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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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I flattened myself against the wall as you closed in. "Leave you alone? No...I told you... Your are mine..." I felt my stomach tighten as you spoke into my neck. I thought this nightmare was over, but it had just begun...

"I will leave you alone when the cruise is over." I counted in my head, 6 days left. 6 days of torture.

As you slipped your hand into my underwear I started to cry again. I wanted to get away, run away, but your body was blocking my escape.

"Please stop..." I said looking around to see if any of the other help were down here.


"Sssshhhhh.... It will be a quickie...", I whispered in her ear, pulling her underwear down the half of her calves, not without rubbing my hands on her smooth skin. Then I unzipped my black trousers, peeled my balls and erected penis out of my boxers. My dick was clean, I had a shower while waiting for her to respond my calls. Yet, it was leaking pre-cum, naturally.

I held my right hand on her groins to open her legs for me, left hand raising the hem of her flowy skirt, exposing her naked pussy to my cock. I lowered my hips, pink dick head pointed at her entrance. Then I began raising my hips slowly, injecting the rape tool inside.

"Mmmhhh.....", my moanings were not loud, but like the sound of a heavy breath. I stopped holding her skirt, letting it flow on our genitals as I began raping her once again. My arms were around her torso and hips under the turquoise blouse, I was kissing her neck.


"Ughhhh" I groaned as you pulled my underwear down my legs. I turned my knees into each other but you opened them back up with your hands. I stared down at your penis and the soreness between my legs increased.

I bite my lips as you inserted yourself into me again and I felt that helplessness.

You were trying to be quiet because we were out in the open, any member of the crew could turn the corner and find us. I shivered as you kissed on my neck. I tried to hide how much your kisses tickled me but my breath came out in short gasps.


My lips moved upon hers as she was gasping, we were breathing heavily. I was stealing kisses from her, my thumb pushing at a pressure point between her jaw and ears, forcing her to open her mouth for me. Tongue on tongue, once again. Some times I would pull her tongue into my mouth and suck it!

My hips's vigorous vertical movements continued, her breasts were mine to grope over her blouse! I was getting closer to cum, I didn't risk extending this rape any longer. My dick continued thrusting into her vagina with my whole strength at my hips.

It didn't take long for me to ejaculate some watery semen upwards. It could hit the wall half a meter above if I didn't cum in July, I guessed my sperm could still reach her ovarium despite the vertical position.

I breathed heavily, pulled my penis out of her pussy and skirt. My semen was dripping down to the ground from between her legs covered with her skirt. I pushed my soft penis inside my boxers and zipped my trousers.
"I just so want to have a baby with you....", I said rubbing her belly.

"Now I must go... We will meet again. Don't ever talk about this matter. And reply me when I call your phone! Or you know... Your classmates from North Lake Highschool will see the video. Aannd... umm..." I tried to remember the company that July's father was working. She had published an album with his father and his colleagues in his office. "... and the whole CNBL office."


"I just want to have a baby with you..." You said after you had cum in me for the second time. I thought you had not worn a condom both times out of time restraint, but I as I had come to see everything you did had a motive, it was all part of your sick plan.

I wiped the semen off my legs and pulled my underwear up. That thin piece of cloth made me safer though, it felt like barrier between me and you, however small.

"Now I must go... We will meet again. Don't ever talk about this matter. And reply me when I call your phone! Or you know... Your classmates from North Lake Highschool will see the video. Aannd... umm... and the whole CNBL office." I stared at you in amazement.

"How do you know that?" I put my fingers up to my lips that were swollen from our kisses.

"Never mind, I don't want to know... I'm going to find Lisa before she gets worried."


I was about to say I found them from Facebook, but I kept it after her request.

"Let me walk with you... These corridors aren't safe for a beauty like you.", I suggested her as she was about to walk around the gloomy, almost isolated hall.

"You wouldn't want to be raped once again, would you?"


"Let me walk with you... These corridors aren't safe for a beauty like you." I would have laughed if I was in the right state of mind, but I just nodded my head.

"You wouldn't want to be raped once again, would you?" I felt tears filling my eyes again, it was almost like you wanted to play with my emotions, push my buttons. I waited for you to move out of my way, in a few minutes you would be back at the bar and I could have some peace.


I moved out of her way, leaving a meter of space between us. She had been accompanied by me as we walked along the corridors that belong to lower class of people, like me. I didn't speak to her as we walked, I was looking at the ground with a rising shame. I was aware of how a despicable man I had become. A part of mine just thought that I deserved to be burned alive because of what I had done to this young, delicate girl. But we were at a point of no return. All I could do was to accept my new identity, a rapist!

