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When The Price Rises

Novel By: Adalyn

Miranda and Andie Finch are happily married and have been for a few years before the recession hits them badly. Within a few days of angry panic, they join the seductive world of women who are just as desperate as they are. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 4, 2011    Reads: 39    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

What's All That Noise, Comin' Down, Tryin' To Kill My Buzz, Tryna Spin Me Aound

- "Up And Away" Banned of St. Trinians

Jeremy raised a hand to his right ear, drawing Andie's attention to a silver earpiece. "Blake?" he said, still keeping an eye on the approaching men. "I need you and Ryker to the Landing now, opposite the bar." Within seconds, two men had appeared at his shoulder.

One was bald, with a strong face and dark eyes. The other was remarkably pale, even in the flare of the orange lamps, but was handsome in a rugged sort of way, with a dark short-back-and-sides haircut and the fringe gelled up at the front. Both were dressed identically in an expensive-looking suits but black shirts and ties.

"Andie, this is Blake and Ryker." Jeremy nodded to the bald one and the black-haired one respectively. "Guys, those two men over there with Tracy and Lauren. Throw them out and put them on the no-ride list." Jeremy jerked a thumb behind his back.

"Got it, boss." Blake said. His voice was low and gravelly. In short, he was the stereotypical security guard.

Andie hadn't even opened her mouth to say Hi before they were storming off.

"Let's get closer to the action." Jeremy said, maliciously. He pulled Andie discreetly closer, both of them keeping to the wall.

"Excuse me, ladies." Ryker said, nodding politely to Lauren and Tracy.

"Hey, Ryker, Blake! 'Sup?" Lauren said, loudly. Tracy, however, didn't look so smashed and seemed to recognise the stance of the situation.

"Lauren, let's go." She said, quickly, and pulled the other girl away.

"What's wrong? They seemed nice enough?" Lauren complained as Tracy pulled her in the direction of Jeremy and Andie.

"They're about to be kicked out." Tracy hissed, nodding in Jeremy's direction as she passed. Andie could almost feel the gratitude emanating towards the boss in waves.

And then she turned her attention back to the four men.

"I'm asking you to leave." Blake said in a low voice. The two customers had apparently been protesting.

No! Look, we're all here for a good sha-" one of them began.

"With conditions." Ryker growled. "Our employees are to be respected."

"Ha!" the other one snorted. "What makes you think the slags here value dignity? They throw themselves on my cock like-"

"But it's your responsibility not to abuse them." Blake said. "The women here trust you to treat them well and we know that you betray that trust."

"Alright, who squealed?" One of the men snarled, his face contorting. "Come on, who was it?"

Andie held her breath while Blake replied, coolly. "That's neither here nor there now, is it? I am going to ask you one more time to leave."

The slightly taller, slightly thicker one stepped forward. For some reason, his name then clicked in Andie's head: Turner.

"Or what?" Turner said, so quietly Andie had to lip-read.

"Or this gets ugly." Ryker replied, levelling his eyes.

For a moment, no-one said a word. Anyone within the immediate vicinity had paused whatever sexual pleasure they were indulging in to watch as if this was some sort of play.

"Come on, Turner," the man said, "it's not worth it."

"Shut up, Ian." Turner spat.

"Turner, is it?" Blake said, the tone of his voice indicating raised eyebrows. "Barred from three brothels in Soho and about five-hundred clubs in London? I think you match the description. Well, this might get real ugly if you don't leave right now."

Turner pushed his fist into Blake's face with enough force to send the large man spinning to the ground.

Instantly, Ryker was on him and pummelling his stomach, causing Turner to double up under the blows. Ryker held one shoulder with his hand, the other on the dome of his skull and slammed his knee up into the man's gut thrice before smashing it into his groin.

Blake was back on his feet and rugby-tackled Ian to the carpeted floor before the second man had been able to defend his mate. Without bothering to give his victim a chance to protest, Blake gripped his collar and punched his face twice before the man was knocked cold.

The two rapists, sexual abusers and general arseholes were dragged down the stairs where they were out of sight. By the opening, slight pause and eventual slamming of the huge double doors, it was evident that they had been thrown out into the alleyway outside. Through the brief window to the outside world, anyone within earshot would have been able to here the raging downpour of rain, even over the loud music.

