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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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"Yesss..... Goood giiirlll", I take a long bites between her legs, grasping her hips tightly. Labia, mons pubis, crotches... No area stayed unlicked, unkissed on her womanhood. I kissed her vulva lips, then began putting gentle bites with my lips, avoiding hurting her. I pushed my tongue inside to taste her clitoris. My actions were just like when I raped her the first time, but the reactions were not. I could feel her pussy accepting me as a lover now!

I raised my body once again, put my index and middle fingers to her hole. "Hold my hand", I told her, "Guide my hand... Let's finger you together!"


"Yessss...Goood giiirlll" Your sensuous kisses and licks made my lips feel very sensitive. I put my hands near hips and pushed myself up toward you. Your tongue put pressure on my clit and I pulled back a little from the pulse of pleasure.

You came up from between my legs and looked at me with lustful eyes. "Hold my hand. Guide my hand... Let's finger you together!" I smiled at the thought, I had many years experience with my own finger. I knew it wouldn't be long before I had an orgasm.

I put my hand on your index finger and led it my clit. I pushed your finger down onto it and gasped at the sensitivity. It would be no time at all. I guided your finger over my clit, back and forth, putting high pressure and moving at a fast tempo. "OHHH oh god" I moaned out.


As she moaned, I felt her pussy secreting the liquids of orgasm on my finger! Of course that wasn't going to be the final orgasm she would have that night. "Yess.... Like that! See? I can make you happy.", I said with a cute, innocent smile on my face. I wasn't the most sane person in the ship, my personality was shifting from a rough rapist to a considerate lover.

I pulled my finger out, leaned my face between her legs once again to suck her cum. Then I pulled my head, pointed my middle and index finger at her pussy once again. "Now put your two fingers on mine."


My legs shook as my orgasm subsided and I looked at you once again. You pulled your finger off my clit and leaned your face between my legs again.

I blushed again as you licked at me. I knew that I had lots of sticky cum between my lips, as I usually did after a masturbation section. I could only imagine it increased quite a bit because of your help.

"Now put your two fingers on mine." I listened to you and spread my legs a little further.


There were four fingers at total pointed at her pussy now. Was that too much? No. It was still thinner than my cock's girth. As her fingers were atop mine, I pushed our fingers into her vulva gently. Now I was the one guiding the fingering, I had learned her pattern of masturbation. I pressed her fingers on her clitoris, our fingers were moving even faster than the previous one. I could feel her about to explode with satisfaction!

But when she was gettting close to cum, I pulled our fingers off, having her deprived of the second orgasm. I held her two wrists with my hands, pushed them nearby her hips, away from fingering herself.

I raised my body, "Do you want me, July?", looking at her eyes. My erection was pointed at her under my boxers, wet spots were visible at top of the tent.

"Then take it off,", I looked at my boxers, "but not with your hands..." I kept pushing her wrists to the bed, but her legs were free to move.


I felt my pleasure increasing again and started moaning. "Ohhh yesss..." Just as I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the impact of my orgasm you pulled away our fingers. I stared at you confused... "W-What are you doing?" The same words I have uttered the first night, but for completely different reasons.

You pushed my wrists down into the bed near my hips. "Do you want me, July?" I glanced from your eyes down to your erection as I felt my buildup of pleasure waning down severely. "Then take it off, but not with your hands..." I lifted my legs off the bed and used my heels to run along your sides down to the top of your boxers. I used my toes to grab hold of the top and drag it downward until they fell to your knees.


"Mmmmmmhhhh yess, like that!", I said as she took my boxers off with her feet. My shaved genitals were right in front of her gaze. After that, I took my boxers off my ankles.

Rather than fucking her right there, I sat on my ass, spreading my legs wide, ready for getting riden. "Come on... Show me... how much you want it..." My six inched veiny dick was erected vertically, pointed up to the ceiling.


I sat there...dumb founded. "Come on... Show me... how much you want it..." I was leaning back on my elbows and the fear I felt before had returned to my stomach.

"But... I-I don't know what to do..." I stared at you with scared eyes as I hoped you would change your mind...


