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Ascension (Queen of Water and Earth)

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Far has been a loyal knight of the Lexus Kingdom for as long as he can remember. But now the King and Queen have fallen. And he must seek out the only heir that can take the throne before the kingdom falls to darkness. The lost daughter of the Queen, the last ray of hope their mighty kingdom has. A huntress by the name of Lota. Can he bring her to the kingdom in safety or will he fail before he admits his blooming love for the dainty huntress. View table of contents...


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Kendra walked through the forests of Drogmire, her hand fanning her face. She sighed as she made her way with her gaurds and shadow assassins in tow. Her patience while usually great was suddenly in the negatives again. She was angry, irritated that Dora-Wa had managed to breed. The bitch didnt deserve a blood heir. Kendra smiled as she recalled the look Dora had given her as she realized her life was over.

"Oh, this forest is disgusting!" Kendra hissed.

"Just a little farther my lady." Her head gaurd said holding out a hand to help her over a log. She sighed. That was until her senses picked up on a foreign blood prescence. She frowned as it drew closer. Kendra waved a hand and her assassins moved out to intercept the intruder. She couldnt afford any interfearences.

Swathed head to toe in black they emerged, and dropped a female elf before Kendra. Kendra decided to seat herself on the log, examining the woman. Her hair was short framing her face, as she looked up her green eyes filled with a tinge of yellow and her pupils began to slit. A Lupe Elf. Interesting, perhaps she'd caught Kendra's party as she was perusing the forest. "Speak." Kendra hissed.

"What are Drow doing inside the Kingdom?" The little feline growled. Her skin began to color orange, Kendra watched with delight as black stripes covered her bare arms and cheeks. A Tiger Lupe. How delightful.

"What we always do, destroy everything." Kendra grinned and stepped forward. "Where is Lota-Lus?"

The feline shoved the gaurds off of her and looked up, "Lota-Lus?" She asked in shock. "What do you need that bitch for?"

Kendra's eyes widened and a slow smirk crossed her face. "It seems you dislike her, lead me to her and I will git rid of the little stain." Kendra smiled. "I will reward you greatly for your co operation."

"You dont need to reward me anything, I'll do anything to see that bitch fall." The little minx growled. Kendra touched the elf's face and instantly regretted it. Their eyes locked and the feelings inside the elf blasted into Kendra with harshness. She stumbled back even as her hands shot out to touch more of the feline. She was hers, meant for Kendra. Hers to use, hers to keep. By the look in the feline elf's eyes, she was similarly hit with clarity.


Lota settled into a bath, her sigh filled the steamy room. It was small but enough to house a female elf comfortably for a nice relaxing soak. She turned and began to unwind her braids. She would miss them, they usually kept her hair contained while she hunted, it was convenient to have the tiny braids. She relished the feel of her hands in her hair. Relaxing into the looseness of her head now. She dunked her head unde rthe steaming water to lossen her freed hair up. She pulled up and exhaled a sigh of pleasure.

She wondered about what Far had told her. Her mind running over the words he'd spoken to her. She wasnt princess material. She sighed, she probably was. Her father had taught her extensive ways to interact with people of all classess. Her manners were impecable when she wanted them to be. And despite her rather awful mood recently she was usually very caring and calm. But she looked at the pink tattoo's that covered one of her arms and her lower abdomen. What would a potential husband think. If she went with Far the Court Elders would take one look at her and insist she marry to get a real royal to stand for the kingdom. Bear a bloodline heir. Escentially she would be a figure head, not a ruler. That didnt sit well with her.

Lota jerked out of the water. She dragged a towel over her skin before slipping into her forest green silk robe. She left the bathroom and looked out into the living room. "If you want to bathe, it's free." She said. "I'm sure your travells werent kind." She said. Far looked up from a small locket he held and nodded. As he approached his eyes slid to her, taking her in.

"You undid the braids." he said.

"Yes, it was time to let my head rest." She said a flush heating her cheeks. He smiled and moved to pass her just as she moved to head back to her room. Their hands brushed and she looked up at him. His amber eyes locked with hers. She looked away. Then she made it to her room without looking back at the annoying elf.

Sure enough right on her bed was the box. She inched closer to it, she decided now was as good a time as any. She opened it slowly and saw a layer of silk on top. It was a rich royal blue, her fingers brushed over it and tears sprung in her eyes. A marriage sash, the one meant for her father. He would have worn it plain as day had she stayed. Her claim on him, which would mean his own sash of silk was somewhere in the palace. A slew of jewels in aquamarines and sapphires, emeralds but the one that caught her attention was a small box, she opened it and saw a cluster of pearls carved into a lotus flower. Her fingers closed over the necklace, she remembered her father telling her that her mother had fallen in love with Lotus flowers. The perfect blend of water and earth, and thus Lota had been named after it. Her mother had loved her enough to leave all of these things for her. Regardless of the country.

A small folded peiceof paper lay at the bottom. Lota unfurled it and looked down. ' My Beloved daughter, I will not get to see you grow up, but in the months I spent with you I knew love in ways i never thought I could. Your father will take perfect care of you, as I know he will. I would like nothing more than to stay and be with you and him for the rest of my life. But the weight of my actions are heavy. If by chance I fail and fall to my death. The kingdom will one day fall to you. I want you to know that if there was anything I did for me it was having you. You my beautiful child are the only thing I ever did that was right and perfect. I will love you into the next life. If I do fall and you are given the chance to go to the Kingdom, I want you to know the choice is entirely your own. I am proud of you no matter what you chose to do. Live life as you want to, fall in love and bond to your Soul-Mate, it is the best experience I ever had. I love you my beautiful Lota, live well and flourish as the princess you are.'

Lota wiped her eyes and smiled, she laid down in the most peaceful way. She felt more at ease than she had since her father died. She slid her fathers marriage sash over her face, the woven silk infused with her mothers love and magic. She felt warm and whole again. Her smile and tears lulled her to sleep. She was just getting to know who her mother was, she wanted to know more.


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