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Taken in the Dark: Part 1

Novel By: AbigailAndrews

Milly recounts a string of erotic nightmares to her psychiatrist in the hopes that he will help her. She keeps having the same dream over and over in which a spirit that she cannot idenify overwhelms her evoking her erotic core, stimulating her beyond belief. She resists at first but then finds that her mind has lost the power to control her body and she submits to the caress of the dark entity. But the more she confides in the psychiatrist the more intense her dreams become. This story is very suspenseful and has a delightful twist that you won't see coming. Stay tuned for the completion of this five part series. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 20, 2013    Reads: 3,292    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

I was growing weary of these dreams that made my blood boil but my skin shiver. It was exhausting to have my mind constantly prodded by this thing I could not identify. It was draining to go to sleep but I could not bare to be deprived of it. I was bound by the need of my body for rest. So I gave in night after night. At the advice of my sister, I decided to seek medical help. Dr Phillips was a well known psychiatrist and a friend of the family. I could not pass on the offer of a couple of free sessions.

' Tell me about these dreams Milly' he says with his arms folded across his chest.

:'I'll try' I said and then I began to tell him closing my eyes as I did.

My dreams were often the same, they started with me standing on a bridge, I had friends with me always at the start then they would die as I continued along the bring. Below this narrow bridge that was suspended by ropes was a dark river teaming with strange horrifying creatures that devoured anything that fell in. This was how my friends died one by one. I know that I must get to the other end before night falls. I can sense the thing lurking in the shadows watching me as I make my way across. I am terrified of this thing, to meet with it means certain death. It waits for me to slip or to make a mistake. Although I can see the end of this bridge, the journey seems incredibly long and I feel as though I would never reach then finally I sink my feet into the soft ground at the end. It's brighter here and I don't feel as threatened as I did on the bridge. I feel relieved the worst is over and I can no longer sense the dark thing.

There is a house at the end of a street that suddenly appears before me. It's rather peculiar this street because it's paved with tar and painted down the middle. Tall poles hold dull glowing lights at the top and the lights look down at me. At the side of the road there is baroness, just dust and a darkening sky. The house is brightly lit. The wind is blowing cold and I am compelled to enter the house. It doesn't take long just a few footsteps and I am at the door. I don't have to knock or push against the post box red door, it just opens up. I step in and the door makes an eerie creaking sound as it opens further to let me in. I wonder if the house is alive or there is someone behind the door. Nothing! There is absolutely no one inside and fear sinks in again. I cannot stop myself from going into this haunted house. Inside the furniture is covered with white sheets and I could see from the ceiling and walls and the exposed pieces of furniture that it is some type of old Victorian home. I look down at my chest and two pale cheeks look up at me, my cleavage is impressive and pushed up by the cups of a corset which has been pulled unbelievably tight. It hurts a little to breathe. My skirt is heavy and fluffs around me in layers of valances. Now my attire matches the decor of the room.

'Milly'' a whispering voice calls out to me and I am stiffened for a moment by it.

I know it belongs to the thing, I don't know how I do but I just do. I shut my eyes and try to wake myself up but when I open them again I am lying down on this large four post bed and looking up at a painted ceiling. The covers are pulled over me stopping just below my bust. The room fills with a white fog and it instantly paralyzes me. I can do nothing but lie and wait. The covers are pulled away from me and I feel naked. I strain myself to look down and I am naked, completely bare with alert nipples. I feel a coldness descend over my exposed catch and I am filled with terror. Then as though a vacuum had been turned on, the fog is sucked out of the room and then there is stillness. I can feel a tingling sensation returning to my body and I try to move but all I can manage is to tremble a little. The air around me gets heavy and then this dark shadow begins to form over me. It doesn't take on a complete form just a mass of dark smoke swirling about in a cloud over me then two red eyes appear and I begin to scream. The thing dives into my mouth as I scream and then I become possessed. A chorus of whispers stir in my mind but the voices all speak at the same time and I cannot discern any of the messages, I feel my body warm as though I were sitting in a hot bath and before I knew it my hands were grasping at my breasts, crushing and twisting them sending jolts of electricity to my catch.

The hold on my body abates and I draw my legs up bending my knees. I am being controlled by the thing inside me like a puppet. I reach down and slip my fingers between the parted lips of my catch. I am alarmed by the amount of wetness there, that my fingers glide effortlessly about it. I begin to prod myself starting with just my index then adding two more fingers as my catch relaxes. My hips move up and down as my fingers continue to explore the warm slippery inner flesh of my catch. Pleasure rips through my core as I work my breast and my catch.

I paused.

'Then what?' the doctor presses me to continue. His voice was breathy.

I suddenly become aware of how inappropriate my telling is and I am hesitant to continue. The doctor is looking at me in a perplexing way. I could see one hand holding the large clipboard on which he frequently jotted down notes, over his crotch and the other hand is hidden under it. His pupils appear larger than they were earlier when I started to recount my dream. I could see tiny beads of sweat sitting on his forehead and few strands of his dark brown hair stuck to it. He was breathing so heavily I could hear the panting. Suspicions that perhaps my telling aroused him began to rise within me and I became hesitant to continue.


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