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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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Just when I was about to leave the bar, my boss came. A silverfox man in his 50's, always wearing casual due to his position in the ship. He asked me if everything is going good for me... and July. He wasn't very happy with the fact that I am in relationship with a passenger, but he also knew that this didn't affect my work. The passengers were leaving the bar always happy and satisfied, I was gentle towards them. Unlike Josh. My boss wasn't content about him, I was the good one here.

My boss was a talkative man. It was already 9:10 when we finished talking. I rushed to get ready for my date, I didn't want to be there with my uniform.

By the time, one of Lisa's friends were at the deck. A single man, bald and overweight. He always had an obnoxious smile on his face. It wasn't a surprise that he was single, his personality was even worse than his appearance.

He approached July, "Hey, aren't you Lisa's sister? I am John, do you remember me, honey?", he offered his sweaty hand for a handshake.


"Hey, aren't you Lisa's sister? I am John, do you remember me, honey?" I stepped back from his hand. I was alone of up here waiting for Leo and I wasn't interested in making conversation. "Honey? No I can't say I remember you in the slightest." I said coldly. I wanted him to leave me, the last thing I needed was more attention.

"Come on, July... Lisa told me you aren't an angel anymore..." He raised his eyebrows at me and I panicked. This can't happen to me again!


I was wearing my red t-shirt and blue jeans when I encountered that disgusting guy and my July at the deck. I recognized him, I had served 6 glasses of beer for him that day. She was clearly upset with that guy's presence.

"Hey July, is everything alright?"
I approached her in a protective manner, glaring at the guy.

"Hey, aren't you that bartender?", he looked at July, "I can't believe you allow a bartender to fuck you, but not me. You wh..."
I punched his fat face before he could finish his insult at my girl! Beast had been awakened once again, but not by July now!

"Hey, I will report you, you son of a bi..."
I punched him once again as he shouted at me. But I kept my composure when I began to talk.

"One of my responsibilities here is to protect the passengers from guys like you. Report me, but July will tell she was harassed by you. You won't be the only drunk guy I had to deal with... Their vacation had been terminated and they were kicked at the closest port. I dare you."
He spat on the floor, glaring at us. And he left. I shouted, "Stay away from July!" as he was walking away.

I turned back to July, "Are you alright?"


"Hey July, is everything alright?" I shook my head and stepped away from the creep. "Hey, aren't you that bartender? I can't believe you allow a bartender to fuck you, but not me. You wh..." I jumped back in surprise when your hand collided with his jaw. My hands shot up to my mouth and I let out a gasp.

"You won't be the only drunk guy I had to deal with... Their vacation had been terminated and they were kicked at the closest port. I dare you." I was shocked at how fast Leo had hurt the man. John spat on the floor and looked me up and down before leaving us.

"Are you alright?" I let my hands fall back to my sides. "I guess so... Thank... you." I forced myself to say the words because I knew you deserved a thank you despite everything you had done to me.


"You are welcome..."
I approached July gently, hugged her in a friendly way. I really didn't want to upset her even more.

Then I held her hand, led her to a big, leather chaise longue designed for couples, it was facing the ocean. "Just lay with me... Cuddle me..."

I laid on the chaise lounge, waiting for her to settle down.


I stared at large chaise lounge and climbed onto it, but kept my distance. I got into the corner and crossed my legs at my ankles. I was dressed pretty sloppy, but you didn't seem to mind. Of course, I couldn't tell what you were thinking because I wasn't looking at you. I couldn't. Even though you had saved me from that man... You were just as much of a monster in my eyes.


"Put your head on my shoulder..."
I pulled her body closer to me, I leaned my head on hers.

"I don't expect you to love me. I am not being gentle to impress you... We are so beyond that. I am a monster, we know that."
I wrapped my one arm on her shoulders.

"But... as much as I wanted to.... rape you.... I also want to be close to you. Like this. I need you... Please, hold my hand..."


You pulled me close to you and my body tensed up. "We are so beyond that. I am a monster, we know that." I looked into your eyes. "As long as we're on the same page..." I said devoid of emotion. 2 more days... 2 more days and I'm done. I repeated this in my mind over and over to keep my sanity.


I held her hand, despite her will.

"Call me names... Insult me... Tell me how much you hate me. I won't get angry with them. What angers me is when you run away."

