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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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His dick was still stiff, despite having ejaculated some semen. It was enough to inseminate me.

"Goood giiirl," Leo patted on my ass and pussy, after I shallowed his cum. He pulled himself off from my legs. He got on his knees and toes, sitting on his heels. His dick was erected upwards. "Put your ankles on my shoulders and take your bras out."

I got on my back and lifted my ankles up to Leo's shoulders and rested them beside his face. I reached my arms behind my back and unhooked my bra, sliding it off slowly before tossing it onto the ground. I listened to his every order and pushed my emotions out of my mind.

He leaned his body on mine. My legs were between our torsos, ankles at his shoulder. His dick was resting on my belly.

"Do not ever forget me, July! You will have lovers, but will anyone feel lust for you as much as I do?"

I'll try as hard as I can to forget you. He moved his hips, his dick was pointing at my wettened pussy now.

"Could they turn into rapists like me, just to touch you? Just to kiss you?"
He began kissing my foot sole again, "If I needed to sink this goddamn ship, I would do." I didn't doubt his words, just his sanity. His hands joined mine beside my head and he began pounding into me.
He held my hands, my fingers clenched were among his, his palms pushing on mine on my scattered blonde hair. He stabbed his dick into me, looking into my eyes, my toes brushing on his lips. He was pounding me, my pretty breasts rocking with each pound.

I felt this helplessness again, and my zombie fa├žade was broken. The tears started to fall again...

He stopped holding my hands, he moved my ankles from his shoulders. Now there was nothing between our torsos, his hairy chest was brushing on my nipples. He wrapped his arms around me, still fucking me, "Tell me... Tell me how much you hate me.... Come on, call me names! Look in my eyes and vomit your hatred! Scratch me, if you want, just vomit your hatred on your RAPIST!"

I covered my face with my hands and started wailing. Screams and cries came out as one as I hide my face from his view.

"It's a trick... It's a trick, July..." I whispered to myself. I knewhe wanted me to explode so he could hurt me again.

He stopped fucking me for a while, understanding why I was holding back. "July, I don't need excuses to hurt you. I won't hurt you when you... vomit your hatred... You are free. I promise. I could hurt you by far if I wished."

I felt my chest heaving with my anger.

"I hate you. You're DISGUSTING!" I started beating on his chest with my fists. "You've taken everything from me! You sick bastard," I let every insult, every bit of my anger pour out of me. I scratched his face and tried to rip free from his grasp.

"I know..." That was all my rapist could say to my insults, but I could hardly hear him over my own rant. My rage had taken over, every emotion I had suppressed this week was spilling out of me.
He just let me hitting his chest and scratching his face. But he wouldn't let me go. His arms were strictly wrapped around me. He put his ankles on my ankles, as I was struggling to get free.

Despite my struggle, his penis continued to move and violate me.

"I course I don't want you! Look at you... Look at me... You're a beast, an animal, some thing without self control. Your just as crazy as you are unworthy!" I pushed against him with all my strength, digging my feet into the bed, slapping him, punching him, trying to gouge his eyes out.

He still continued fucking me relentlessly, getting turned on by the emotions he aroused on his victim. As I released my fury on him it only seemed to excite him further. "Yes, I am Beast!"

He had to hold my wrists when I began trying to gauge his eyes out. He pinned my hands on the bed at this point, like previous palm-to-palm position. He looked into my eyes intensely and shouted, "Oahhhh.... And you are mine! MMMMhhhhh.... Despite.... everything! I will always be... a part of you! Oaaah...." I strained against his grip, trying to break free.

With some more violent thrusts, he squirted his hot semen into my pussy! "Fuck you! I hate everything about you... I hope you die!" I screamed in my rapist's face as he came inside of me.

He laid next to me after finishing milking his seed inside me. Heavily breathing, he was just watching me. His two hands were blocking his softening genitals in case of anything.

When he rolled off of me I started to calm down and steady my breathing. I ran over to my bag and grabbed my clothes.

"If we're done here then I'm fucking leaving..." I started putting on my shorts because it would take less time then the dress. He stood up and walked to the door, blocking my way out. "No, you are not fucking leaving here. Wear it, if you want, but you will be staying here till the morning."

I glared at him defiantly. This is the last day...the last night... Come on, July. I put on my clothes and climbed back into bed and turned away from Leo.

"Everything that I said... I meant it." I said coldly.
"As did I...", he was watching my neck.

We kept our silence for a while. There was a burning silence, a inner rage in me. I hated being controlled like this. He wore his boxers back. "Let me cuddle you...", he approached me. I cringed at the thought of being close to him, intimate with my rapist.

