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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 20, 2013    Reads: 2,535    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   


I obeyed your order and watched as you pushed into me slowly. I bite my lip as you moved in inch by inch. It was my first time, but I wasn't going to tell you that. It would only feed into your sick obsession.

I heard a moan escape you as more of your swollen penis entered me. I felt a lot of pressure as you forced your way deeper inside my tight pussy. I had never even worn a tampon because it felt too large so this was unbearable, despite your gentleness. I had been holding in my breath by accident and my face turned a deep shade of red.

When I opened my mouth to give my body oxygen I made a sound you mistook for a moan. "You are mine, my love... You are mine!"


After I heard her "moan", I continued moving my shaft, it was getting gradually faster!

But I was also sweating like hell. l both with hot temperature and the excitement of a horrific rape.

Keeping my dick still inside July, I took my black vest and threw it away on the carpet. Then I began unbuttoning the white shirt, I threw it away on my vest. Here, my lighly hairy, muscular chest and flat belly was in front of her.

I didn't have a perfect torso. It wasn't as muscular as those guys on the deck. Pinkish dots were covering the skin of my shoulders and chest under the body hair, I didn't had a chance to see a dermatologist. My skin was pale, I always hated sun. But despite my imperfections, here I was the one fucking this pretty girl! No crime was too heavy to commit if I wanted to keep July by my side.

My hands were on the hem of her tank top now. I pulled them upwards to her chest, "Take them off!", I ordered her. I licked my lips with the anticipation of seeing her bras.

And then, I'd order her to take her bra, so I could see something new I could never see in the ship.


Your hands pulled at my tank top. "Take them off!" I reached down and bunched up the tank top pulling it slowly up my torso. I stopped just before it reached my bra and you licked your lips. I swallowed a lump in my throat and took it the whole way off.

A lacy, white, balconette bra was underneath, it jumped out against my tanned skin. Every breath I took made my breasts rise up to you and then fall back into their safety.

"Take that off too." You said and I hesitated but reached around my back and unclipped it anyway. I let the bra lay on my skin for minute, blocking your view for a few more seconds. You reached down and slipped it off my skin. I wanted to cover myself, my hands were twitching with the need to cover myself, but I knew that would anger you so I stayed still.


As she was taking her tank tops, I pulled my dick out of her. Like I guessed, it was stained with blood of virginity. I grinned, but I didn't want to show it yet. My dick's below part was brushing on her mons pubis.

I slipped the bra off her skin, exposing the shy girl's naked breasts to my lustful eyes. I leaned down, my face was brushing on the bare skin as I nibbled on her breasts and tits, sometimes burying my head between them.

Then I raised myself again to reach my trousers and boxers with my hands. I pulled them down to my ankles, then kicked them off with my socked feet. Then I took my socks, as well. I wanted to be all naked with July, feeling her smooth skin on my skin as much as possible.

I spreaded her legs in a position, where her feet were close to each other. I placed my hairy legs on her smooth ones at the same position, dorsal of my feet brushing along her soles. My penis continued rubbing on her belly. I held her hands once again, pinning her to the bed like before. I moved my hips to penetrate her once again, my hairy chest upon her breasts.


The stubble on your face tickled my breasts as you nibble on them and show them the same care as everything else. I start to have conflicting feelings, why are being so nice and gentle with me?

While you take everything off I just lay there and feel my eyes start to close. You spread my legs so that my feet were almost touching. I could feel your penis resting on my stomach, covered in my own wetness. You pushed my hands back down beside my face and you leaned in closer so your body was pressed against mine.

You slipped inside of me once more and I could feel the soreness setting in.


"Mmmmhhhh..... Yesss..... yes.... You are mine!", I was moaning rather silently with slow movements of my dick, fucking her, making her mine... And she had nothing to do but close her eyes.

"I love you.... I love you, July!", I whispered in her ear, our bodies were sweating together, I could feel myself almost sliding on her with our bodial wetness. I leaned my face on hers again, forcingly kissing and biting her lips with passion.

The movements of my dick grew faster. I was moaning louder, thrusting her with rough, rude hip movements!


