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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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"Do you remember that silent place upstairs? You went there the first night, when you drank a mudslide. I want to meet you at 9:15PM there." I thought back to the first night on board. I had gone to the top deck to escape. I loved it there, so peaceful and isolated.

"Okay." It hurt for me to agree, for me to agree to this arrangement. I took a sip of my drink when you leaned in once more.

"By the way, you look gorgeous with that dress... Keep wearing it, please!" A smile actually flashed across my lips. I nodded my head and stayed at the bar until I finished my drink. I felt a familiar buzz, but nothing like the second night. That night.

I left the bar and made my way upstairs and started staring out at the white line following the boat. I listened to the sound of the boat churning the water. The boat was moving very fast and the wind swept through my hair and I stood there...waiting.


After my shift ended at 9:00 PM, I went to my room to prepare myself for tonight. I changed my clothes to a black polo t-shirt and dark blue jeans, squirting some Icon Pour Homme (for men) perfume into my neck.

When I reached the deck, July was waiting in the silence of night. Her back was facing me. "It's me...", I spoke softly as I walked towards her with silent steps. I grabbed her hips from behind, pulling her body to myself. I could smell her scent as my face brushed along her blonde hair flowing with the wind.

"July... I am so sorry... I am just obsessed with you... It is clearly unhealthy, I know. But I have to do this. I want you so much..."


"It's me..." I heard your voice and it started to sound familiar, I suppose it should since I heard it in my mind constantly. Your hands grabbed onto my hips and pulled me into you. I didn't tense at your touch like I had a day ago.

"July... I am so sorry... I am just obsessed with you.. It is clearly unhealthy, I know. But I have to do this. I want you so much..." I put my hands onto yours and turned my head only slightly.

"I guess I understand it... I mean...Uhm..." I tried to express myself but the words would not come out. "I can understand why you like me...that's all."


I smiled as she put her hands on mine.

"I know it is so hard to understand. That's an insane desire, after all. Think of what you want in life at most. And try to imagine that.... you want it so severe that... you ignore all the rules." My lips were getting close to her ear.

"Ship rules... Laws... Moral rules... everything... it's like that...", I whispered. My tongue tip was touching her ear now...


"Leo...we can't do that here." I whispered turning around to face you. I looked around behind you to see if any other passengers or workers were around. I didn't see anyone, but with the sound of the wind we would never hear them until they were right in front of us.

"What if someone sees us?" I looked up at you with worried eyes, but you just laughed at my paranoia.


Forcing her to have sex in public was among my plans. But not for that night. That night, I wanted something else from her, she needed to be relaxed and comfortable for that request.

"Okay. Your sister isn't in your room tonight, is she?"

If their room was available, I'd ask July "Okay. Now go to your room. Wait for me in your bed. I will come a few minutes later. Let's not be seen together!"


"She won't be back until the early morning or tomorrow afternoon if she... stays with friends..." I shifted from foot to foot.

"Okay. Now go to your room. Wait for me in your bed. I will come a few minutes later. Let's not be seen together!" I nodded my head and walked off, leaving you there to watch me go. I walked past the bar again and thought maybe I should take a shot, just to put my mind at ease. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen, I had no control over it.

I walked into the bar and found your friend you had spoken to that day in the hallway. "I need a shot... of anything..." I said and he smiled at me and brought it over. "Here you go, Miss." I threw it back and shook my head at the disgusting taste. It would save me later, I'm sure. "Thank you." I blushed and walked away. I wondered if he knew exactly what went on with us, or perhaps if Leo had told him stories...

I got back to my room safe and sound. I sat my phone down on the table next to the bed and laid down under the sheets. Lisa had turned the air down to 70 degrees. I put my head down on the soft pillow and waited for the door knob to turn. I knew any minute you would be here.


I climbed down the stairs a few minutes later than July. Josh, the other bartender, was on duty. I ordered a shot of Vodka Cruiser with the exact flavor I had prepared for July (I guess it was passion fruit) (and yes, we had also credits in our cards to expend just like passengers). I finished the strong booze with a single sip.

I walked to passenger cabin's hall a little drunk. I had been accustomized to heavy drinking, so it wasn't like I was out of control, but just relaxed. I opened July and Lisa's door with my crew card. I smiled seeing July on the bed, "Good girl...". It was quite cold inside the room, "Let's make it warmer...", I found the remote controller of the air conditioner and increased the room temperature to a degree that we wouldn't feel cold when we were naked.

I sat nearby her as she was laying under the sheet, "Now it is not fair that you don't enjoy what I do to you."