"That's another thing I need..." I turned over to look at Leo and I knew my eyes were filled with tears of hurt and anger. He approached his body to mine, he held my head and pulled me to his chest. His arms were wrapped around my body, his face running along my hair atop my head. I felt his body against mine and I wanted to puke at his closeness.

Then I heard sobs coming from him...

"I will have myself locked up... in an asylum... I am... so sorry.... for all that happened..."
I scoffed at Leo. "I will never forgive you..." A line of salty tears ran down my face onto your pillow. How could he be so cruel only moments ago, and then say he is sorry now?

Then he asked me. "I wonder... If I have never raped you that day... I had stayed as the 'nice guy Leo'... Could you love me? Would you let me touch you?"

I exhaled all my breath and contemplated what to say. Should I lie to appease this crazy man, or should I say how I truly feel? He did say he didn't need excuses to hurt me...

"You can't undo the past... but... either way... No." I didn't explain myself because he already knew my reasons for hating him.

"See? That was the only thing I could do to touch you..."
I shook my head. "Yeah or kept your fucking paws to yourself..." You walked away and I looked at you to see what you were doing.

He stood up, picked his phone from his trousers and spent some time with it, not allowing me to take a look at what he did. "I am sending the 'All is okay' signal.", he said, but that was a lie. He had nobody to send such a signal. Not knowing this, I breathed a sigh of relief... That meant I was finally free.

He turned off his phone, so I couldn't take a look at his phone history when he was asleep. "Shall we sleep?", he asked me and I nodded my head, although I doubted I would get a wink of sleep being in the same room as him...

He turned the lights off and slipped into the bed next to me in the pitch darkness. He continued cuddling me, closing his eyes, about to fall asleep.

I was laying in the complete darkness and silence. The only noise was our gentle breathing, but I couldn't fall asleep. Shit. I forgot to bring one of my morning after pills... If I slept here all night that would only increase my chances of having a child with this monster.

I laid there for what seemed like an hour before attempted to move his arms off of me. I succeeded in one arm, but I heard him shifting around in bed but wasn't sure if he was awake yet. I moved an inch and the bed creaked...

The sound of bed creaking woke me up. But no, I didn't want her to know I was awake. I gave her the opportunity of what she really wanted to do, maybe she didn't dare to escape?

I had locked the door. She would need a key to open the door. She probably just thought she could simply open the door and slip away.

I waited 15 seconds sitting there still as water before I continued getting up. I got on all fours and crawled over the door, feeling my way along the floor and cabinets. I felt a wall finally so I stood up and slowly moved my hand over the door looking for the handle...

I found it! I thought with triumph. Now all I had to do was get my morning after pill and sneak back down here. I grabbed onto the door handle lightly as to not making any noise. It wouldn't budge... I pulled on it harder and it still wouldn't move. "Come on..." I whispered to myself in frustration...

"Ahhh... That door needs to be unlocked with my key. I must have forgotten to talk about that...."
His angry voice was echoed in the pitch darkness of his cabin. I cursed myself in my head. Of course you were awake! He found the light switch and turned the lights on, exposing my vulnerability and frantic state of mind. I tried to feel the walls around me and moved away from his voice. The lights flashed on and blinded me.

He walked over me with a determined expression on his face.

"Thank you very much... For reminding what I am in reality. Beast."
I backed away from you. "W-wait. You don't understand. I was going to get my pills... I was going to come back. I swear on my life..."

"Those shit are called morning pills. MORNING! And I don't believe in you... You could simply awaken me."
I sighed dramatically. Yes, because everything I ask comes true. I screamed when he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to bed again.

He pushed his body on mine as I was facing me. His hand slipped inside my white tank top, fondling my breasts. "Not again!" I pleaded, but he pushed me into the bed and groped my breasts. He was kissing, biting my neck roughly. I tried to pull away from his kisses and bites because they were increasingly rougher than any before!

"Do you want me not to hurt you? Okay... Just give yourself to me... That will calm me down... if I feel... I can make you enjoy me even a little."
I stared up at him. "Like how?"

"Do you remember that night I actually made you cum? Like that... "

My face turned red at the remembrance. He exposed my breasts and began licking and kissing me. I stared down in disgust as my own nipples betrayed me, firming to his kisses. I flinched as his finger found my clit under my shorts.

Come on, July... This is all psychological. You've been through too much to give up. I grabbed the band on my shorts and pulled down. I laid back on the bed and he followed me. I had to do this...

"Please... Please make me cum, Leo." I tried to sound convincing, and I think I pulled it off because a smile spread across his lips.