After a while, I began talking about a different matter.
"Did you take those pills... at the first nights I raped you? I know it is so unlikely, but, if you got pregnant... And decide to give birth... Please don't hate our baby. See a man who loved you so much. And I could give you and our baby everything I have..."


"Did you take those pills... at the first nights I raped you? I know its is so unlikely, but, if you got pregnant... And decide to give birth... Please don't hate our baby. See a man who loved you so much. And I could give you and our baby everything I have..."

I pushed off of you. "Are you fucking crazy?" A million thoughts were rushing through my mind. I had taken the pills. But he seemed so insistent on having a baby. He had mentioned it before and now this.


"Am I crazy? Hahah, I think you know its answer!"
I began laughing nervously.

"It is just a possibility, if you didn't take those pills the first rape. I won't talk about this any further."
I continued looking at the dark ocean without touching her.


"Well I did take them so you can push that fantasy right out of your narrow mind." I shook my head in disbelief. What a freak. We sat there for a few moments in awkward silence. I had to think of an excuse for me to leave...

"I have to check up on Lisa. She was really sick earlier..." I started sliding towards the end of the chaise lounge.


"Okay... I will be waiting here..."
To be honest, I didn't really believe her. I let her go, but I began following her right after she was disappeared in the stairways. I didn't want her to know that I was following her


"Okay... I will be waiting here..." I was shocked at how easy that had been. I didn't even give you a time or anything. I took the first flight of stairs down and then turned so I was going near the pool- no where near the bar or our room. I saw tons of people hanging out watching movies on the huge screen above the pool.

I smiled at my freedom. How long could I do what I want? 1 or 2 hours perhaps... I went down another flight of stairs to one of many bars. I was relieved to see not a single person I knew so I walked up and ordered a Royal Flush. The thought of it didn't make me feel sick anymore.


If she looked back, maybe she could see me following her. There wasn't so much distance between us. She was just walking loosely, looking around the ship. It didn't look like she was going to take care of a sick sister.

My heart sank when I saw her sitting at a bar. I didn't confront her, but sat at a table behind her with a long distance. I ordered 33 cl of the cheapest brand of beer. I wasn't going to drink anything, I knew another game of cat and mouse was awaiting us. I would wait for July to get drunk, while I remained sober.


I took my time drinking three Royal Flush's and conversing with people at the bar. Normal people. I spent on the upwards of 2 hours sitting at that bar and before I knew it I was drunk. I looked down at my phone but the screen looked like a big blur. I couldn't see the time or if I had any missed messages.

"Maybe he forgot about me..." I whispered to myself and waved goodbye to my new friends. I walked back to the stairs and started crawling up them on all fours. I got half way up when I started mumbling to myself. "Don't hate...our baby. What a freak... I'm not having a kid...sooo stupid." I reached for each step and missed them several times before getting it right.

"Hahahahaha" I laughed at myself as I stood up and regained my footing.


I have watched two more Royal Flush's getting served to her. It amused me how she didn't notice me. Or thought I would be after her.

I followed her to the staircases. She was mumbling and laughing to herself, trying hard to stay on her feet. Everything was much easier for me, as I didn't drink anything that night. Still, I wouldn't show up until we got close to a room that I could drag her.

She was laughing to herself when she was in front of a door, labeled "Cleaning Supplies Room". I grabbed her hips and pulled her to myself. "Are you alright, miss?", I whispered in her ear with a grin in my face. I dragged the panicked girl to the door, my left hand around her waist. I opened the door with my right hand, then I could use my two arms to hold her.

I dragged her to a cold room with lots of cleaning materials on the shelves.


I was walking around oblivious to everything when I felt two hands grab onto my hips. "Are you alright, miss?" I heard your voice and panicked. "I-I... was on my way to find you -hiccup- right now. Lisa felt... better so I went drinking with her..." You opened a door and shoved me into a room.

"Wait!" I yelped as you closed the door.


I just pushed her to the concrete floor of this storage room. It was a rather long room, but there were nobody here. The shift of the cleaners had already ended. And I didn't think there would be cleaners who enjoys this job as much as continueing it on such a late hour.