"Ride me... It is simple... You sit on my penis, letting it slide you. You control your own hips, so it won't be as painful as I fucked you..."
I looked in her eyes with a sincere smile, "I will assist you, pretty...."


"You control your own hips, so it won't be as painful as I fucked you..." I hesitantly sat up and walked on my knees over to you. Everything up to this point was either something I had done or you were calling the shots...

I picked my body and you held your erect penis at my opening as I lowered my body. I moved down very slow and felt myself widen with every inch. I slide down until there was no more of you. It felt odd to be in control.

"Like this?" I asked innocently as I rocked my hips only slightly, I was still nervous about the whole idea.


"Mmmmmhhhhh yess.....", I moaned lightly as I felt my penis ripping her pussy with her very own hips movement.

"Like this?"
"Yes, like this, my pretty one...", when she began rocking her hips along my dick. I held her hips securely, pulling her chest to mine. "Continue.... Be a woman, who takes what she wants!", I began kissing her neck, knowing its effect on July.


"Continue... Be a woman, who takes what she wants!" You pulled me down closer to you and kissed my neck. I started to move my hips a little faster after your encouragement. I could feel your thickness sliding on my walls. I slide on your dick with ease because of all my natural lubrication. I grinded my hips in a different motion, back and forth and wait to see your response.

I leaned back and grabbed one of your hands from my hips and led it to my clit again. I felt myself fast approaching another orgasm. "Please, Leo..."


"Aaahhh yessss! You are greaatt!", I moaned as she was riding me.

Then she held my hand and brought it her clitoris, "Please, Leo...".
"I have got something better than fingers. Haven't I?", I didn't agree her fingering request. Rather than, I wrapped my arms around her, then I laid her on the bed once again. Now it was my hips that was moving. My penis was moving forth and back, trying to brush her clitoris. "Is not that better?", I asked her with a sincere tone. My voice tone showed that it wasn't a rhetorical question, I really wanted to discover her sexuality. I had never been a man with lots of bed stories.


You flipped me over so I was on my back again and used your penis on my clit instead. "Is that not better?" You asked me as my fingers gripped the sheets. I felt my pussy start to spasm and I dug my heels into the mattress underneath us. "Yesss... Ohh yes..." I rubbed myself against you and you moved your hips to increase the pressure.


There was a handsome smile on my face when I was making July moan with a great pleasure. "Wrap your legs around me", I ordered her, "Let me feel your legs and feet on my back... or ass... ". Then I continued kissing her other side of the neck, pumping her womanhood with my stiff dick. My shaved, pendulous balls were rocking forth and back, scrotums hitting on her waxed skin. My right hand was squeezing her left breast, stimulating her nipple with my thumb. We were moaning loudly in the room, minutes were passing like miliseconds, our genitals were getting pinker with the friction!

"Be mine, July... Be mine....", I whispered in her ear, before gently licking it!


"Wrap your legs around me." I obliged and locked my ankles together behind you.

"Be mine, July... Be mine..." You whispered in my ear. I took your face in my hands and kissed you, which surprised both me and you. I let my tongue slip into your mouth and moaned into our kiss.


I was going to order her to kiss my lips, but surprisingly, I didn't need to do it. Now I didn't need to force her to open her mouth for me, her tongue was inside my mouth! Our tongues were dancing inside, tasting each other with passion. I was the happiest man in the world!

"When I order you.... cum with me! Ohhh... Get ready!"

My hairy ass (and her heels upon it) was moving down and up strongly. We were about to reach the climax, I could feel that on her pussy. "Ahhhhh I am getting cloooose!", I was looking down into her eyes intensely, love and passion was flaming in my deep blue eyes. My arms were wrapped around her torso, holding her tightly, claiming her mine.

"Cum, pretty! Cum with me now!"


"Cum, pretty! Cum with me now!" I threw my head back as a huge pulse of pleasure rushed down to my pussy. "Oh my god..." I dug my fingers into your back and I thought we couldn't get any slipperier, but as we both came I felt myself filled with our sticky fluids. I let my hands and legs fall to the bed and my heavy breathing escape past my parted lips.


