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Sundei For Two

Novel By: Acostan

Sundei is a soft-spoken girl in a high school where the girls are mean and the boys are even worse. With no friends and a workaholic dad she is completely alone and at the mercy of anyone. That is until she befriends Cato and Lewis and they grow a forbidden bond that can never be broken. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 15, 2012    Reads: 582    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

The whole day had gone well so far. None of Sundei's teacher's asked anything and all she had to tell the attendance manager was that she had a stomach virus. Cato had already forged the papers and everything. All that she had to survive was fifth, sixth and finally seventh period with Alessandra, Cato and Lewis. Sundei pulled her P.E shirt on and shut her locker wearily. Lewis's eyes came into her mind; she pressed her forehead against the locker. How was she able to make it through all of it?

"Sundei," She turned around to face Lewis who stood at a distance from her. Her body froze as the thoughts of Monday afternoon flashed through her mind. What was he doing in the girl's locker room? A distressed expression covered his face. "I," he stepped forward. "I want to-I'm so sorry for what I did." Lewis stepped closer. "But," he started to say when a group of girls' voices chattered loudly in the locker room. He quickly put his hand over Sundei's mouth and lightly pinned her against the lockers. "But," he whispered again "I can't control myself with you anymore not after what happened. I want you and I'm not going to stop from getting what I want anymore." His hand crept in her shorts as he spoke. A little muffled sound escaped her lips.

"Did you hear that?" asked a girl. The other girls were laughing and changing into their uniforms.

"No maybe the locker room is haunted." Mocked another girl; she made her voice shake like a ghost.

"You're so corny!" They all burst out laughing. Sundei was just on the other side of the lockers. If only one of them would just step over to the other side they could see her.

"Shh, there have been rumors about us going around lately. If they catch us in the act then they will definitely tell everyone." Lewis warned her; his voice just above a whisper. Why? She wanted to ask. Why you of all people? Why was he acting so different? He pressed his chest against her and moved his hand in her underwear. "Try not to make any noise." He turned her around pulled her bra and shirt over her breasts. Her nipples pressed against the cold metal of the lockers as he pushed her torso forward. Her hips were out against his pelvis as he slid his hand down her underwear again. Sundei pressed her lips tight to keep from making a sound. He started with one finger and after a moment he added another. His fingers curved when he moved them deep enough. The girls seemed to take forever to change into their uniforms. Lewis then pulled her pants down and pushed his hard member into her. Sundei bit down on her bottom lip.

"Come on let's go we're going to be late and Mr. Hawking is going to snap at us." Sundei waited forever until she heard them all leave to finally make a sound. She groaned and tightened her fists. Lewis smiled; he was finally making her feel good. He kissed the back of her neck and tightened his hold on her hips.

"Ah Sundei." He growled low and sexy. Sundei wanted to cover her face with embarrassment; she was actually feeling it with Lewis. He turned her around and kissed her passionately. He wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed in harder making her whimper. He smiled and said, "I love seeing you like this." Sundei hugged him tighter as his pace quickened. She felt that strange feeling from the last time stirring inside her again. Lewis was beginning to feel it too and as soon as he thrust in once more he released inside of her. He held her in his arms as they breathed heavily. "I really like you Sundei. Please don't keep fighting this. I want you, I want all of you." He said as he kissed her neck. She didn't know what to do. It was so strange, she felt that she liked Lewis but after all that had happened how could that be normal? Was it right for her to feel that way?

Waah sorry this one is short but I felt like nothing else would fit it.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this and of course any comment will be very helpful.

I love to hear what thoughts people have to say. ~Acostan


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