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Ascension (Queen of Water and Earth)

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Far has been a loyal knight of the Lexus Kingdom for as long as he can remember. But now the King and Queen have fallen. And he must seek out the only heir that can take the throne before the kingdom falls to darkness. The lost daughter of the Queen, the last ray of hope their mighty kingdom has. A huntress by the name of Lota. Can he bring her to the kingdom in safety or will he fail before he admits his blooming love for the dainty huntress. View table of contents...


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Lota stared in shock at this elf who had chased her right into her natural domain. She scowled at him as he revealed her fathers name, mentioned a name she assumed was her mothers, then told her she was a princess. She then punched him square in the upside down jaw. "Do you take me for a fool?!" She exclaimed. The water dropped from beneath her and she lept to the muddy bank. Her dress was ruined, it would need a good wash.

"I would never take you for a fool princess, I am your knight, your servent, I only come to inform you of your circumstances." He said.

"My circumstances?!" Lota roared. "Two weeks ago I returned from a hunting trip with my father, as we settled down by the fire he suddenly gasped, fell to the floor and convulsed. He turned to marble in my arms, last words he said to me 'I love you my earth lilly.' I think I understand my circumstances all too well. I have land to maintain, a garden to tend and needs to be cared for. I'm not your princess."

She loosed the vines and started her trek back home. She smirked devilishly when she heard him hit thr ground in a clatter of metal. But her amusement was fleeting as he rushed forward. "Princess, if I may." He lifted a few things from his pouch and held them out as she passed into the field housing her home. He vaulted in front of her and her eyes narrowed.

"I'm sorry, perhaps I wasnt forceful enough." She lifted her fist once more to punch him. Only this time his gloved palm covered her knuckles and refused to let go.

"This is a picture of our Queen and King, as well as their knights." He said holding up a picture. She saw the man with long white hair and royal attire, the woman next to him had long blue hair and soft eyes. She wore a long gown of a silky fabric. Behind her was Lota's father. Lota snatched the picture with her free hand. "Gundar-Lus was the Queen's protector and closest friend, until she revealed in her will that he was her Soul-mate and they had bound one anothers souls together. A long time ago she fled here with her knight in secret, she hid because she was pregnant with Gundar-Lus's child. You princess."

He flipped to another picture of her family, there she was again, holding a baby and sitting with Lota's father. Lota snatched that picture also. Her eyes roving over the picture seeing the truth before her. It was frightening, her mother was Queen of Lexus. Dora-Wa was her mother. "Why?" Lota whispered.

"Princess?" He asked.

"What is your name again?" She asked. Her eyes begining to water with grief, if their souls had been bound together it was now proven they were. Lota would never know her mother.

"Grand Prince and Grand Knight, Farva-Li, please call me Far my princess." He bowed to her, she felt her eye twitch in irritation at seeing him do so.

"So this is true, my mother is Dora-Wa." Lota said with silent acceptance. Her father had never stated her mothers anem, but seeing this picture of her with him. Lota knew now why her family had never told her the truth. She was a huntress, the daughter of an affair. She looked up and Far's amber gold eyes widened.

"Princess, she-" He started and Lota shoved past him hurrying into her house. She slammed the door shut and crumpled as tears fell anew. No wonder her father was branded a traitor, why barely anyone wanted to deal with him. He'd left here to raise her, because she was the illegitimate child of the Queen. He would have been killed on the street. She felt a thump on the other side of the door. "Princess, my mother was friends with yours, she told me that you were the only thing she would have left the crown for. But she was bound by blood to her throne, and could not abdicate it for fear of our kingdom falling to ruin. So your father told her that they would retire to the country side for a year or two to have you, and spend time together before she left for good. She wanted nothing more than to remain here with your father and raise you herself."

"And her husband?" Lota asked.

"You didnt hear this from me, but the King and Queen married for political power, they never bore a child for they were not soul-mates. She took Gundar-Lus as her lover and he took one of his own. Your mother loved your father, and when you were born they left the birth certificate blank. You were to remain here with your father until Dora decided it was time for you to take her place. But she died, and it was revealed that in place of your fathers name Lorda-Li sighned your birth records. He adopted you then, and as such you are the rightful heir not only in blood but in name also. The throne is yours."

Her heart tudded violently at the mention of that. She rubbed her arms and stood up, she wanted to hear more, about her mother, her husband, and about her father. Lota opened the door to find him sitting there. "Well, come on in then, a gues is a guest I suppose."


Far was certain he'd reached her. She opened the door and let him in. She waved at the den before her. He nodded and unclipped his armor piece by piece. She vanished into the back rooms. He looked around, seeing piles of linens in a basket by the fire place. It was warm, her home. When she returned she wore a pair of burgandy leather pants and a tight tunic that hugged her like a second skin. She carried a huge dagger as well. She smashed it into the coffee table as she set herself in a chair, not the main one, but the other one. Her boots propped up on the table. If this was the graceful princess that would rule their kingdom, it was impossible.

"So, my mother died?" She asked, it wasnt really a question of affirmation, it was a demand to know the story. He fetl his insides clench in irritation. His failure was in this story, his shame. He set his chest plate down on the floor and sank to his knees before her.

"I failed to protect them, I beg your forgiveness." He said and bowed his head.

"Tell me everything." She said levelly. He didnt look up, this was his station for his failure.

"The Drow are our greatest enemies. A few weeks ago a Drow assassin was found inside the palace. We went into complete lock down. But they were already inside. Drow King Ferris drew Lorda-Li and I out of the kingdom for a challenge. Little did I know that he had sent his princess into the kingdom to assassinate Dora-Wa. Without Dora-Wa Lorda would have lost his throne. Lorda realized it too late and sent me to go to her. I made it just as she was struck down by Kendra-Ba. I held her as she died, she touched my face and told me-" He stopped as his mind whirled over her last words. He shook his head. "She turned to marble and when I got back to Lorda he was a statue on the ground."

"They sent you on purpose." She said darkly. "So what I'm in her will?"

"Yes, she named you specifically as her heir. Lena-Wa was pissed." He chuckled. "That is her sister, the family may not be kind but Dora was gentle, she cared for her kingdom, she loved her land. Please, come and claim your throne."

"Why would I do that?" Lota pressed a hand to her face. "Why should I beleive anything you tell me?"

"Because I live to serve the throne, the King and Queen. My mother is part of the council, I myself devoted myself to Dora-Wa, Lorda-Li and the heir. You." He said seriously.

"I cant just-" She stood up and paced. "This has been my home, I've never left the Woods of Drogmire."

"I will escort you." Far said, "I will serve you and protect you, my House is one of war, and Knighthood. We will be your strength and power. We are seperate from the council, we serve only the throne."

"Can I-" She looked out the window.

"Take your time to think about it. I will be here ask me anytime about anything." He said. "This must be a serious decision only you can make."


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