"Pffft, come on, July... I know you good enough that you wouldn't sincerely say this... at such an early phase. Do not fake it, okay, I can understand it..."

He took my shorts and underwears off my ankles and buried his face between my legs once again... He continued working on my pussy with his tongue and middle finger, despite it had been inseminated a few hours ago. He had fucked me so much to discover how to stimulate my special points, it didn't take long for him to feel the wetness of my pussy. His index and middle fingers were moving relentlessly along my pussy, brushing her cunt.

I laid my head back into the pillow and closed my eyes. This was the best way for me to fantasize. Just do it, July. Within a few seconds I could feel myself getting wet from Leo's touches and caresses. I rocked my hips against the motions of his tongue and fingers.

"Surrender yourself...."

I opened my mouth so I could breath easier. My breath was coming in rhythm with the strokes of his tongue and fingers. I rubbed my hips against him harder than before and he increased his pressure at the same time. "Ughh" I uttered a short moan as the vibrations inside me increased.

"I'm almost there..." I moaned again and gripped the sheets in preparation. My lower body shook with pleasure as I felt those amazing spasms in my groin. I flexed my legs as a response to the rush of pleasure. "Ohhhh... Yes..."

He pulled his boxers down, his penis was erected enough to fuck me once again. He raised his body, but his fingers were still on my cunt, rubbing it roughly.

Now his head was at the level of my neck, he began kissing it, not stopping to finger me. My legs continued shaking and quivering for a few more moments. I pushed my head back into the pillow so my neck was more available to Leo.

"You are so pretty.... my princess.... my precious one....", he whispered in my ear, below side of his cock was brushing along my slit. His chest was also moving down and up, hairy skin brushing along my tits. I felt a mix of guilt and relief. I really did enjoy myself, but should I have?

Leo continued kissing my neck, I was clearly presenting him that delicate, erogenous part to his loving lips. His one hand was running along my blonde hair, "My beauty... Give yourself to me... At least just for tonight... Hate me. But please, let me love you....", he kept whispering in my ear. His penis muscles were stirring upside my mons pubis, gaining erection.

"You do realize how hard this is for me?" I whispered back as he caressed my hair and kissed my neck. "But... I'll do it." I finally realized it was easier to go along with his requests then to fight him. Although it gave me a pain in my stomach to hear the word love, but I could put up with it for just this night.

"I realize. It is not easy for me to see the girl I love suffer, especially by me..." Leo began kissing my lips, his dick began to penetrate into my hole.

"Kiss me.... Like I am a good man..."
My lips met his with a gentle touch. I took my shaky fingers and wrapped them around his neck as I kissed him with more purpose. I pulled him forward with my hands so our bodies are touching ever so slightly and slip my tongue into his mouth just a bit.

Then, our tongues were dancing again. His cock was moving forth and back along my vagina. His one hand touching my clitoris, the other on my breast. His two hairy legs squeezed my one leg. "Hug me... and put your free leg around me...", he whispered in my ear.

I closed my eyes as we kissed and gently wrapped my leg around his body. I could feel sensations down below again and rubbed my hips against his finger.

His poundings got faster and stronger, his mouth moved on the unkissed part of my neck, allowing me to breathe and moan. My left leg was wrapped around him, his right hand runned along the leg's back side, on its waxed skin. His left hand's thumb was rubbing my clitoris now, while fingers grasping mons pubis.

He wasn't close to ejaculate yet, it had been only a short time since the last time he cummed. He kept thrusting and fingering me in this position till he felt me having an intense orgasm. Then he pulled his dick off, but it was still erected.

After that, he pulled our pillow back, stuffed it under my buttocks like the first day he raped me and I began to panic. This was part of his plan, to get me pregnant. I need to get those pills as soon as I can.

"Keep laying on the bed, wrap your legs around my ass..." he was holding my hips. I did what Leo asked anyway but looked around the room for a clock. I wanted to count the hours until I could get my hands on those pills.

One must had to be stupid not to understand why I was upset. Before penetrating me, he runned his hand on my leg.

"July... I will let you take the pills, right after I am finished. I see you are upset. I promise you."
I relaxed as Leo told me I could take my pills. I could deal with this, but a baby... that would change my life forever.

Still not penetrating, he leaned his body on mine for his hand to reach my face. His fingers gently runned along my face, "Don't be upset, please... Okay?"
I nodded my head. "Alright...go ahead."