I kept my eyes shut until I heard you say, "I love... I love you, July!" then my eyes shot open. Did you just say love? I saw your face only inches from mine before you took my lips in a passionate kiss. My brows scrunched together in frustration. You bit my lower lip and stuck your tongue into my mouth. I groaned into your mouth and fidgeted.

Your thrusting grew rougher, faster, more urgent and I closed my eyes again. Please let this be over soon, Please let him leave me alone soon.


I could feel my tongue touching her tongue inside her mouth, and that was an enormously pleasant feeling for me!

I raised my body once again and pulled my erected dick out of her pussy. I was sitting on my heels now with spread legs. "Look at it!", I ordered at the girl who had just lost her virginity. My penis was erected upwards, there were blood stains all over its veiny, wet shaft. "Never forget me....", I said holding and leaning my cock, showing its upper part to her. I pulled the pillow from her head, stuffed it between her back and bed. Her hips had been raised upwards.

I held her two ankles to spread her legs for me. Her heels were close to her ass when I thrusted my dick inside her slit and began to pound her pussy once again. With each thrust, her breasts bounched with the impact, the sound of sweaty flesh hitting each other got mixed with our voice.

I was moaning loudly as I get close to cum!


You rose again and I hoped that meant you were done. "Look at it!" my eyes widened at the blood covering your penis. Was that my blood? "Never forget me..." That's all I wanted to do was forget.

You stole the pillow from underneath my head and I felt dizzy as my head landed on the mattress. I barely had the energy to hold up my head so I didn't. Your arms lifted my body and shoved the pillow underneath my back.

You started pounding into me and I cried out, "please.... please...stop. I can't take anymore...no more." My words were barely audible over your moans.


"please.... please...stop. I can't take anymore...no more."
Despite my loud moaning, I could hear and understand July begging me to stop. But I had lost my all humanity, vigorously pounding on her pussy as strong as I could, moaning inhumanely! My right hand held her left foot, thumb rubbing her arch and heel. Left hand was running along her right leg's side and back, sometimes it was gropping her buttock.

"Ahhhhh, oahahhh, YOU ARE MINE! Uahhhh!", I shouted with an extreme excitement. My muscles of love stirred as I continued to fuck her, ejaculating my hot semen down into the depths of her womb! My seed continued getting sprayed into her pussy, with thrusts getting slower.

After a few more thrusts, I left her ankles free and pulled my halfly erected penis outside of her deflowered vagina, semen was leaking from our genitals. I laid on the bed next to her, looking up the ceiling.

I began to think how I could prevent her from reporting me. Or most importantly, how to rape her for multiple times during the cruise!


You ignored my pleas for mercy and thrust into me without concern for my pain.

"Ahhhhh, oahahhh, YOU ARE MINE! Uahhhh!" You shouted as you came inside of me. You let my ankles fall back to bed and pulled out of me. At least this nightmare was over. I rolled onto my side, facing away from you and cried until my tears ran dry.

"Y-You said you w- wouldn't hurt me..." I clamped my legs together and groaned at the soreness. I could feel something sticky in between my legs, perhaps a mix of your semen and my blood. My eyes began to shut from lack of energy and I drifted into sleep.


"Y-You said you w- wouldn't hurt me..."
My reply was "I had to do that.... I wanted you so much...."

An idea sparkled in my mind. I considered how that idea would work... Then concluded that it's the best thing I could do, if I did want to be fucking her once again.

I stood up, looked for a smart cellphone. Here, it was laying on the table. And most importantly, it had a camera lens! I grabbed the phone, walked back to the bed with it in my hand. I began shooting her naked, tired body. At first I began from her face, it moved along her breasts. I gently spreaded her legs in order not to awaken her, her cum and blood dripping pussy was clearly at the frame. Lastly, I took a close up shot from my halfly erected penis, blood stains were clearly seen.

After the video is completed, I sent it as a multimedia SMS to my own phone. Not only I obtained the video, but also her phone number! After it's successfully sent, I created a new contact "Leo" for my own phone number.

I covered the sleeping girl with the thin quilt, wore my clothes back and left the room. The first thing I did was going to my own room and checking if that video really got sent to me. Positive! I saved July's number to my phone and called her.


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