I pushed my body weight on hers, as she was facing the floor. "You lie.... I have WATCHED you in the bar! You just drank at least two glasses of Royal Flush's... Lisa was not there!"
I pulled her hair, forcing her to look at me. "How dare you leave me there? You just prove that a boy has to be rough with girls..." My left hand was pushing her to the floor on her back, the other was taking her tracksuit bottoms. It wasn't the most attractive clothing, but it never matters once you take it off completely.

I peeled her underwear to her knees. I slapped her bare ass skin loudly. Then my trousers were unzipped, pulled down to my knees with my boxers. I leaned my free hand to her mouth, "Spit on it!"


I hit the concrete with a thud as my reflexes were not working fast enough. It felt like there was thousand pounds pushing me into the dirty concrete floor. "You lie... I have WATCHED you in the bar!" I cursed myself, I should have known you weren't that stupid.

Your left hand pressed me into the hard concrete floor as you pulled down my pants. I felt the cold air rush across my skin and goose bumps appear on my legs. I tried to pull myself away from you but I was so disoriented that I wouldn't have been able to grab onto anything even if it was there.

"Wait! I'm sorry..." I cried out as you stripped down my underwear. I felt a sharp sting on my ass and that sent me into a frenzy. "Ohh God! Please not that! Anything but that, Leo! PLEASE... I'm so sorry." I kicked my legs against the ground trying to find you. The sound of your pants unzipping cut through my screams of terror. "No...No please. No!" I tried to move around, but you held me there.

"Spit on it!" I saw your outstretched hand and started crying. "P-PLEASE!" I was in hysterical fits of crying now.


My legs were squeezing her legs, as she was struggling with her whole energy. "You won't spit? Okay. Let's try it dry."

My chest was pushing on her back. I moved my hands on her head and jaw. I pushed her jaws together, forcing her to close her mouth. My six inched penis was rubbing on her ass's skin. I moved my hips so that its head was pointing between her bums now. I pushed my dick forward with my whole force, without minding whether it could penetrate or not.

No, it wasn't getting inside more than one inch, no matter how much I rocked my cock. I stopped pushing her jaws, she was shouting frantically. "Spit on it!", I ordered her once again, offering my hand.


"You won't spit? Okay. Let try it dry." I went to scream but you forced my mouth shut. Only a quarter of the noise I was making would come through my closed lips. Your erect penis was rubbing on my ass and I tried to move my hips as much as I could despite you pushing me into the concrete.

You rammed into my ass and I experienced pain like nothing before. I whipped my head back and forth like a crazed animal. You let my jaw go for a minute. "Spit on it!" I swirled my tongue around my mouth for several seconds gathering all the saliva I had before spitting it into your hand.

"Please...Please I'll be good! I'll do whatever you want... please." I begged for you to stop.


I spat on my hand, too, after she did.

"You'll do whatever I want, huh?", I rubbed our salivas and my pre-ejaculation liquid along my penis. "Can you undo the past? Undo how you taunted me? Treating me as if I am a FUCKING IDIOT? No, you can't, July..."

My hand began rubbing along her shaped ass. "Nor can I. I did rape you. I wish I could undo it.... I wish I was a sane person, just masturbating for you...." I pulled my middle finger in my mouth, wettening it with my tongue and saliva, then I spoke again, "But I am what I am... I carry the burden of being your rapist. Your nightmare. Your FUCK-ING NIGHT-MAARE! So it will stay like that."

My wet middle finger began penetrating into her anus.


"You'll do whatever I want, huh?" I nodded my head enthusiastically, I would say anything to get out of this.

"Can you undo the past? No, you can't, July..." I had my palms pressed onto the floor near my face. You ran your hands all over my ass as a warning of what's to come.

"But I am what I am... so it will stay like that." My fingers scratched at the concrete as you stuck your middle finger in my ass.

"Please... you're too big!" I pleaded.


I laughed, "I am too big? Turn your head, look at my dick! It is only my finger I am putting you!". I had raised my body to show her my erected dick, ready to rape the shit out of her.

My hand moved forth and back into her rectum, preparing it for the actual fucking. It was moving with a rough speed, violating her temple relentlessly.

Then I pulled my finger, I held her two hips to be able to spit on her ass! After spitting, I continued pushing my chest on her back, grabbed her head and jaw to suppress her screams. My hips moved once again, to find the entrance of her rectum. "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmhhhhhh!", girth of 5.4 inches was getting penetrated inside. Two inches could be invaded, I pulled my dick, then stabbed again! With each stab, I could feel more of her rectum on my cock's skin.

