Ascension (Queen of Water and Earth)

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 8,

Far was still clutching his side when Lota led him back to her home. He was settled against the huge tree just outside her home. She returned with bandages. She waved a hand and he frowned at her. "I'm fine." He said. She looked down a thim and he swore he saw evil in her gaze.

"I can feel the damage to your ribs and sides, she contricted you with your blood." Lota said evenly. "Now off with the shirt."

"How unsightly." Far grumbled.

"Youre not the first man I've seen without a shirt and you wont be the last." She pointed, "Unless you want me to look, why Farva-Li, how devious of you."

His eye twitched as she lifted a hand in mock horror. This princess was insane, what had Gundar-Lus done to take away the delicate girl Dora fantasized about. Dora would turn over in her grave if she knew. Far rubbed his face and tugged at the ties or his tunic. His collar was freed and he lifted the tunic over his head. He settled on his knees arms loose as Lota sat cross legged on the ground. "Bruises, is this how she killed my mom?"

"No, she poisoned your mother by making her own blood fight against her." Far said.

Lota held a hand out and water lifted from the grass to pool in her hand. It was tinted green, she pressed it to his ribs and he hissed at the pressure. "Infant." Lota chided and he growled. The water left her hand and it sank into his skin, a cool jet of liquid moved undeneath his skin. Lota started to hum as she started to bandage his ribs. The soft melody resonated with the starnge water and she pulled her hand away just as she finished bandaging. From his pores the water returned slightly red and violet now. "Just a little poison in you, she wont be killing you today."

"You can heal?" Far asked.

"Well I once cut dad with a poison lure and he taught me to gather the water from the plants and run it into his body. He was convulsing on the floor when I got scared and started to sing, after I started to sing I was able to see inside my father where the water isinfused with the blood. So I managed to extract the poison myself. This is all I can do." Lota smiled, "But I hard there are dual users like me that can heal severed limbs and cure sickness."

"Some can it's all a matter of the skill fusion." Far smiled. Lota looked up and he realized they were almost nose and nose now. One of Lota's palms flattened over his heart and he felt it race there. His eyes rivited on hers she lifted up slightly. Far leaned back and settled against the tree. Lota seemed to shake herself from whatever spell had been cast on them. She looked up and ran a hand over her disheveled hair.

"I'm going in now, we'll leave in the morning."She said and gave him a tired smile, he cursed himself. It had been the wrong thing to pull away, but he couldnt bear to take that step towards her. As enthralling as she was, he didnt dare go after her. Lota vanished into the house and Far leaned his head back to look at the branches of the tree.

"Forgive me Gundar." Far whispered. "I wasnt able to protect your soul mate, but I will protect your daughter."


Lota woke feeling tired, but better. Her magic had slowly regained it's strength while she'd slept. She sat up and rolled her shoulders. She was irritated with herself for almost kissing Far last night. She had been carried all the way home, and then had realized he was injured. She was upset with herself for a million reasons. He might have a Soul Mate, though it was rare, attractions outiside the mating bond was not unheard of. She didnt want to be in that instance. It wasnt fair to her, Far or his possible Soul Mate. So Lota gathered up her traveling leathers and cloak. She dressed and packed her travel pack. As she finished she set her mother's box inside as well as her fathers pair of short blades.

The air was crisp as Lota found Far outside brushing his horse down. She led her own mare out of the small stable beside the house. She set a rather large pair of bags down and pointed to one. "Some supplies and food." She said.

"Thank you." He smiled and lifted the saddle bags onto his horse, his saddle followed and he started the process of attatching it together.

Lota patted her horse and affixed her horse with her own saddle and saddle bags. That finished Lota walked to her house and looked at it. She held out her arms and started to sing. Hedr voice carried around the area and her magic wove around the words as she sang a barriar around her home. Slowly, and surely the house started to sink into the earth. The tree bent in on itself and it all merged together into a crystal that was growing fromt he ground. She sang until her whole home and her families Burial tree had been magically shrank into the crystal before her. She stopped and sank to a crouch as she panted with the loss of energy. "Are you well?" Far touched her back and she nodded. "This way I can preserve my family home and my ancestors."

"I didnt know magic like this existed." Far lifted the crystal and she smiled.

"My grandmother taught it to me. Incase I decided to leave here." Lota rubbed her neck and stood up. "After father died."

"I see." Far walked to her saddle bags and wrapped the crystal in a piece of black and cream silk he pulled from his saddle. "My scarf will protect it from harm."

"Thank you." She smiled. He held out his hands and hefted her up onto the saddle. She settled as he mirrored her on his own horse. She looked out over her land with a sad sigh. She loved this place her home. She patted her horse affectionatly. "I'll see you again one day Drogmire, when that day comes our lands will be safe once more, and our land will flourish."

She spurred her horse and was racing off down the drive and to the east. Far's black horse riding swift and strong next to her. She smiled into the wind. It was sad to leave her home, but it was also good. She needed to change, she couldnt remain a huntress in her fathers land. It was too painful. She needed to know who her father had been, who her mother had been. She had a duty to them as much as she did now to the kingdom. It would be dangerous, and mostlikely annoying, but she would do it. In her father and mothers memory. She would honor the kingdom they had sacrificed so much to protect. She would be the Queen.

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