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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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I woke up and rolled over to look at my sister. She was not in bed anymore but the bathroom door was shut. I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes, white shorts and a purple dip dye tank top. I pulled the curtains back on our balcony and squinted at the bright lights.

"Lisa, I'm going to go eat. I'll bring you back some coffee if you want?" I shouted through the door.

"What I need is another drink to cure this hangover, July!" She shouted back madly. I rolled my eyes and left the room.

I went upstairs to the Lido deck and grabbed a plate of food and went beside the pool to people watch. To my surprise I saw a few shirtless men without their wives attached at the hip. They had defined muscles and that V shape that made me stare.

I looked to my left and found the bartender from last night gazing at me. Leo was his name. I scrunched my brows together in confusion and looked away because unlike before, this time he didn't look away.

I walked back over to the food area and poured a cup of coffee for my sister and starting walking back to the room. I made a few turns and reached the elevators.

"Hey, Leo, can you help me with this?" I heard a male voice from behind me and I turned to see Leo standing side by side with another man in a uniform. They started to walk the other way when the elevator door opened.

"Lisa, here's some coffee to get you feeling better." I handed her the cup and she knocked it from my hands. Her hair was a wreck, face pale, lips dry, and eyes tired.

"I don't want coffee... You're so stupid, July. Why the fuck would I want that?" She said to me while she cradled her head.

"You can take care of yourself then. I'm done being your doormat sister who caters to you. This is my graduation present too!" I yelled as I slammed our door and headed back to the bar.

If there was one thing to help me forget about my sister, it was alcohol. I strode up to the bar and found Leo standing there. He was always around.

"I need two shots of tequila." I said without breaking your gaze.

"You need two shots? Lisa junior?" You joked with me, but I wasn't in the mood to laugh at anyone's jokes. I wanted to lose control.

"Yes. Two shots." I said seriously and you scurried away to make my order. I handed you the card and threw both back in a matter of seconds. I sucked my cheeks in and shook my head back and forth. Tequila was disgusting, but I already felt the familiar warmth spreading through my stomach and chest.

"Add a 'Royal Flush' to that tab too." I could almost see a smirk on your face as your turned away. I was like a shadow of July. It was impossible not to notice she was anxious. It was probably her idiot sister, turning a vacation into a disaster. One of the things I learned before starting working on this cruise ship was that I would see nervous people, and they had usually been brought to this state by their companions. It made perfect sense that drunk girl causing problems.

I had also catched her staring at the shirtless, attractive guys at Lido deck. That made me convince that she needed a man, despite her shyness.

"Do you wonder how I fucked those girls, Leo? It's alcohol! When a chick gets drunk enough, all she needs is a cock."
I remembered my friend's words as July drank the tequila shots bottoms up. That brought a smile of hope in my face.

"Add a 'Royal Flush' to that tab too."
My answer was "Ah, no, miss. I won't add that tab." to July. After a pause of two seconds, I added, "It's on house today!"

Then I served the most alcoholic Royal Flush drink I had ever prepared.The tequila had loosened me up and I giggled as Leo brought back my drink. He set the glass down in front of me and I wasn't shy at all now.

"You're such a nice guy, Leo." I said as I greedily sipped on my Royal Flush. I spun around in my chair and looked at all the people in the room. Couples sat around sipping on an evening cocktail right after dinner. I had missed dinner due to waking up late and running about taking care of Lisa. Lisa. I grimaced at her name.

I felt my head start to sway side to side and I got up from the bar and grabbed onto my chair to steady myself. I blinked at the ground because it seemed to be moving by itself.

"I didn't feel anything until I stood up..." I whispered to myself as I stumbled forward on shaky legs. I made it all the way to the doors outside and raised my hands in triumph. People were pointing at me and laughing but I was on cloud nine.

I shivered as the night air hit me and crossed my arms which threw off my balance. I leaned against the windows of the bar trying to regain my balance when I heard your voice.

"Do you need help, July?" I whipped my head around and tried to act sober. I pushed the hair out of my face and laughed.

"I'm fine, Leo. See?" I let go of the wall and took two steps forward only to come tumbling backwards.I wrapped my arms around July with two reasons. One, I was helping her to stay on her feet. And two, you know why...