The fluorescence of the storage room was flickering, as she was struggling to get free. My hairy legs continued squeezing hers, my trousers were at my ankles now. My pubis and testicles were finally touching her ass with the success of a full penetration.

"OOoaahhhhhhhh! Hrrrrrrrr oaahhhhhhh!"
Inhumane moans and muffled screams were echoeing in the coldness of the room, mixed together! My hips were pumping like an oil extractor along her tight rectum, my hips slapping on her ass meat with each violent thrust.

"Oahhhhhhh! You are MIIINEEE!"


I heard a chuckle escape you as you confirmed even worse news. "I am too big? Turn your head, look at my dick! It is only my finger I am putting into you!" I looked back and groaned in defeat. I let my face hit the concrete again.

My eyes were wide open in fear as you spit on my ass. You closed my jaw again and I tensed up because I knew any second you would push into me. I writhed underneath you as you penetrated me over and over. The hard surface underneath me scrapped my legs, face, and stomach as my shirt rode up from your thrusts. My screams came out muffled.

"You are MIIINEEE!" I reached my arms behind me and pushed against you, but there was no stopping you. I laid my head down on the pavement and stared blankly at the wall beside me. You had finally broken me.


I continued sodomizing July inhumanely, I could feel I was extracting all those positive things remained from July... Her hopes, happiness, will, pride...

I couldn't help myself shooting some of my semen into the depthness of her rectum. You know, I had a sick purpose, I couldn't have wasted my seed on her ass. I pulled my dick out of her tight ass, I hadn't lost my erection yet.

"Get on your fours!", I ordered her. I needed to slap her ass loudly to make her obey my order. "I said, on your fours... Now!"

After July positioned herself to doggy, I pushed her back, keeping her hips upside. My left leg was rubbing on her leg, my right foot was away from us. My two hands had groped her ass tightly.

I stabbed my cock into her pussy, without trying to make it easier. It just slid into her womanhood, as if I was thrusting a blade to her belly.

"MMMMHHHHHhhhhh yeaaahhhh! OaahhhhhhhH!"
I moved my hips forth and back as rough, violent as a usual rapist. It didn't take long for me to cum once again, now I was shooting a loud amount of semen into her womanhood!


"Get on your fours!" I could barely move from the pain, but you slapped my ass again and I listened to you. I crawled onto my hands and knees, the concrete leaving little gashes in my skin. I laid my head down on my arms and just sobbed until you were done.

"MMMMHHHHHhhhhh yeaaahhhh! OaahhhhhhhH!" I cried to myself as you came. All I could do was wait for you to get off of me. Eventually you patted my ass one last time and stood up. I pulled my underwear up and grabbed my pants. I wanted to run like hell and never stop.


After getting clothed once again, I just left July as she was trying to recover on the cold concrete floor. The door got shut loudly as I exited the room.

No cuddle, no kiss, no attempt to help. July was alone; raped, crying at the coldness of the storage room.


I fumbled to get the sweatpants back on with shaky hands. *BANG* The door shut and I looked around to find myself alone. I broke down and rocked back and forth cradling myself. I couldn't help but feel like this was my fault. He had tried so hard to be sweet with me, but I pushed him away. No- No July, you can't turn this in on yourself... I tried to rationalize in my mind what I did.

I laid in that cold storage room for what seemed like hours... until someone opened the door. "Oh My God, Miss! Are you okay?" A women ran over to me and embraced me. I had dirt and scratches covering my cheeks, bloodshot red eyes, and the expression of girl who had just been used beyond belief. "I'm fine...fine." I whispered nervously and ran from the room before she could catch me.

It was now morning time and the sun was up... Passengers stared at me with concern as I wandered through the hallways. I kept my face downcast and rushed back to the room praying that Lisa had stayed the night with someone else. I walked back to the room and felt around in my pockets for my room key... I had lost it sometime last night, perhaps when I was drunk and stumbling around or maybe while you ravaged me.

I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. The only choice I had was to go find you or ask someone for help and explain my appearance without giving myself away. I didn't go through all this pain to have those video's uploaded anyway. I made my way down to bar hoping you would be working already...


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