Some ship workers had leered at us as we walked. They didn't say anything, but the smile on their face showed they knew we did something there.

When we were in the crowd again, I held July's hand and put a gentle goodbye kiss on it. Then I went to my bar, my shift was about to begin.


You stepped out of my way and I sighed with relief. We walked in silence and you kept your head low. I saw a group of workers ahead watching us. They smiled as they saw us together and my face turned red. This was not my doing! I wanted to slap the smiles off their faces, but I just cast my eyes away from their judgment.

When we reached the outside world again you kissed my hand goodbye and left for the bar. I wiped your saliva off my hand with my skirt. I felt disgusting and wanted to shower again so I ran back to the room and found Lisa sleeping. I cracked the door open trying not to wake her up.

"July? Is that you?" I forced a smile on my face. "Yes, I'm back." I said softly as I knew she was probably sleeping off yet another hangover. "I'm never drinking again...ever" She said to me, which I knew was a lie. "Well that good. I'm going to shower... If my phone rings don't answer it, bring it to me." She gave me an odd look, but nodded her head anyway and laid back down in her bed.

I jumped into the shower and scrubbed my skin yet again. I rubbed my outer lips until they were red with irritation. I moved down to my legs and scratched the skin until I bled. I watched the thin line of blood run down my leg and into the pool of water on the floor around me.

I walked over to my bed and laid down and nestled myself into the sheets. I felt exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionally drained. I had woken up this morning with fear and hope, but now I laid here in despair.

"Lisa... do you want to go eat with me?" I asked her in the hopes she would want to spend a little time with me. She agreed and we headed up to the Lido deck, but not before I grabbed my phone.


Mixed emotions were flowing in my brain when I was doing my duty at the bar. I was on cloud nine to have fucked and will be fucking July. I made her mine despite of everything!

But the crimson guilt couldn't be helped. I wasn't a rapist at the first day I met her. Raping her didn't passed my mind when I had placed that stirrer with heart in her mudslide. What the fuck was I doing now? She hated me with her whole heart and she was right about it. I had stolen one of the most precious things from July. I would stay as a demon for her lifetime.

Nonetheless, I guess I managed hiding my emotions when I was serving the drinks, despite the intensity of those feelings. But I guess things could be different if she was at my bar.

After the work is done and I get back to my room, I had a shower, not without shaving my face and genitals. I spent the rest of my time sleeping. Well, I had no right to complain about it. I was a hired personnel in this ship, I had been spending my whole spare time with July... violating her...

Next morning, I went back to the bathtubs to fulfill my duty. I was carrying my phone in my pocket despite the rules, but I didn't have an intention to call July till 9 PM, when my shift would end.


I grew more nervous as the day ticked on. I had not heard from Leo since he raped me in the hallway and although I was glad to not see him it still put me on edge. I stared at the phone for hours, waiting for a text, a call, anything.

It was dinner time so I dressed up and went with Lisa. I wore my red platform heels and a simple black dress. It hugged around my waist and hips. We walked past the bar area because of course Lisa needed something to quench her 'thirst.'


I have noticed July and Lisa approaching my bar. I grinned with happiness to see July, she was so pretty again with her black dress and red shoes. I kept my composure, though, suppressing my excitement.

I would be approaching the sisters with a friendly, but respectful manner.


We stood at the bar for only a moment before you approached us. Lisa didn't recognize you as the man who helped us back to our room the first night. "What would you ladies like tonight?" Lisa spit out her order like a pro and I had to think for a moment. "I'll have a Cruiser." Although I loved Royal Flush's the thought brought me back to the first time you attacked me.

My sister quickly found her new friends and left me alone at the bar, with you...


"Vodka Cruiser, huh? Which flavor would you like, miss?", I asked July, still keeping my composure. Frankly, I don't remember which fruit she chose, but I prepared her drink with a hearty stirrer (even though the drink didn't need to be stirred). I had poured the booze into the glass more than I should had as a bartender. I wanted July to relax herself for tonight.

She was alone when I brought her drink. I leaned down to her ear, "Do you remember that silent place upstairs? You went there the first night, when you drank mudslide. I want to meet you at 9:15 PM there.". When I was about to leave, I remembered to say something else, I leaned down to her ear again. "By the way, you look gorgeous with that dress... Keep wearing it, please!", I said with a handsome smile.

I turned back to the bar's computer, which also controlled the music played in the bar. A song by The Police was added to the playlist queue, "Every Breath You Take".


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