosia's district has been placed back in order, her second in command is back in action. It is time for the council meeting to be under way. Zeke is ready to call his enemies out and decimate them underfoot, if he didnt have to worry about the upcoming trials for another clan. Chris is officially the slave of both demons his power is just as strong, and he is ready to protect them no matter what the cost, even if his Patron Angel swears she has a fool proof way to get him back in her ranks, he'll fight to remain with his Master and Mistress. View table of contents...


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It was time, Ambrosia noted not three days later. She'd been prepping Chris for the Demon's Kiss, she assured him her whipping would burn in his skin like heady pleasure. Zeke however wasnt very reassuring, she expected nothing less, their relationship was an odd one at best. She looked over to where Chris was standing looking out the windows. They were in the main chamber where the whippings would take place, she touched Chris' back; then chose to speak in his mind, because out loud was too dangerous. "All will be well."

"I believe you Ambrosia, but what if I am unable to protect you as messed up as I'm going to be?" His concerns hurt her, she hated to wound him when he wanted to protect her, but a side of her wanted to force him to his knees and make him beg for the Demons Kiss. "Do you want me to beg for it during the ceremony?" Those blue eyes watched her intently and she laughed suddenly before she kissed him passionatly.

"I think even as battered and shaken as you will be you will still jump up to protect me or do my bidding." She slid ehr hand down his back as the others began to enter, Zeke walked in his coat billowing as the Clan Leaders and their entorage's followed. "I will tell you that the Demon's Kiss isnt the only thing that can be conjured from our bond, when the time comes we will show you everything that there is between the three of us. But for right now I will admit only one thing to you my slave. I love you, know that it is not easy for a demon dealing in lust to know love. But I have learned that with you."

"As have I." Zeke's smooth voice filtered into the mental conversation as he waved a hand for Chris to join the other slaves. Cest was already there, wearing a long amber robe that clasped between her breasts and her legs were bare save for her black heels. "I will go first." Krenari spoke and walked up to Cest and pulled her back into her embrace, they locked lips and Ambrosia warmed at the sight. They were a perfect pair, she hoped Krenari's procedure went well. As they kissed their link glowed with power Cests slave mark glowed on her hip as Krenari sank her hand to it. The power filled her palm and a long ivory whip was pulled from the mark itself. Cest fell to her knees and she leaned forward her arms crossing. She removed the robe to bare her skin for the room. "With our Demons' Kiss, Cest, we will show our bond to those that doubt us."

"Yes, Mistress." Cest pulled her hair forward and held her arms in front of her. Ambrosia finnaly got a look at her power band, it was cream but there was only one. He wondered if that would change when Krenari cnaged her. Krenari backed up to the appropriate distance and flicked the whip once, twice, then she brought it down across Cest's back with an intensity that had the human girl close her eyes, Krenari whipped her again and she cried out. But more for pleasure than pain, her blood began to spill on the floor as she was repetedly whipped.

"Swear your fealty to me, renounce your call to humanity." Krenari ordered, and Cest obeyed, her hoarse voice laced with heady arousal. The energy itself called to Ambrosia, she opened herself up and felt the need in both her friend and her slave. Ambrosia looked at Chris who was watchign the scene with an intensity that had him desiring, he wanted this. The Holy White Knight, wanted to be brought to his knees by her and Zeke, he wanted to belong to them. She smiled as she watched until Cest slumped forwad panting, Krenari walked forward her boots clicking on the stone floor. She picked Cest up easily and kissed her, thie renergies flaring just before the scent of Cest's orgasm flowered the air. Ambrosia licked her lips, this was their bond. She could feed for days off of Cest's loyal pleasure.

Cupiditas stepped up next, though he was silent before he growled at Roubo to scream his name, to bow to the House of Greed. The hulking slave flowered with lashes from the lavender whip, he obeyed. And Ambrosia couldnt remember hearing his voice until now. He sounded like an Angel, that voice was golden, but no match for Chris when he spoke scripture. She nodded at their union as well, Roubo didnt orgasm from the experience, but from the look of his leather pants, he wanted to so bad. She felt his frustration at the lack of stimulation and knew that he had been ordered not to come. She respected that even if she didnt respect Cupiditas. Finall when the slave pulled himself up and returned to his master did Ambrosia step forward. Zeke moved likewise until they leaned him back, their power mingled until they pulled two whips from Chris' mark.

Ambrosia's was white and red with a gold razor tip, she smiled at its design, this was the produt of her union with Chris. She stepped back and looked at Zeke, his whip was black and red, a white ravor at the end. She didnt bother to look into Zeke's mind. This moment they didnt need to share, this moment was to be divided between them to Chris. She was to lash her slave until he either came from the desire, or feinted with the pain. She smiled and lifted her ship to test it. It was perfect, just as she had hoped it would be. The number of lashes was to be ten each, he was getting double because he had two owners. She looked at Zeke, they were both well trained and this would be an art form. She cracked her whip first, the lash digging across Chris' back. He arched on his knees, fresh blood spilled down his back. She licked her lips and brought the whip back.

His mind was a swirl of deisre, and pain, he listened but he was a slave to the actions of the Demon's Kiss. "You will show you belong to me Chris." She spoke as Zeke cracekd the whip hard, it slashed Chris open and the human cried out a harsh moan.

"Swear you belong to me." Zeke hissed as Ambrosia took her turn. Chris panted as he swore he belonged to them and only them. His head was tilted forward but Ambrosia could tell he was focusing ont he fire in his veins, he was hard his cock itching to be touched. It wasnt long before the whips got harder and Chris rocked slightly with the force of each one, it puushed his cock against the waistband of his leather pants. She could feel that desire to orgasm for them, to give them everythign they wanted. She swirled ehr soul with his and continued with the lashing. He was arched in ecstasy when Zeke stopped and Ambrosia stopped. He slumped forward and Ambrosia unleashed her energy Zeke's followed suit and Chris cried out as he came hard in his pants. Ambrosia felt his shudder in her mind, felt him tangle farther with her sould and Zeke's this was their union, it was beyond expectation.


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