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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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I slept through the night, but my dreams were filled with images of him.

"I want you, July. Be mine. Only mine. I won't hurt you..." I slowly came to and propped myself up. I looked around the room to see if there were any traces of you, if you were hiding somewhere... I got up and crept over to the balcony and peeked through the curtains. I opened the bathroom door and jumped back, expecting to see you there but you weren't. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Lisa wasn't here either. Those guys must have gotten what they wanted from her last night...

I went to check my phone to see if she had called me anytime throughout the night. I opened it and saw I had 1 missed call... from Leo. I shut the phone quickly and threw it under the bed.

"Oh God..." I paced back and forth and a headache started to set in. I needed to eat and get water, but I was afraid you would be there. You were always there.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door, turning the water to hot. I scrubbed my skin vigorously for a half an hour trying to get the scent of you off me, the feeling of you off me. I stepped out of the shower and quickly got dressed. I didn't feel like wearing anything sexy, but that was all I packed. I forced myself to put on a flowy white skirt and turquoise blouse.

I grabbed my room key and approached the door. I looked through the peep hole and still didn't see you. I cracked it open a little bit and looked both ways down the long hallway. Nothing.

I hurried down the narrow hallway and jumped at the sight of people. It was only two teenage boys but I gasped and jumped a foot in the air. They laughed at me and kept walking. I felt like people knew... I was becoming very paranoid. Every twist of the hallway my heart beat faster. Finally I found the elevators and took them straight up to the Lido deck. I would get something to eat and some water in my system before I went to report him.


She didn't answer my calls. Fuck... What if she just reported me? Why the fuck didn't I just showed the video after the confirmation?

I turned back to the crime scene. I knocked on July and Lisa's door, despite the risk of encountering Lisa. But I got no reply. I opened the door with my personnel card, took a look inside. Nobody was here. Her phone was laying on the bed, reporting the missed calls of mine.

I searched for her in the ship frantically. I asked another servant in the ship, with whom I had a little friendship, whether he had seen that blonde girl. He laughed, knowing there was something between me and her, then told me she walked to elevators. I thanked him, trying to look calm.

I found July eating something nervously. I couldn't escape from an eye contact when I approached her.

I'd try to sit besides her and try to calm her down.


I entered the mob of people and looked for something to eat. I found an omelet bar and quickly gave them my order without making eye contact. I walked over to the tables in the center of everything, surrounded by people. I ate nearly half the plate when I saw you coming my way...

I had the fork midway to my mouth when I stopped and glared at you. What could you possibly want from me now? Hadn't you taken everything? I felt nervous, but not helpless. I had the power right now, one word, one scream from me, and you would be kicked off this boat at the next port.


I sat at her table, but not so close to her. I wanted to leave a space of comfort. "July, you got to listen to me", I said, waiting for her actually to listen to me.


I glared daggers at you, how dare you approach me after what you did to me. "No you listen!" I said through gritted teeth. "You're disgusting...despicable...a creep." I watched for your reaction but you couldn't react because of all the people around us. "Pleas-." You started to speak again and I cut you off. "Don't bother, there's nothing you can say to change my mind." I shoved my plate of food at you and stomped off.

I walked towards a hallway that I knew led to the front desk where I would report this horrible incident. I had found it on my first day here when I explored the ship, when you were watching me, ogling at me, planning your sick attack.

I pushed open the door to it and got confused when I didn't see the familiar pictures on the walls. Shit. This isn't the right hallway. I looked behind me and saw you working your way through the crows of people, maybe you didn't see me...

I ran down the hallway and the farther I went, the less I recognized.

"Dammnit. I should of went that way." I looked back at the door I had come through and saw you push through the door with a very angry expression. I looked at all the doors around me and picked one at random. It opened up to a stairwell and I rushed down the steps as fast as my short legs would allow me.

"July!" I heard your voice from above me, but I didn't stop. I kept running down the stairs until I came to another door. I pushed it, but it wouldn't budge...

"Fuck! Oh God..." I could feel my heart beat in my throat and paced back and forth like an animal caught in a cage. I thought about taking the stairs back up one level, but just then I saw your shoes.

"Nooo! Please not again. Not again!" I screeched as you reached the last step.


It was a game of cat and mouse we played in the ship. Well, I wasn't a cruise ship navvy, it was only the second day I was in this ship. But still, I had known these gloomy corridors more than this delicate girl. It relieved me her choosing the stairwells, almost that place was used by almost nobody. Maybe some illegitimate lovers...

