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Ascension (Queen of Water and Earth)

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Far has been a loyal knight of the Lexus Kingdom for as long as he can remember. But now the King and Queen have fallen. And he must seek out the only heir that can take the throne before the kingdom falls to darkness. The lost daughter of the Queen, the last ray of hope their mighty kingdom has. A huntress by the name of Lota. Can he bring her to the kingdom in safety or will he fail before he admits his blooming love for the dainty huntress. View table of contents...


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Butside Lexus Kingdom Boundries.

King Ferris stood looking down at the eastern valley that led into Lexus kingdom. His eyes narrowed with malice as he saw lights of villages begin to glow in the setting sun. His glare was interupted when one of his Drow messengers appeared behind him from the shadows. He knelt low and presented a small scroll. "My King." He breathed. "A message from the Royals, of Lexus."

"About damn time that whore sent word." Ferris snapped. He turned from the disgusting sight of elven land. He snatched the scroll and the messenger vanished. "Kendra come here!"

His daughter came from the shadows her red dress glowing as she did. Her ebony skin and long white hair were trademarks of Drow breeding. As dark elf's their power lay in the darker elements. But it was Kendra's pale gray eyes that set her apart. Unlike his own crimson or female violet she was different. It spoke of her mixed breeding, breeding Ferris killed in a rage if brought up. He saw her sink to one knee in the grass and his eyes flicked down to the scroll as he unwound it's bindings and read over the note. "You will go to a village in the Woods of Drogmire. It must be the sunlit town in the center. It would seem Lena-Wa's plans were thwarted even with her sister dead." He chuckled in amusement at that. That bitch Dora-Wa wouldnt just allow her throne to go to her leechign family, no she would ahve a plan set in the background. One Lorda-Li would have ensured remained secret. "It seems Dora-Wa had a child."

"A child?" Kendra's voice dripped with disgust. "I thought her incapable of bearing a child."

"It would appear she did, an earth user." Ferris tossed the scroll on the ground in front of Kendra. "Go and kill the heir, Lena has to be on the throne before we take the kingdom."

"Yes, father." Kendra said.

"Do not fail me."

"Never, my king."


Far would admit one thing in his week long journey towards the Woods of Drogmire. The scenery was fresh and seemed to bring him a measure of peace. The village he found himself in was the only one the rumors said held Gundar-Lus's house. He dared not mention Lota-Lus incase ears got round he was looking for an heir. If he belived Dora-Wa's message, he was now dead, encased in ivory in death as well. Or Ivory dust, commoner burial was different.

The village was obviously a hunters town. They were all over carting their goods, selling furs and meat in the market. But as he entered near the trading post he saw from atop his horse a fight between a huntress and a maiden. But as he drew closer to see he noticed the maiden wore braided hair up in a bun. She was a huntress too. She violently put the little Lupe elf in her place before storming off outisde the village. Far sighed, intrest diminshed. He asked around some of the residents. He found one woman who was carrying a crate of furs. "Madam, could you perchance tell me where the Archive Tree is?"

"Sorry sweetie, I just come here with my husband for the hunt." She smiled and he nodded. Why Far found himself wandering outside the village was a wonder to him. Until he spied the fighter woman. He trotted his horse over and she looked up. Startling gold/bronze eyes met his own.

"Ma'am, I'm looking for the archive tree, is that around here somewhere?" He asked. Her dark look faded slightly, then she lifted a hand and pointed north towards the village.

"You looking for something?" She asked, "It's a little late in the season for travellers.

"Im looking for someone." He said.

"Name?" She promped amused.

"It's a matter of urgency, Royal orders, top secret." He waved a hand dismissively. "Thankyou for your assistance."

He rode off towards the north area. He found the tree and smiled, he moved inside and smiled to charm the elf running the archives. He managed to charm her into giving him the key to the personal records. He set about looking up Gundar-Lus's family records. He found it as well as a huge tapestry. It was inside a locked container. he slipped that inside his pouch for later use. He spied the information on his house. It was built on his fathers land, though they were not residents here anymore Gundar'Lus had taken over the property. It sat atop a rare Burial Tree. Gundar-Lus's death record was inside his records. As well as Lota-Lus's hunting application. He spied a photograph of the family. The parents of Gundar-Lus, him and Dora-Wa, and an infant baby. He felt his heart rate increase as he slipped the phot inside his pouch as well. Dora-Wa may have been disguised but he knew her perfectly.

Then he saw the picture before him, a copy of Lota's citizenship token. Her hair was braided in hundreds of tiny braids. The hair itself was a white tinged with pink, giving it a pearlescent hue. Her eyes were golden bronze, and a small scar underneath her eye. It was faint, as if an arrow had grazed her. She looked soft and young here, the woman he'd encountered on the road was older, colder. He found himself sitting in the archives, gazing at the picture of Dora-Wa's daughter. He'd never seen a more beautiful elf.

He tucked the record of her inside his pouch and left the basic information back in the record box before he reshelved it. He left the archives and saw the sun nearing the tree line. He needed to see if she was safe, make sure he was still in the clear. She'd been heading down the road east, so he climbed atop his horse and cantered off in that direction. Speeding up only once the clutches of villagers left them on the open road. He spurred the horse and looked around. He found a house, as he neared and turned down the lane that led to the cobblestone house he saw her. The light caught a few of her stray braids, and her yellow gown. She looked at him in shock, and horror beore she ran. "Wait!" He called.

But she was already in the woods. He tore after her, listening to the wind around him, seeking it's guidance to find her. But it dwindled in the woods, and the natural flow was disrupted by the trees. He looked down tracking normally. Her foot prints were plain, with no time to cover her tracks she was leading him right to her. He burst through a copse of bushes and out into a clearing of damp dirt. The swamp was before him, it's dark waters untouched. She didnt move into the water, so she must be here, hiding. Far closed his eyes and focused on the air currents around him. Nothing around him, at all.

A shift in the air above and his eyes flew open. She dropped from the trees above, vines wrapped around her unraveling. A fist flew out at him and he ducked, but right as he did a leg came up. The kick was strong, shoving him with momentum right into the dark water. He sputtered as moss and mud clung to him. "Who are you?!" She hissed. "Why are you here?!"

"I'm sorry." He said then froze as he felt muddy vines wrap around his legs. He was hoisted up into the air, he was upside down and up near the swamp canopy when he saw her step out onto the water. She stood ontop, the water rippling around her shoes before it began to rush and lift her into the air. It was like watching Dora with her water control. He came face to face with this fierce huntress and his eyes widened.

"I'll ask again." Her eyes darkened and an awful expression flowed over her feminine face. "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?"

"My name is Farva-Li, Grand Knight and Grand Prince of Lexus kingdom. I came here on orders of the late King and Queen." He said. "I came looking for the lost princess."

"Lost princess?" She glared at him, "Do you think me stupid? How do I know if you are really a knight. You could be a drifter for all I know."

She leaned back from her perch on the water pillar. "You know what, I dont care, you can drown." She turned and Far felt fear for the first time since the night his leige died.

"Wait, your name is Lota-Lus, daughter of Gundar-Lus, former knight of the Queen. What you dont know is that the Queen Dora-Wa was your fathers soul mate, you are the hidden heir to Lexus Kingdom. Princess Lota-Lus, I am Farva-Li your knight." He said hastily but with conviction.


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