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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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I stared at my mudslide for a few seconds before drinking it, it was the most beautiful drink I ever had. It was my favorite drink because of the taste and its potency. I drank it fairly quickly, licking the remnants off the red heart stirrer. I gazed over at the bar and found the bar tender staring at me. His eyes only stayed on me for a second before he would walk away to do something else.

"July, aren't these some of the funniest people you've ever met?" My sister shrieked in her drunken state. I rolled my eyes and set my glass down. "Yeah sure. Listen. I'm going to go for a walk on the deck but I'll come back to find you before I go to bed." I gave the guys a slight glare as if to warn them.

I left my glass on the table and started walking outside. I glanced at the bar once more before leaving and found him watching me again. It made me smile, perhaps I have an admirer. My mothers words began flashing through my mind, Take care of your sister. You know she isn't very street smart. You're the one with all the common sense. I shook my head, I should of known better than to go with her.

I climbed up the two flights of stairs which was not an easy task in my heels. I glided over to the ledge and looked out at the darkness. The only light was the reflection of the lights onboard the ship. I leaned on the railing to take some weight off my feet, beauty is pain. I ran my fingers along the railing as I moved around the whole top deck. I made 2 circles around the entire ship before my feet grew increasingly irritated.

I slipped my heels off and carried them by the heel. I went to the aft of the ship and peered over the edge at the churning water. A long white strip followed after the boat for hundreds of feet. I stared at it for a few minutes, the silence of this place was magical but at the same time eerie. I turned around to see if there were any other passengers out here at this time of night. There was only another woman up here. She was laying in the little couple retreats with her eyes closed. I felt a sweet tingling at my private parts as I catched July licking the remnants of the stirrer. It was impossible for me not to imagine her licking.... oh God... She catched me when I was watching her. I looked away after the eye contact.

But it didn't prevent me from looking at her again, fantasizing we were a couple of lovers together in this ship. I kept watching her till he left the bar, climbing upstairs. I decided not to follow her. Not only the bar needed me, but I didn't want to go too forward at the first night. I continued doing my job when she was away.I sighed as I slipped my shoes back on, time to find my sister. I descended the one flight of stairs and heard their laughter already. At least I didn't have to go searching for her...

I stepped into the bar and hesitantly approached their table. "Come on Lisa, it's time to go to bed" She looked up at me with squinted eyes. I grabbed her outstretched hand and pulled her to her feet. She stumbled all over and I caught her in my arms.

"Do you need help, Miss?" I heard your voice again from behind me. I turned around with my sister practically laying in my arms. I didn't usually accept help from people, but in this instance there was no way I would be able to carry her the whole way back to our room.

"Uhmm. Yes. Please?" I said as I felt her slipping out of my hands. Lisa, whose name I had just learned when July called her, slipped out of her sisters hands. She would have fallen on the ground, if I wasn't there to catch her. She laughed out loudly when my arms were around her. I looked at July with a face expression that says "I feel pity for you, for being obliged to spend time with her".

Lisa was between my and July's arms when we were taking her to their room, laughing uncontrollably with drunkness. "Are my drinks that good?", I joked. (I don't remember how July and Lisa reacted, though.)

Finally, we were in front of the room, whose number I had already learned. Lisa wasn't sober enough to stand on her feet yet, I held her in my arms as July opened the door. I gave Lisa back to July after she opened the door, I wasn't sure if I should step in yet.As we carried Lisa back to our room, I looked at his name tag. "Thank you... Leo." My sister started laughing uncontrollably and my face went red with embarrassment.

"Are my drinks that good?" He joked as we approached the room. I grinned at him and said, "I'm sorry, she isn't normally like this." I lied. She was always this stupid.

I propped the door open and grabbed hold of her again. Her legs were nearly limp so I just dragged her body to one of the beds and threw her onto it. At least she didn't puke, I thought to myself.

I went back to the door and leaned against the door frame.

"Thanks again for your help." I mumbled and touched your arm casually. I was looking forward to a nice hot shower so I smiled at him once more and shut the door. I kicked off my shoes immediately and stripped to nothing. Lisa was sleeping already so I climbed into the shower and turned the water to hot.

I stayed in there for nearly 20 minutes until the mirrors fogged up and I could feel myself breathing in steam. I grabbed a white fluffy towel off the rack and stepped into the carpeted room. It must be 3 in the morning, but tomorrow the ship was at sea all day so I could sleep in."I'm sorry, she isn't normally like this."
I thought of saying "I am sure (!)", but that would be appropriate neither for my job, nor leaving a good impression at July... ...as a lover. So I just kept my silence.

"Thanks again for your help."
I smiled, "You are welcome. That's my duty!", and stood there at her doorstep. It felt so good when she touched my arm, but a door getting shut was the actual trope of our situation.

Well, I had already completed my shift, it was time to sleep. I went to my room, located at a lower floor of Carnival Breeze (you know what a lower floor means). I took my uniform off, staying with my black boxers. I turned the lights off and slipped inside my bed in the pitch darkness of this windowless, small room.

It wasn't a peaceful night for me. Maybe it was the ship's marine movement that I wasn't accustomized yet, maybe the pitch darkness of my room, I don't know, but I felt like crazy! I couldn't take July out of my mind... Demons were screaming at me, telling me how I would never be able to touch her.

I kept thinking of my previous love interests when I was younger. I had always been the kind, caring guy for that certain girl I loved. But I was nothing but a friend for them. They would choose the rude boys, like July sang, to take them! Now I wasn't even a friend in July's eyes, but just a crew member. We were like water and fire, cannot be bound, aren't related...

I found myself grabbing my smart phone, enabling internet and opening Facebook. I looked her fullname up... Here, my July from Florida was here! And her profile wasn't private, I found myself downloading all the images I could find. Especially her recent graduation picture... She was really a queen of beauty that night. I felt an urge to take my dick and masturbate, imagining her body even without bikinis. But no, I remembered my friend's (who fucked two women in a cruise) words, "Real men don't masturbate. They just fuck as they wish!"

Rather than masturbation, I threw a punch to the nearest wall nearby me. Then I buried my head to my pillow, trying to fall asleep.

The next morning, I had woken up after a sleep of 3-4 hours. I wished I could sleep more, but this situation wouldn't still prevent me from doing my job as bartender. I wore my stupid uniform and combed my hair to get ready for this fresh new day.

I felt I would achieve something grand before that day dies. I would be the rude boy.


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