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Blood and Ash

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

When the world was first given the truth of vampires, they were shocked. Out of the depths of fear came two factions of power. The Hunters, and the Breeders. Those that were trying to eradicate the vampires, and those that were trying to revert them back to humans. Tori is a hunter, a damn good one. But when she discovers the truth behind the breeders, and their plans, can she escape the compound they've stranded her in with the help of a bat shit insane sexy vampire, or will she due trying? View table of contents...


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Kellen stirred to wakefulness with reluctance. He wanted to sleep, his body was aching delightfully from Tori's last marathon. His neck had her marks scarred into it. He opened his eyes on the couch in the basement at dusk and frowned when he didnt hear Tori anywhere. Had she gone over to the other house? He sat up and jerked as a note fell from the back of his head.

Sorry Kellen, had to go. Things arent right with me, I need to accept what I did to myself. I had fun workign with you and christening my basement. But I'm leaving, Johnathan is still chained up. You can keep him. See you on the flip side. Tori.

Kellen got up and immediatly sat back down as he saw Marty. "Seriously dude, your ugly face isnt what I want to see riht now." Kellen snapped.

"Got dumped?" Marty asked from where he sat. He was dressed in an all black suit his sleek designer shoes crossed at the ankles.

"Shut up." Kellen jerked his pants on and then a shirt. "How long have you been here?"

"Since she left."

"Where did Tori go?" Kellen asked.

"Over seas." Marty said simply and Kellen dragged a hand through his hair.

"You going to tell me where or am I going to have to eat you?" Kellen asked.

"No, you have more pressing concerns." Marty set a black envelope on the coffee table and Kellen's gaze landed on it. A summons. His mission was a failure, but he did have a scientist who had created the cure to begin with. He set his feet in his boots and laced them. He took the envelope and confirmed his summons.

"Alrigth Marty my love, lets go home." Kellen resigned himself he pointed to the door. "The bounty is in there. Take that as a prelude to my arrival."

"Alright." Marty stood and opened the door. "Jesus, you did this?"

"Nope, my fledgeling did." Kellen smirked as he saw Kingsly on the ground still boound in chains and a muzzle. He was starved from the stench of him.

"He's an Original, but a mutated one. She forced the mixed blood to mutate him. How curious." Marty smirked as well. "The council will be pleased.

"Oh how the tides have turned Kingsly."Kellen grinned. "Youre going to like your new home pet, your new masters will be so... forgiving."

Marty tossed Kingsly over his shoulder. "Well Kellen, see you later."

"By the way, nice bombing." Kellen grinned. Marty smirked. A s he vanished into shifting ground and dirt Kellen smiled. Jerome Martin was a powerful vampire indeed.

Kellen made his way up into the house, noticing alot of things missing, the big crap was all still present but Tori's clothes, precious pictures, and jewelry were all gone. He huffed and made hiw was outside, and frowned when he saw her bike still sitting there. An envelope was taped to the front adressed to him.

Sorry about leaving, heres my bike, I expect it to be returned to me one day in perfect condition. But for now this is to remember me by until we see each other again. I want to get used to being a vampire before I see you again. But when I do my bike had better be as perfect as it is now. I'll hunt you later vampire scum.

Kellen smiled even if he was still relatively angry. She had left him her bike, which left a bittersweet taste in his mouth. He wanted it to be her. He cursed and climbed on remembering her words. The bike would let him forget, even if it was for a few moments. He wanted to forget that his mate had fled from him. He wanted to forget about how bad he wanted her, how much he wanted to see her. How much he really loved her. For now he needed to forget.


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