I gently put my hand on her shoulder. "I want to make you feel satisfied as a woman. But let me start by warming you up...". I took my polo t-shirt, shoes, socks and jeans down to stay with my black boxers. I slipped inside the sheets and cuddled her from behind under them.


"Good girl..." You said as you walked into the room and saw me obediently lying in bed. I had kicked off my shoes, but still wore my black dress. You sat onto the bed beside me and touched my shoulder gently.

"Now it is not fair that you don't enjoy what I do to you." I knew exactly what you meant and it sent shivers to my womanhood. I had never experienced an orgasm from anyone's hands but my own.

"I want to make you feel satisfied as a woman. But let me start by warming you up..." I watched as you stripped down to nothing but your boxers and climbed into the bed behind me. I felt nervous as you moved closer to me, but also excited. Sex was supposed to be something amazing, but I had not yet savored that feeling.


I was hugging her from behind, my hairy, warm legs were brushing and heating her legs. Nothing I did was rough in that bed, my hands were on her belly, little kisses were put on her neck. My bulge was lively stirring inside, pushed between above her hips and my legs.

My hand continued rubbing her belly on her dress's cloth, "I am sure you used to finger yourself. Tell me, what would you think of when you did it?"


I relaxed at your touch as your hands rubbed on my belly through my dress. My eyes fluttered as you left kisses on my neck. Since I wasn't trying to push you off of me I was starting to appreciate your gentleness.

"I am sure you used to finger yourself. Tell me, what would you think of when you did it?" My face turn a deep shade of red. That was such personal information for me confess.

"I-I...I can't tell y-you that..." I choked on my words.


"You can't? Pleeeasee... Maybe I can help you... satisfy yourself?"
I didn't hurt or threaten her at this point. That information wasn't more important than July feeling relaxed to open her gates to me.


"Well... I..." I struggled to confess to fantasies... "I would think about men... kissing me... on my neck, my chest, down there." I closed my eyes to visualize my fantasies better. "Their hands caressing me all over."

My breathing was getting heavier with the thoughts that I had never told anyone.


"Mmmmm, that's nice... So we can say, I had always been at the right path, but you just withheld me and yourself... from taking pleasure?"
I continued kissing her neck, my handsome face brushing on her blonde hair. Then I took the sheets out, the room was warm enough for us. I positioned myself over her, standing on my knees and toes, knees placed nearby her hips. I held the hem of her black dress, looking in her eyes.

"My beautiful, you look so great with that dress... I just wish you were my woman, I could be with you all the time.", I began peeling the skirt upwards gently, my hands rubbing along her legs's sides. I licked my lips at the sight of her underweared hips, I continued to peel her dress. She raised her arms to help me to take her dress out of her body. I stuffed my hands behind her to unsolve her bra's string, but I still kept her bra on her breasts.

I lowered my head down to her chest, my ass staying upwards. I began kissing and licking between her breasts with lust, my one hand rubbing her belly, other rubbing her torso's side.


"you just withheld me and yourself... from taking pleasure?" I involuntarily moved my head to give you better access to me neck. "Yesss" I whispered. You peeled the sheets off of me and knelt over me. Just two days ago I would have laid paralyzed by fear, but this time I helped you strip off my clothes.

"I just wish you were my woman, I could be with all the time." You peeled my dress up, revealing my bare thighs. The higher you pulled up my dress the more you could see, eventually my black lace underwear. I helped you remove the rest of my dress and laid back down. I arched my back so you could remove my bra easily. My body loosened more with each kiss and the running of your hands on my side.


"Just surrender yourself to me...", I whispered, looking at her eyes from her chest. I clenched my teeth on her bra's cloth, peeled it off to reveal her bare breasts. I grabbed her right breast with my left hand, I was licking, kissing the mass with lust. My mouth began slowly nibbling and sucking on her breast and nipples. My other hand was rubbing on her other breast, stimulating its nipple with my gently-moving thumb.

Then I began lowering my head. My face was always on her skin, kissing, licking it. It was moving down on her belly, then between her legs. I pulled down her black lace underwear's right-hip string with my teeth. Then I bit the pussy part of the underwear to pull it even further down. I buried my head between her legs, kissing her waxed vulva.


"Just surrender yourself to me..." I bite my lip from nervousness, the imminent pleasure was intimidating. "I'll try..." It had been easier to fight than to surrender.

My body reacted to every touch, kiss, and lick. The lace slid off my body with ease as you pulled it down with your teeth. I licked my own lips in anticipation as you lowered your head between my legs. I had fantasized about this so much, dreamed about it, and now it was happening. I opened legs for you, without you prompting me.


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