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The Housewife's Secrets-Truckers Love

Novel By: Alexis Dawn

After giving it much thought; I have decided to share my secrets of my life . You may judge, you may bash me but you will enjoy my journey to get where I am now.. My name is Kimberly; Welcome to my world!
The Following reading is a personal journal and experiences that holds dirty and kinky secrets.. View table of contents...


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I handed Stacey a slip of paper that held a list of where we were going and Troys cell phone number. He was very cool with giving Stacey that information which in a way surprised me. Giving Stacey a hug Troy set my bag and back pack up in the truck and waited for me. As I approached the truck I began to get a little nervous, I had never been on a semi before, let alone drove cross country in one. With the assistance of Troy I climbed up into the cab and made myself comfortable in the passenger seat. Troy climbed up in his seat and with a quick wave we were off on our adventure. I was excited, nervous, and even a little scared because the unknown awaited me. As Portland faded into the rear view mirror my nervousness began to settle.

"You ok over there?"

"Yea, I'm fine."

"If you need to stop for any reason, just let me know. I'm use to driving Solo and hard hours."

"Ill do my best to not disrupt your routine anymore than I have."

"Don't worry any interruption you cause is a welcomed one. I'm glad you asked to come along, something about you is intoxicating. And I am interested in teaching you somethings with out worry of interruption from the outside world."

"What will I be learning?"

"You just have to wait and see."

With a smirk Troy hinted to not ask any more questions about my lessons. Speaking of lessons while we have some time I should be working on homework. I grabbed my backpack, kicked my shoes off and made myself comfortable as I read my required chapter for History.

"You can relax on the bed if you want; if you would be more comfortable."

"I'm ok for now, Thanks thou."

The drive was peaceful, there was no awkward silence between Troy and I. After Driving for about 5 hours, we stopped in Pendleton to get a bite to eat. Once out of the truck Troy was at my side, walking with me into the Restaurant; he held my hand. A warm feeling flooded me as he pulled out a seat for me and then sat across from me. I thought gentlemen were something that were mythological beings.

"Troy, I insist on paying for our meals."


"Because your doing me a favor and I insist."

"You are just sub, you have no insisting powers. You only have the power to fulfill my wishes, needs and desires."

"Please allow me to pay for our meals. Its not like its a million dollars."

"There's another reason behind it. What is it?"

"I want my husband to pay any way I can make him for what he has done, and the lies he has told."

"You never did tell me everything that has happened."

"Would you please allow me to pay and to talk about it later?"

"For now Ill allow it. But reserve the right to change my mind at any time, that's the best I can do."

"Ill take what I can get."

"Ill be giving you more later tonight, eat up you'll need your strength."

I must have blushed because Troy started laughing. The meal was pleasant, no awkward silences, it was peaceful. I paid for the meal and we left. As we were driving down the road, I attempted to read more for my classes and found it hard to concentrate, giving up I settled for watching out the window.

"Whats wrong little one?"

"Nothing, just watching the sites."

"Lying to me will result in a punishment you know."

"I know."

"I'll look past your first answer and ask you again. What is wrong little one?"

"Just thinking, still processing the past couple of days."

"Talk to me, maybe I can help give some insight."

"I don't want to burden you with my issues, your helping enough by letting me travel with you and get away."

"It isn't a burden if I care. Which I do, so talk to me or I will pull this truck over and blister your ass because I can."

"Its Jeff's secret that he told me. Hes freaking CIA. All these years he's lied to me. He told me hes a stock broker but its just front for his cover."

"Is he tracking or bugging your cell phone?"

"He swore that our home, my personal stuff were all CIA free."

"Do you believe him?"

"I don't know. I do know if he is lying to me again, then he will have major issues to deal with."

"So that is why you wanted to get away?"

"That's part of it. Apparently a lady he is guarding is married and her husband thinks my husband is sleeping with her. He has called me a couple times and has even left flowers at the hotel for me to tell me that I wont be harmed or touched when he takes my husband down. I have moved 95% of the money into a personal account because I am not going to suffer due to Jeff's fuck ups."

" He should have been more careful to ensure that no one knows who you are. Just think if they were dangerous people he could get you killed."

"I know! I've thought of that already!" I spoke loudly

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have yelled. I'm just really frustrated with the whole situation. I'm going to lay down and hopefully sleep. I haven't slept that great in the last few days."

"I understand being frustrated and tired, that is no reason to yell at me. I will deal with your punishment later, for now Little one go to bed, get some sleep and think about what your punishment should be."

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry!"

I unbuckled from my seat and crawled in the back, I reached into my bag and pulled out my pajamas.

"When you are with me, you sleep Naked. Your body is for my pleasure and I will not have anything blocking you when I want you."

"Yes Sir."

I shoved my pajamas back into my back, stripped my clothes and crawled into bed. The scent of Troy floated around me as I snuggled into the blankets. For once in the past week, I was able to go to sleep quickly. I felt like I had slept hours when I felt Troy crawl in to bed beside me. I began to wake up.

"Go back to sleep Little one, its Late."

"Where are we?"

"Just south of Idaho at a rest stop in Utah."

"I am really sorry about yelling at you. I have no good reason for it."

"I understand Little one, don't worry about it. We will discuss it later."

Troy wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. It was a comfortable, no pressure except of a big friend of mine. I reached down to touch him.

"Not right now Little one, just sleep."

"Yes Sir."

As I snuggled into Troy's body and arms, I fell asleep.


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