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Ascension (Queen of Water and Earth)

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Far has been a loyal knight of the Lexus Kingdom for as long as he can remember. But now the King and Queen have fallen. And he must seek out the only heir that can take the throne before the kingdom falls to darkness. The lost daughter of the Queen, the last ray of hope their mighty kingdom has. A huntress by the name of Lota. Can he bring her to the kingdom in safety or will he fail before he admits his blooming love for the dainty huntress. View table of contents...


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Far settled himself against the wall as he listened to the sounds of the forest, all around the vacinity. It was silent, for the first time Far heard nothing but peace. No that wasnt exactly correct. He dragged on his pants and focused his mind on the calm heartbeat in the room across the hall. He had found her, she seemed to want to know more about her mother. He tugged the small vial around his neck forward. He looked at the small crystal inside that glowed gold with light. He hadnt failed completly yet.

He slid his tunic on then set about his boots. Then he felt heat enter his feild of senses. He frowned and shoved the bath door open. He saw Lota rush past, lacing her corset as she went. Her hair was swept up and she dragged a sword from it's perch against the table. "Theres a fire." She said. "In town."

He frowned as she jerked the door open. "Well?" She looked back at him. "Come on!"

He grabbed his sword and followed her. His eyes were instantly drawn to the blaze a mile away. One of the houses was on fire, and the elves were runnin all over. Lota rushed off her booted feet taking her off at a glide. Far followed after her, he needed to protect her. As he moved his range moved with him, and he sensed darkness in the woods. It was dark out but that was perfect hunting ground for what he was sensing. Drow.

He split from her as they hit the town, seeking the Drow in the dark. She joined the other elves who were trying to control the fire. Far however closed his eyes, it was night time and his sight was severly handicapped. But that was where his dual nature played a part. The air cascaded around him in breezes, telling him where the Drow were. Their scent, their power, it was all carried by the wind. He turned seeing the arsonist behind him. Swathed in clack Far knew he was looking at an elite soldier of the Drow Horde. Far gripped his sword and followed the soldier as he ran out of the town. Right into a field.

Far called the wind just as he dashed out of the town himself. A huge wall of wind cut the Drow off from his escape to the woods. "Where do you think youre going?" Far cocked his hip glaring at the Drow Elite. "It's rude to leave the party early."

"On the contrary," A wicked female voice cut into his ears from behind. Just as his entire body siezed. He turned just slightly to see the last woman he wanted to see. Kendra-Ba, the Drow Princess. She wore an overbust corset of a cherry red shade. A whispy blouse fluffed over her arms down to her onyx gauntlets. Her legs were encased in hunting leathers. Her boots made of expensive metals and leather. "I think it's a perfect time to exit and get re-aquainted."

"Ken...dra..." Far growled.

"Yes, me." She waved a hand as she looked around with delight. "What a filthy little hovel you've taken your holiday at."

"Better...than...un...der...ground." He snorted and tried to slowly retake his body. Only his inside constricted as Kendra lifted a hand with a sneer.

"Where's that whore's spawn?" Kendra demanded.

"Who?" Far asked.

Kendra-Ba sighed and stepped forward, her fingers reaching out to smooth over his frozen face. "I could kill you right now, it would please my father, but he wont be satisfied until he's draped in your entrails. But me, I was on cloud nine until I found out that whore bred and hid her spawn here. Where is her daughter?!"

"You looking for me?" Far's eyes widened as he looked at Lota, she had left the town and was standing not twenty feet from them. Her hair had flown loose from her hasty tie. Her bodice was coverd in soot, her leathers smoking from her efforts to help with the fire. Her short sword set in her hand. What in all the worlds was she doing?


Lota was unsure about why she had run from the town the moment the fire had been brought to a safe level for the fire and water elementalists to manage. She'd forced rain to continue it's descent on the house to help isolate it from the rest of the town. She however had an immense urge to get out here, only to find Far surrounded by Drow. How had they gotten into their lands? Where were the Kingdom's soldiers that manned the posts on the borders? How far had the kingdom crumbled?

"You?" The Drow woman asked. "You're that Bitch's daughter? A little scrap of elf, how quaint. This is the future of your kingdom?!"

Lota moved one leg and entered a perfect stance, her power surged and she flung one hand out, the earth shifted and a set of boulders lifted from deep in the ground. Her senses came alive, and she looked forward at the female Drow, she had dark abilities, that was for sure. Judging form the strain on Far it was some kind of body control. Blood perhaps, a rare ability in either culture. "Let him go." Lota warned, "And leave my town, this is the only warning youre going to get."

"And you'll what throw your rocks at me?" The Drow laughed and flung her hand out at one of the Drow dressed in gray, he burst into a blob of blood right before Lota's eyes. The blood flowed around the female Drow and she flung her hands out. Lota tossed the rocks toward the space between the Drow and Far, effectively stopping the connection between them. Far rushed towards her and Lota's eyes shifted towards the female Drow again. She flung her hands out with a shriek and Lota watched as the torrent of blood came careening at her. There was a range between them, a distance Lota needed to maintain to stay out of her control. But the blood didnt have a limited field. Lota's eyes narrowed and just as Far reached her his eyes frantic Lota moved from her stance and lifted an easy single hand her fingers flared.

The torrent of blood was cast up into the air and it burst into a crystal clear liquid, all water now. Lota took a single step forward and the water stopped mid air, millions of drops and floating spheres of water. She held her arms out and looked at the female Drow. "I'll end you right here." Lota threatened. The female pointed at Lota and an ugly sneer crossed her face.

"My name is Kendra-Ba, Princess of the Drow kingdom. I killed your mother, and I will kill you. This here, is just a greeting." She said, her elite Drow convereged around her. "Until next time you filthy Elf whore!"

She watched as they vanished in a swirl of shadows and darkness. Lota's magic ran out just as they did. Her energy drained to nothing. She sank to her knees and Far's arm slid around her. "I'm supposed to protect you princess." he groused.

"Ah, well if they come back, it's all on you." She laughed. "I'm spent, I used too much magic."

"How, you didnt use that much?" He asked.

"I used a complicated spell to call rain to manage the fire. It weakened me, then I converted blood to water, also hard." She explained, it seemed easy to a warrior, he was built for long battles. But she was not made for that, quick wins were her specialty, or a physical fight, she could manage that. "So she's the one who killed my mother?"

"Yes, and her father killed Lorda-Li." Far said as he lifted her up into his arms.

"They're inside the borders, has everything gone to shit since my mother died?" Lota asked, her mind working over the inevitable truths.

"Yes, many thought Lena-Wa would have ruled. Some support that, but many are curious about you. They are uncertain about you because you were born to a union outside marriage. But your blood link and the reality that you are born of a true union is enough to solidify your claim to the throne. That is if you go to the kingdom and talk to the elders."

"I'm going." She said.

"What?" he looked at her, his eyes surprised.

"I'll go," She said and looked at the spot where Kendra-Ba had stood. "Definatly."


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