"July, you are not okay. Trust me... Let me take you to your room", I whispered in her ear. "You need some rest..."

With the intimacy of our bodies, I felt the same tinkling under my pants.I felt your arms wrap around me and I relaxed into your chest. You were warm.

"July, you are not okay. Trust me... Let me take you to your room. You need some rest..." You whispered into my ear and I nodded my head. Passengers were all around us, but I was just another drunk girl in the sea of many.

"Did you see Lisa today? She called me stupid...that bitch" I babbled the whole way back to the room because unlike before I wasn't worried about sounding dumb. Liquid Courage. When we reached the elevators I looked up at you and said, "Would you carry me? My legs are aren't working..."

You didn't hesitate to pick me up. My feet left the ground and your arms were touching my bare legs. The tank top I was wearing rode up a bit revealing my lower back. The hallways were empty since everyone was either at a show or gambling.

We reached my room and you pulled out a room key, but it wasn't mine. I had mine in my pocket.

"Does everyone have a key like that?" I asked as you stepped into the darkness of my room. Lisa was no where to be found, probably repeating last night. You didn't look for the light switch, you just brought me over to my bed and laid me down.

"But I don't wanna sleep yet!" I whined as I laid my head down onto my pillow. I carried July inside her room just like a groom carries his bride... I laid her on her bed.

"But I don't wanna sleep yet!"
"Okay, then don't sleep", I replied, turning the lights on. Surprising her, I took my shoes off and climbed on her bed, positioning myself between her legs.

"Whh... what are you... doing?", she asked me in shock. I leaned down to her, pushing my torso on her tank top, her legs spread among my hips.
"I want you, July!", I whispered in her ear, she was struggling beneath my weight. She was flincing her face, but I stole a kiss from her pretty lips. My erected penis's tip was touching her private areas, between our clothes.

She began to scream, but I knew she wouldn't be heard behind the thick walls of ship's room. There were almost nobody around, anyway. My right hand was pulling her shorts down, my left arm was wrapped around her body. I could feel her legs trying to kick, but I was already between them.

I understood that I wouldn't be able to take her shorts when I was positioned between her legs. I raised my body, so that I was standing on my knees and toes. I held the waist part of her shorts and underwears together. But now she was trying to kick me...

I pushed my one knee on her belly, then grabbed her two ankles with my two hands. Her tingling left shoe felt from her foot, revealing her barefoot to my gaze. I couldn't help myself taking a bite from her sole, then I clenched my teeth on her toes. My right hand was free now, as her left foot is kept fixed.

I pulled my knee from her belly, began pulling her shorts and underwear upwards with my right hand. My blue eyes were gazed at her naked pussy, awaiting to be fucked by me!"Okay then don't sleep." You said before a bright light blinded me. I blinked several times and raised my hands to block it out. I watched you kick off your shoes and climb onto the bed with me.

"Whh-What are you doing?" I stuttered in shock as you came closer and forced your way between my legs. Just a second ago I thought you were the nicest guy on the ship, but now I was uncertain of anything.

"I want you, July!" You whispered into my ear and I sunk down into my pillow, farther away from you. You lean in closer, following me, and pressed your body against mine as you forced your lips onto me. I whimpered into your kiss and pushed my hands against you. I could feel your penis poking at me and I began to cry.

"Please... P-Please don't do this, Leo." I said your name in the hopes you would snap out of this and become human again. Your right hand moved toward the top of my shorts and I tried desperately to push you away, but the alcohol had made me almost numb. I tried to move my legs but that only rubbed me against your groin.

You moved back a bit and I locked my legs together and kicked at you whenever you tried to reach for me. You put your knee to my belly, pinning me down while you ripped my shorts and underwear from my body. I clamped my legs together but you could still see everything. The smooth hairless surface of my skin was on display. I had waxed everything off since I would be wearing mostly bikinis on my vacation. Your hand grazed over my skin and sent shivers of disgust through me.

"Stop, I can't do this... I don't want to..." You answered me with a bite to my foot. One shoe had fallen off so you took other as well and let it drop to the floor. You stared at my toenails which I had painted a deep pinkish red.


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