Andie was speechless. There were literally no words. She was jubilant at the victory but indignant about how the situation had been handled. In short, she was overwhelmed with emotions.

Jeremy merely said, "I take care of my employees," before turning and walking away, hands in pockets.

Andie couldn't think. How was she supposed to react to that? As per usual, her complex, sympathetic nature prevented clear thoughts from forming in her head. Jeremy had recognized this inability to structure a coherent response and had escaped before this medley of distorted emotion could become directed at him.

Estella looked up as Andie appeared to wonder aimlessly back into the bar. Her eyes were distant, unfocused yet she was clearly making her way towards the bar. There was something about her that turned away any customers mistaking her for someone available.

"Andie?" Estella slid the pint glass over to a punter before sliding to the side to give Andie a bit of space as the girl hopped up onto a stool and put her head in her hands, elbows on the counter.

"Can I get something strong?" Andie asked, helplessly. For a moment, Estella considered declining but then reconsidered. Sometimes, something strong was all it took.

While she created a fruity, tangy cocktail, Estella kept her mouth shut. Had she told Jeremy about Miranda? Miranda had left only a few minutes ago, led by a large man with bad breath, Ashleigh tagging along discreetly behind.

"I'm sorry," Andie said, suddenly, watching the glass on the counter in front of her, "you know, about before."

"Andie-" Estella started but Andie waved it aside.

"No. I'm sorry about what I said about you guys not caring about the people here. I saw … I'm still not sure how to react to it though?"

Estella was surprised. Andie looked almost broken.

"What did Jeremy do?" she said, softly but with an underlying irritation. "I know that man can go too far sometimes …"

Andie smiled humourlessly. "You could say that."

"Listen to me." Estella leaned in. "I know what you and Miranda think of this place but you don't need to go to the extremes with it."

Andie looked up and into her eyes. "I just didn't expect to see that - any of this, in fact." It didn't matter to her that Estella had been behind the bar throughout the whole thing.

Estella tried her best to sympathetic. "After a while, you'll get used to it. It's actually quite common. Oh, we try and keep it discreet and to the minimum and try and stop it from happening but I guess you just can't help the way some people are."

"I need to talk to Miranda about it though." Andie said, finally touching the cocktail glass but only to prod it slightly with a finger. "I think it's all over now but I can't just let this go."

"I understand." Estella said, placing her own hand over Andie's where it was pushing the glass around on the counter. "You'll both get over it though and it'll just be a silly little mistake."

Andie took a sip of the cocktail. "Wow!" she said, brightening up. "This is delicious!"

"Thanks." Estella said, grateful for the change of conversation. "I only work the bar when Carmen isn't here though. She's the best at the cocktails and stuff."

"Then she must be pretty fucking good." Andie grinned, despite herself.

"Yeah, she is," said Estella, absentmindedly. "But, hey! You're not being paid to sit around drinking, girl!" she suddenly realised. "Go on, you could get in trouble for that. Get back to work!" she winked friendly.

After what she had just witnessed, Andie had no desire to get on the bad side of Jeremy. So she quickly tipped the contents of the cocktail glass down her throat, thanked Estella, and hopped off with a new spring in her step.

The House of Solace would take care of her. She was among people who would look out for her and would keep her safe; her and Miranda. Andie wasn't nearly as worried for herself as she was for her wife. Andie was secure in her abilities; she knew whether or not she could hold someone off. But when she couldn't keep an eye on Miranda, she simply didn't know. Though she trusted her wife, it was still nerve-wracking knowing that she couldn't always be there for her. Who knows what might have happened the other night if they hadn't been forced together?

But they were both in good hands. Even if Jeremy was simply putting on a show in order to keep the pair from leaving, it was working and, for the meantime, they were safe. After just a few more weeks, they'd have learned the lay of the land and would be able to look after themselves.

Andie had completely forgotten that the only reason she'd agreed to sign up in the first place was because her and Miranda had only planned to stay for a month, just to get back on track with their payments. However, she was essentially making plans for a lot longer stay than that, subconsciously convincing herself that it was only to remain on track.

But the truth was the same, from whatever angle anyone chose to look at it: Miranda and Andie Finch were enjoying the attention and the way the many men and women made them feel - wanted.


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