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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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I sucked her big toe with that girlie pink for a while. I had always been the nice guy, like July had said in the bar. But I would end up masturbating to her pictures when she picked the muscular guys on the deck. Now it was my time!

"You are so pretty, July... Be mine... Only mine!", my hands were running along her smooth, waxed legs, her left foot sole's arch brushing along my handsome face, shaved two days ago. Then I lowered my head down between her legs, buried it between her legs!

I held the sides of her belly (her top was peeled upwards) as my short, but sharp facial hair was brushing on her waxed pussy. Kisses, licks, very light bites were put on her vulva lips... My tongue tip was trying to penetrate into her, trying to taste her pussy and cunt. Then I moved my hand between her legs, gropping her pussy, thumb sliding inside to stimulate her clitoris.
"You are so pretty, July... Be mine... only mine!" Your words faded in and out and I only caught one word. Mine.

"Wh-why are you doing this?" I sobbed as you ran your hands along my legs. Your touch was both soft, but unwanted at the same time.

I watched with horror as you lowered your head between my legs and the stubble on your face brushed against my pussy. I tried to pull myself away from you by grabbing the end of the mattress above my head, but your hands gripped onto my sides and trapped me.

"No no no no..." My head was spinning both from the alcohol and your kisses. I squirmed as your tongue invaded me. Kisses, licks, and bites sent me reeling over the edge. This was all becoming so real, so urgent. I put my hands into your hair trying to pull you off of me.

"Stop!" I screamed as your hand touched me now. Your thumb pushed against my clit and I groaned in discomfort. "Wh-why are you doing this?"
I had stopped sucking her toe after she asked me that. I looked down to her eyes, "Look at me... You wouldn't want me otherwise... Would you, my beautiful?", I asked her, before lowering my head to her pussy.

My wavy hair was brushing on her groins as I was sucking her pussy, I felt her pulling my hair, but that didn't really stop me.

I was like a considerate lover when I began stimulating her pussy with my thumb, despite I was being shouted to stop this loathsome act at once. My left hand was on her belly, pushing her to the bed. I pulled my thumb out, my index finger began penetrating along labia. I was moving my finger still gently, moving along her clitoris. After some fingering, my middle finger joined its friend, while my thumb was on mons pubis.

I pulled my two fingers out, put them in my mouth to wetten them with my salvia (and taste her inside!). Then I penetrated them into her vulva once again, lubricating her hall as much as I could.

I raised my body once again, my hips between her legs, left hand pushing on her belly. "Stop struggling! I won't hurt you....", I ordered her, my right hand unbuttoning my trousers."You wouldn't want me otherwise...Would you, my beautiful?" My mind raced back to all my times I caught you staring. Maybe you really did admire me, lust for me, but that didn't comfort me as your fingers dove into me.

I struggled underneath you, but you pushed me into the bed with your hand and my struggles were useless. Your fingers went to work and I couldn't help but cry. My hands covered my face as the embarrassment of this situation came to a head.

I felt my body involuntarily becoming wet and you pulled your fingers out of me and tasted it. I breathed a sigh of relief as raised your body away from me. I wished the space between us was larger.

"Stop struggling! I won't hurt you..." You demanded as you unbuttoned your pants. I knew you hadn't hurt me yet, but I couldn't listen. My hands left my face and scratched at your arm holding me down. I saw little dots of blood on your arm.

"Get off of me! Stop!" I cried out in despair.I was wearing black velvet trousers, vest, ties and a white, cotton shirt with short sleeves that day I raped July the first time. My boxers and socks were black, as well.

It drove me angry when she didn't comply my order, scratching my forearm as harsh as to bleed me. I punched the soft pillow that her head and scattered hair was on! Close enough to her head to show that I could punch her face with a strong impact. I squeezed her cheeks roughly, brought my face nearby hers and I roared, "I said 'STOP STRUGGLING'!" with anger blazing beneath my blue eyes!

After a quarter minute of silence and heavily breathing, I spoke again, with a calmer tone.
"You are a true beauty... I would not wish to hurt you...", my fingers ran along her tearful face. "Your face is so pretty... Delicate... But if you don't give yourself to me... You drive me angry... Are we clear, July?", I wiped her tears from her cheek.

I took my tie from neck and threw to the carpet. And I raised my body once again, staying on knees and toes.

I unzipped my black trousers, pulled them down to my knees with my matching boxers. I looked in her eyes as my six inched, circumcised, veiny penis was at her gaze, erected upwards. It had been a week since the last time I shaved my genitals, but it wasn't a terrible view, only 2-3 milimeters of brown hair on my pubis and testicles. My testicles were rather large, swung with a load I had been keeping. They were widen with the effect of hot temperature, their anatomical structure was rather noticable under the thinned skin.

My muscular, pale legs were hairy, as well, but their brown hair was much softer than my genital or facial hair, as they are never shaved.

I held July's two hands with my hands, clenching my fingers among hers. My palms pinned on her palms, nearby her head, brushing on her scattered blonde hair. I lovered my hips down to hers, keeping a space between our clothed torsos. We could see our genitals meeting.I stared up at you as a rage took over you, you threw your hand into the pillow only inches from my face. I gasped in surprise and became very still. "I said 'STOP STRUGGLING'!" I closed my eyes at your harsh tone and tears fell from the corners of my eyes.

"You are a true beauty... I would not wish to hurt you..." I flinched as your fingers wiped away my tears. "But if you don't give yourself to me... You drive me angry... Are we clear, July?" I nodded my head in agreement. As much as I hated this, I would do what he wanted to avoid punishment. As you unzipped your pants I just laid there, still as a corpse, and waited for the inevitable.

My fearful eyes travelled from your lustful eyes to your penis. Your legs brushed against mine as you came closer. Your fingers intertwined with mine and pinned my hands down beside my face. You lowered your hips so that your erect penis was waiting at my opening. I closed my eyes, not wanting to watch it."Watch it, July... Watch it.....", I said with a calm, but still authoritive voice as my dick's pink head was already wrapped around her labia minora. I licked my lips, forcing my hard penis into her gently, her vagina entrance taking the cylindirical shape of my 5.4 inched girth.

"Mmmmhhhhh", I penetrated half of my dick inside her. I slowly pulled it away, brushing her clitoris on the way, then I pushed it back trying not to hurt her. I thought she could a virgin, I didn't want to make it so painful for her. It reached more deep into her vagina, I could feel something preventing my cock's entrance. And it wasn't the tightness of her vagina walls... but a... hymen!
"Is that a hymen, huh?", I asked with a grin, it was really her first time! I was her man!

I gently pulled my dick, then pushed it again, against the membrane of girlhood. I felt it getting torn with the pressure of my cock head.

I was looking at her tearful eyes as I pulled and pushed my tool of rape again, as kind as a lover who was having sex with his woman the first time. I was pushing-pulling my dick, each time violating more of her vagina with each penetration.

Now my hairy pubis and testicles was brushing on her waxed pussy. I began rocking my hips forth and back slowly.

"You are mine, my love.... You are mine!"


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