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Blood and Ash

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

When the world was first given the truth of vampires, they were shocked. Out of the depths of fear came two factions of power. The Hunters, and the Breeders. Those that were trying to eradicate the vampires, and those that were trying to revert them back to humans. Tori is a hunter, a damn good one. But when she discovers the truth behind the breeders, and their plans, can she escape the compound they've stranded her in with the help of a bat shit insane sexy vampire, or will she due trying? View table of contents...


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Tori left her house with finality. She shut and locked the door looking back to see the lights still on as her Master and Jason were running the support tonight. "Remember to steer clear of the hunters, you know how they dont like your change." Jason said in the mic attatched to her ear. Even down on the lowest possible setting it was loud in her ears. She nodded to herself and headed for her new bike. Sleek and white, it was made just like her previous, only this one was set up with a neat cloaking device the Hunter tech group had created. If she sat on it and rode on it under the cloaking function she was invsible. It was a wonderful way to escape and slide into herds of vampires un noticed.

She got on and started it up. "So where am I headed?" She asked checking her leather jacket and weapons to assure herself she was ready to leave tonight.

"Into Florence." Jason said and shuffled around. "Theres a massive group of Ghouls in the southern portion. Theres a massive group of Amblers in the Castella. But a smaller group of Flash's have started to terrorize near Fiesole."

"Where are the Italian Hunters?" She asked.

"They have concentrated on the Ghouls and Amblers. Since they are farther in the city. Master says there might be a smaller more trained group going after the Flash herd but he thinks they'll get cut off by the Ghouls and Amblers, theyre converging on the path out of Florence." Jason said.

"Then I'll go handle the Flash Herd." She said and started her bike revving the engine. She shot off the gravel drive and down the long winding road to the gate. It opened as she approached and slammed shut behind her. Out on the pavement she shot off towards her destination. She wasnt that far out of Florence but she wasnt close enough to warrant a walk. This way she could slide inside easily and avoid the herds with her invisibility.


Kellen sighed as he listened to the woman next to him ramble on an on about how she wanted her fluffy pet Muffins to be same in his kenal carrier. Kellen feigned intrest in the rather robust woman. Honestly he was, but his dark eyes couldnt move from the massive mole on her upper lip. It should really be illegal. She should have it removed. Christ he hated humanity. His ears picked up on the footsteps of Marty. His expensive footware had a distinct sound that coupled with his unique gaite alerted Kellen to his prescence.

Thanking all that the heavens bestowed upon his cursed existance, he jerked up and excused himself from the womans company. He moved effortlessly over baggage and children as he approached Marty. "Tell me we have a private jet, tell me they didnt decide to torture me with all this wonderful feed and irrtating stench." Kellen said darkly.

"They sent the private jet, the terminal is over here." Marty chuckled and Kellen followed him with his small carry on bag tossed over his shoulder. His main luggage was already deposited as well as his crated up bike. He wouldnt leave without her and really wanted to travel on Italian soil with it. In a silent portion of the airport he finally relaxed.

"So if they sent the private jet this means we have to behave." Kellen remarked as he flopped into another chair.

"Speak for yourself." Jerome laughed. "I never liked Italy to begin with, I went there on assignment and left on my own."

"But the bordello's Marty, the women." Kellen complained. "So pliant, so willing."

"Its all a transaction Kellen." Marty laughed. "And Bordello's are illegal now."

"Ah, no wonder I didnt go back." Kellen smirked.

"Now Amsterdam my friend. That is a city." Marty chuckled.

"Oh, time to board." Kellen said. "Is our pilot-?"

"Yes, so we may eat in peace." Marty finished.

"Good, the idea of taking my meals in the john arent expecially pleasing." Kellen said as they moved towards the open doorway where a attendant appeared to take their tickets.


Tori perched on her invisible bike and picked off Flash Vampire after Flash Vampire. As Nathanial had predicted the Ghouls and Amblers had cut off the other hunters, she had skirted the horde and managed to get to this area. Her blood was spattered on the ground and the Flashe's were coming like flies. It would seem her blood still held inticement even a year after her turn. So she was able to lure them in and blow their heads off with her shot gun. But there was really only six of them. Large for a Flash Herd, but small for a regular herd.

As she finished the last one she flicked her mic back on. "Flash herd eliminated, requesting clean up." Tori said.

"Goodwork Goldsmith." Another support hunter spoke into her line. "Clean up in tne minutes."

"How are the others, do they need assistance?" Tori asked.

"No, they are almost finished." The hunter said.

"Verywell, I'll wait for clean up then I'm heading home. There was a total of six Flash vampires, clean up can confirm." She said.

"I wonder why they have concentrated in northern Florence." The hunter mused. "Anyway, signing off."

She flicked her mic back off and settled on her bike to wait. Why were they concentrating so far up in northern Florence. The main streets had humans out despite the danger, especially when the clubs emptied. Why were they out here. She spied the last vampire she'd killed and walked over to it, it was near the outer edge of the city. Jason wasnt kidding when he said they were right at the border. She looked at it and frowned when she noticed the position it was lying in. Away from her, she had killed it with a shot to the back of it's head. But it was trying to get away judging by how far away it was. It hadnt come after her Flash's were notorious for never abandoning a threat. It was trying to escape, in the direction it was facing. Why? There was lots of country to pass through, a few mountains. Where was it going? By itself for that matter, Vampires always travelled and died in herds.

Was there something out there for it to escape to? On that thought she had noticed the flocking of the herds coming this way, only this was the farthest they had gotten. She needed to look at her maps back home, the ones that marked where the herds were recorded over the past month. She heard the clean up crew as their van stopped. She waved and waited as they signed off on her kills then she started ehr bike up for the ride back into the city. It was only midnight and more could crop up. She decided to patrol and wait for more intel.


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