We moaned loudly with the orgasm that we shared. I shot watery, hot semen into her womb, our genital muscles were stirring in a perfect harmony.

I put another kiss on her lips after she let her legs free, we were both breathing heavily. I laid next to her in bed, cuddled her, rubbing her shoulders and blonde hair. After our breathings became normal, I began speaking.

"July, do you know why I am obsessed with you? It is not only because of your beauty. When I look at you, I just see someone familiar to me. You are so shy. The ship, those noisy, stupid people are not your world. Neither mine. I see someone special and delicate when I look at you... And I wanted you."


"July, do you know why I am obsessed with you? It is not only because of your beauty. When I look at you, I just see someone familiar to me. You are so shy. The ship, those noisy, stupid people are not your world. Neither mine. I see someone special and delicate when I look at you... And I wanted you." I rolled your words over in my head and had conflicting feelings.

You were not a horrible man, never violent, and truly had some obsession with me... But I mind flooded with thoughts of the first night you raped me... You gleefully served me too much alcohol, generously offered your assistance, and then took everything you wanted from me even after I had begged you to stop. I just looked back into your eyes and said, "I know." because I had nothing to say to you.


I knew what she was thinking of: How I raped her. How I stole her virginity. How I abused her and her trust for me... There was nothing to undo those horrible things she had suffered. I stopped touching her, remembering that intense moments of previous rapes.

"I will see a psychiatrist when the cruise is over. I am aware it is so unhealthy. But I just can't just stop myself... It drives me mad when you don't want me..." I was about to cry with the emotions catalyzed by vodka.


"I will see a psychiatrist when the cruise is over. I am aware it is so unhealthy. But I just can't stop myself... It drives me mad when you don't want me..." I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remember all the tears I did cry.

"Okay." I whispered and climbed under the sheets. It was getting pretty late and if you stayed any longer we risked Lisa walking in on us... naked and in bed. I looked over at the table beside Lisa's bed and noticed her morning after pills laying there. I couldn't take it in front of you because you had mentioned something about wanting to have a baby with me... I needed to hide this from you. I knew all too well now that anything you did had a reason, a pre-determined result. I needed to stay one step ahead of you.


We just laid together in the silence. My gaze was locked at the ceiling. There was nothing else to say. Maybe she was feeling empathy for my obsession and insanity. But it wasn't her problem. I wasn't her boyfriend or something. I was her rapist! I fantasized of an alternative, happy reality where we were lovers with a beautiful son.

By the time we were lost in thoughts, we heard the unlocking buzz of the door. I was too late to leave July and Lisa's room, we were caught to Lisa!

I quickly pulled the sheets over my body, hiding below of my waist from Lisa's gaze. A nervous, forced smile on my face when she glared at me.


My eyes widened as I heard the door click. "Fuck..." I whispered under my breath as I looked around the room. I didn't have enough time to shove you out to the balcony AND hide your clothes. The door cracked open and in came Lisa in a drunken state. You pulled the sheets up to cover yourself and I ducked down so she could only see my eyes.

"What the hell is going on here?" She glared daggers at you before turning her eyes to me.

"This is Leo... my... boyfriend" I said the first thing that came to my mind. You weren't just a friend obviously. The corners of her mouth turned upward slightly. "Well...well... well... it seems the golden child has lost her halo." I moved the sheet lower to uncover my face. "You have no room to judge me, Lisa..." I didn't want to show my anger but my face was becoming redder by the second. "I wonder what mom and dad would say if they happened to walk in on this little..." She pointed at you, "rendezvous..." She chuckled at the thought.

"My God... of all the people..." She laughed once again before turning to leave. "Oh... and if you want to little sister, I have my morning after pills right there. Make sure you don't get pregnant with this things kid..." She waved her hand at you as if you were not even a person.

"Just get out of here!" I shouted at her and she threw her head back in laughter. I knew she loved seeing me like this. I was always the one who kept my cool, thought things through, and didn't get caught. She left the room without another word.


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