It was a dead end where she desperately screeched. "July... Calm down.... I won't hurt you.... Okay?" I approached her slowly.

"I just need to talk with you..."


"July... Calm down.... I won't hurt you.... Okay?" You started to approach me, but I wouldn't look at you. I moved back and forth desperately trying to figure a way out of here.

"I just need to talk with you..." You said calmly and I started to cry.

"NO! Get away from me!" I screamed, but you kept inching towards me. I backed up into the corner of the room and screamed bloody murder.

You clamped your hand over my mouth to quiet my screams in case anyone was in the stairwell above us. I thrashed and kicked at you like a wild woman, eventually kicking you in the groin. You let go of my mouth and I bolted for the stairs again.


Oh God, that wasn't going to be easy! I held my testicles with pain for 15 precious seconds... Then I runned after her as fast as I could. I could still hear her footsteps echoing among the concrete walls of the stairways, so I knew where she was going.


I ran up 2 flights of stairs and tried to push that door open, it worked. I opened it and saw that it was one of the lower levels, no windows. This was where the staff lived, near the belly of the ship.

I tried to catch my breath for a second and decipher a plan. I looked both ways down the long hallway and didn't see a single sign anywhere. I heard your footsteps in the stairwell and starting running frantically down the hallway. My blonde hair flying behind me, I rushed to the end of the hall, only to find yet another long and narrow hallway. I glanced back and noticed you were halfway down the hallway already.

"Just leave me alone, freak." I spoke without thinking and bolted down the hallway. I could hear your footsteps not far behind me.


"Just leave me alone, freak."
I didn't respond this, just continued running. I knew that there wasn't any exit at the end of the hallway. Soon, she was cornered once again by the dead end.

"Stop it, July... You can't escape me...", I said when she was at the end of the corridor, where we lived as crew.


I ran until I hit a wall, thinking there would be another hallway like before but there wasn't. "Stop it, July... You can't escape me..." I turned around and once again found myself cornered. How did I manager to lose this power hold so fast?

I leaned against the wall for support, trying to catch my breath and composure. "If you touch me again, you'll regret it!" I warned but there was little confidence in my voice.


"Okay... No touch... But listen to me!"
Now I didn't approach, but kept my distance.

"I assume that you haven't reported me yet... Am I right? ...... Perfect. Because you have a reason to keep this as a secret."

I pulled my phone out of my pocket. "I will show you a video. If you want, you can try harming my phone. That's okay. I have sent this video to an... 'accomplice' of mine. He is not onboard, of course."
That was a lie, there was nobody I could trust about this matter. My lady-killer friend, Jonathan? No. He is not trusthworthy at all. He would either report me, or want to fuck July. I wanted to keep July for me. She was my love.

"If he doesn't receive my 'All is good signal' every night, he will publish this video on internet's dark corner."
And I started playing the video, leaning my hand towards her so she would see better.


"Okay... No touch... But listen to me!" I eyed you suspiciously.

"I assume that you haven't reported me yet... Am I right? ...... Perfect. Because you have a reason to keep this as a secret." My brows furrowed in confusion.

"I will show you a video. If you want, you can try harming my phone. That's okay. I have sent this video to an... 'accomplice' of mine. He is not onboard, of course." I shook my head in disbelief, what kind of video did he have that he thought he could shut me up?

"If he doesn't receive my 'All is good signal' every night, he will publish this video on internet's dark corner." I hesitantly grabbed the phone from your hand and watched in horror. The video started out on my face and progressed down over my breasts. Your hand came from behind the camera and shifted my legs apart to get a better view. It looked worse then I remembered. Bruised, bloody, and on display. The next clip was your penis with smears of my blood all over. My face went red at the memories and imagining other people seeing this.

I backed away from you, shaking my head at the video. Unbelievable. "So, as long as I don't report you then you'll leave me alone, correct?"


I pushed my phone back to my trouser's pocket. I cornered her to the wall, blocking her way out with my body. My breath was on her neck and blonde hair as I softly spoke.

"Leave you alone? No... I told you... You are mine..."
Even though I had said "No touch", I had an urge to slip my hand under her white skirt. "I will leave you alone when the cruise is over. I have to move to another ships to work." My legs were around her legs, clamping them to prevent her from changing her footing, as my lecherous hand slipped inside her underwear to grope her girly parts.

I looked into her eyes intensely, "But during the cruise, I will be a man. And you will be my woman.". My other hand was running along her blonde hair. "My beautiful bride... I love you...."

Despite the damage I had recevied on my crotch, I was getting an erection.


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