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Ascension (Queen of Water and Earth)

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Far has been a loyal knight of the Lexus Kingdom for as long as he can remember. But now the King and Queen have fallen. And he must seek out the only heir that can take the throne before the kingdom falls to darkness. The lost daughter of the Queen, the last ray of hope their mighty kingdom has. A huntress by the name of Lota. Can he bring her to the kingdom in safety or will he fail before he admits his blooming love for the dainty huntress. View table of contents...


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Far stood at the base of the Tree of Life. His eyes looking up into it's branches, glass orbs hung lit with magic and sunlight. It pulsated with life and today, sorrow. The entire kingdom in the immediate vacinity was assembled in mass amounts around the tree. Far looked to his side where the rest of the knights, his personal army stood armored wit raised swords in respect. Far looked out to where the elves were walking towards him. They carried large glass coffins, covered in gold and flowers. Inside lay the statue bodies of their fallen leaders. The bodies had long since coated in marble and rested in the Eternal plane.

As the coffins passed Far allowed his eyes to look down into the shinig coffin. In the first one lay Dora-Wa, the Queen of Lexus. Elf of water and purity. Though her body was creamy and white with death marble Far could remember her face. Soft and pale like the moon. Her hair a long cascading river of blue, to match her dark aqua eyes. She had always worn blue with her clothing, the rich shades were always imprinted in his mind. As well as her silver crown fitted with her saphires and diamonds. She had always laughed and smiled, even when Far had seen sadness in her eyes. She was the pillar of their strength, there was no god to pray to, only the Queen to offer her grace and strength. And now she was dead.

Then Far looked inside the other Coffin. Where Lorda-Li lay. His marbled skin mirrored Dora-Wa's. And Far remembered everythign about this King. As his Grand Knight, it was his duty to protect and serve the kings every will. Lorda was a strong man, his hair as long and white as spider silk. His eyes had been bright blue, and he's always been a warrior. Lorda had been Far's greatest friend and mentor. Far wanted to throw himself on his sword, he'd failed his lord, his Queen, the Kingdom, and above all else, he'd failed himself.

He turned to the massess of all the elves who were this kingdom's subjects. Far slid his black armored hand over to his bejeweld sword, he drew it in one smooth motion and pointed it to the sky. "Rest In Paradise King and Queen of Lexus!" He shouted. "Rest in Peace!"

The other knights shouted his final words as the Kingdom shouted their farewells. If there was an after life, they had sent their belove leaders there with love.


It was hours later, after the ceremonies and witnessing, that Far found himself among the elders, and the Royals. Dora-Wa's family was perched in the front, As Lorda had married into the title of King his family was behind them. The other Royals behind them. As Grand Duke and Grand Kinght it was Far's duty to read the elders decision on the right of succession. He bowed low to the floor to the great and ancient Elders who had settled on the ivory chairs set for them. Far looked down at the sealed blue envelope made from Dragon wings. And the ebony box baring Lorda's family seal. It was closed completly and the elders held the enchanted key.

So Far opened the scroll before him and looked down. " 'Greetings, Family and friends, it would seem Dora and I have died, and Farva forgive yourself. It was not your fault we died in the battle with the Drow. It was inevitable. As we have perished we have left two things that will lead to the next Queen of Lexus. I have decided to entrust my personal will to the elders inside an Ebony box and it will not be opened until the Heir has been given the key. However, Dora's will is encased in the webbing of a Dragon's wing and will ultimately decide the fate of the kingdom. Know this, that what is written there is the truth and future our wonderful kingdom needs.' "

Far looked at the elders as he rolled the scroll back up. They nodded and he lifted Dora's will. He peeled the saphire wax seal and slid a set of vellum sheets from inside. They bore Dora's winding script and personal seal on the top. He scanned the sheets and his eyes widened. "Well get on with it!" Dora's sister Lena-Wa hissed form her seat.

" 'Dearest family, I regret to inform you that I have passed, my throne and the succession as the kingdom see's it is over. My marriage with Lorda-Li was barren, and there was no Heir produced of our line. As it would seem the throne should land to my sister Lena. But that is not the case.'" Far looked up to see Lena's face becoming red with rage. Everyone in the kingdom knew Dora and Lorda's marriage was indeed barren with no heir to attest to the throne. " ' Twenty three years ago I took in a Knight as my personal protector. As Lorda was away on business with the time travellers, I ruled alone for a full two years. That Knight was revealed to me as my Fated Soul Mate. When Lorda and I married it was for political gain, I was the Princess Heir and he was the Duke's son. We married for the throne and took seperate lovers. Gundar-Lus was my Knight and the Soul Mate I bound my soul to. When Lorda returned he allowed me to leave with Gundar to a far away village where I spent the term of my pregnancy and birthed my child. I did not remain as Lexus needed me. I left Gundar behind with our child to raise and came here to protect her secrecy. Lorda and I decided just who would rule in the event of our demise and it will be my daughter Lota-Lus. The elders approved as I worte my will. I request if you are standing there Farva-Li, that you seek out my daughter in the Woods of Drogmire. She is the rightful heir to my throne, I ask that you protect her as you have so valiantly protected Lorda and I. This is my last and final request.' "

Outrage filled the room from Dora's family and the elders stood holding up their hands, silence fell just as fast as the outrage began. Far felt hope fill him, perhaps he could atone for the failure he shouldered. "Grand Knight Farva-Li." The oldest of the elders spoke. "You have your orders, fetch Lota-Lus and bring her to the kingdom, her throne awaits."

"Wait!" Lena surged forward and Far drew a short blade in threat, her underhanded tactics were not going to fly around the elders. He would personally ensure it. "If Dora commited adultary her union with that knight is treason. Any child they bore is illigitimate, the throne goes to the last of the original line." She said with conviction.

"You would be correct." The Elder spoke, "Had she commited adultary, Lorda-Li found and allowed her to take in her Soul-Mate, and even accepted the child as his own on paper here. Gundar-Lus signed over his parental right upon birth. The princess was raised by him but Lorda-Li signed his name upon her papers. She by name is Lorda-Li's adopted daughter. Thus is the only heir in name and blood to rule the throne. The decree has been made and accepted by the elders. Farva-Li, go now, complete the last mission left to you by Dora-Wa."

"I will, with great honor I thank you." Far knelt before the elders once more and sheathed his blade. He left the room and smiled slyly as he did. Well done Dora-Wa, always ten steps ahead of her opponents. Even if those opponents were her family.


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