He smiled at me as I nodded my head. He raised his body once again, sitting on his heels, holding my hips from two sides. He pulled his hips from mine, leaving space for him to penetrate. Then he slowly pushed his stiff penis into my wettened vagina, as my legs were wrapped around his waist. I blushed as Leo slide into me with ease. It was still an odd experience for me, to have someone know they gave me pleasure. It was obvious with all my wetness.

"Look in my eyes, my pretty one..."
He was moving my hips forth and back, not so roughly, but my breasts were shook with hips movement. He leaned his torso a bit to mine. His one left moved up to my chest, holding my breast, rubbing it gently. I looked into his blue eyes once again as the goose bumps spread across my breasts at his touch.

"It's so wet... sloppy.... So nice..." He began moaning lightly as his thrustings got faster. His two hands were running on the curves of my body; breasts, hips, belly, buttocks... Everyhere his hand could reach.

"I love you, my beauty.... MMmmhhhh.... I love you so much.... Mmmmhhhh.... I am cummiiing....."

After a few more thrusts, eased with my wetness, he ejaculated into my womanhood once more. His semen was watery, but it was still too much, spurting out of my labia as he continued pushing his still-ejaculating dick.

Then he pulled his pillow of my hips, turned the clean side to upwards and put it under our heads. He laid next to me, breathing heavily.

"You can go to take your pills now, if you want. As I promised. The dawn is close. But please... come back again, won't you?"

"But please... come back again, won't you?" I laid my hand on his rising chest. "Yes..." I got up and found my shorts and tank top and left my bag and dress so he wouldn't get upset and think I was trying to rob him of his last hours with me.

I slipped out the door and got upstairs to my room. Lisa was asleep but I was very quiet as to not wake her up. I found the pills on her table where she left them every night. I took one pill and rubbed my stomach as if that would help.

I left the room and made my way through the empty hallways. It was nearly 3am and the cruise would be in port around 10am... I took the elevators down to your level and found Leo's room. I knocked on the door, waiting for him to answer. When he opened the door, he had a white towel wrapped around his waist, covering his genitals and legs. His wet, dark brown hair was on his forehead.

"I knew I could trust you...", he said with a cute smile on his face, as he allowed me to step inside. "I am about to finish my shower. I have got unused towels, if you wish to take a shower after me... And a nice body shampoo for both men and women."

I stepped into his room and waited for him to finish showering. I decided to snoop around since he couldn't see me. I looked at the pictures on the walls again, everything he had laying out. I looked for his cell phone, but I couldn't find it. I wanted to understand who he was outside of being a rapist.

I heard the water shut off and quickly jumped onto the bed and starting looking through my old messages.

July, have fun on your cruise. Take care of Lisa. Love ya Mom

I'm so jealous you'll be having so much fun this week and I'm stuck at home with my family.

I read the messages over and over in my head, waiting for him to come out.

After finishing my shower, I dried myself with my towel and stepped outside the bathroom with it wrapped around my waist. Funny, I had raped her several times, but I still didn't feel like walking all naked when I was with her. It wasn't because I was ashamed of my soft peepee or something, but because of a respect that had also grew.

"I am done...", I said, sitting on the bed, my towel still wrapped around me. "Oh, by the way, I remembered it when I saw your phone. I really hate to remind you of that... But did you take a look at your video gallery? There is something that you'd wish to delete, if you haven't noticed yet."

July stared at me with a look of confusion. "What video?" She opened her phone and began looking for it. I didn't give an answer, as I didn't want to talk about that matter. Eventually, she would notice that video I took at the first day I raped her. The original blackmail material was taken with her phone.

When I came across the video I just pressed delete without even watching it. "Ohh. That." I turned my phone off and walked into his bathroom to strip for my shower. I jumped in and turned the water to warm and felt my troubles melt away, if only for a little while.

Once I was done I stepped out and put a towel around myself. I walked over to my bag and took out some distressed jean shorts and a tribal print tank top laying it on the bed. It was still early morning and I hadn't slept much all night, but I figured I could sleep in these clothes since it was almost time to pack and get ready to leave for home.

After she went to the shower, I picked up clean white underwears from my luggage and put them on.

I was still awake when July stepped out the shower. I just turned my back, showing her I wasn't watching her when she was going to get weared.

When she slipped into the bed, I turned myself back to her. "Let me set the alarm. Cruise will be over at 10. I think you need to get ready, right? When do you want to wake up?"
July yawned and said sleepily, "8 o'clock. I still need to pack, find Lisa, and eat."

After setting the alarm, I turned the lights off and turned myself to July. I cuddled and held her close to me as we were about to fall asleep. She was so tired that even as I held her close she fell asleep within minutes.


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