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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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I had fallen asleep very fast because of the alcohol, but I heard the door shut ever so slightly. I opened my eyes a bit but the bright lights made me cry out in protest.

"Shut off the lights LISA! Shut them off I'm serious!" I groaned as I rolled over to shield my eyes from the light.


"Your sister is not here... She is having fun with her friends.", I kept approaching her as she was shocked. "And we will have our own fun!"

I took my shoes and ties to throw them away, "Did you really think I was done with you?"


As soon as I heard your voice I turned over so I was standing on my knees facing you. I was still wearing my lace dress. "What are you doing here?" I asked angrily. You kept approaching me and I shuffled backwards on my knees. "Did you really think I was done with you?" I got up on two feet and stood on the bed so I was a foot taller than you.

"Get out of here!" I yelled at you still thinking you wouldn't do anything to hurt me.


As July was standing on the bed, I grabbed her one arm and I harshly pulled her down! I wouldn't mind if she would collapse down on the carpet, but she fell on her feet again.

Pulling her arm, I dragged her to the vanity in the room. With another harsh movement of arm, all the items at the vanity's table were thrown to the carpet. We were both facing the mirror, I was behind her and pushing her forward to the mirror with my body. She had to put her hands on the vanity table's wood. My left arm was wrapped around her waist, the other was holding her jaws to force her look at the mirror. My face was next to hers as I spoke, looking at her eyes from the reflection.

"Did you think I would leave you, huh? Look at yourself... Look at me.. .You are Beauty... And I am Beast."
My face was rubbing along her blonde hair, lips whispering in her ear. My left hand was running along the lace of her black dress, upon her belly and then to her breasts.

"You are mine... Do I need to remind you of that?"
My hand was now on her collar, trying to take it off.

"I know that being nice would never work... So, you see... Expect no kindness from now."


Your grip on my arm made me yelp out in pain and you dragged me across the room to the vanity. "You are Beauty... And I am Beast." I tried to yank my head away from you but your grip made my jaw sore.

"I know that being nice would never work...So, you see... Expect no kindness from now." My hands went up to my throat and clawed at your arm. "Let me go!" I screamed as I scratched your arms and drew blood just like before.


As she was scratching my arms, I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled it down harshly, as if I was tearing her hair! Then I slowly pushed her head to the mirror. It wasn't a severe shoving, but it must still hurt a little. Her face was rubbing the glass of mirror as I continued pushing her head onto it, hand groping her hair roughly. "Shall I shove your head to the mirror, huh? Shall we test how strong the glass is?"

I kept my silence for half a minute, I was breathing heavily with a rising wrath.

"It seems like I was being too gentle... to keep it unpunished... when you showed up that late!"
My left hand runned on her hips, groping and patting her ass meat rudely.

"Should I slap you? No, I don't want it to be something physical... I wonder how it feels like to... watch your own rape! Seeing how desperate you are when you are getting raped... And the joy of your rapist... How he drains your whole happiness... Will you ever forget it? I don't think so..."
I began raising the hem of her dress upwards with my two hands, peeling her to my gaze. Her legs were squeezed between mine.

"Now let's take this pretty dress off... It would be a shame if it got torn apart, wouldn't it, my beauty? Assist me to take it off."


"Owww!" I shrieked as you grabbed my hair and pulled it out of its neat, elegant bun. I glared at your reflection in the mirror as you shoved my head forward.

"Shall I shove your head to the mirror, huh? Shall we test how strong the glass is?" My head began to throb from your tugging on my hair. "NO!" I screamed as you rubbed my face into the glass. I pressed my palms against the mirror to distance myself from it but you were stronger.

"It seems like I was being too gentle...to keep it unpunished... when you showed up that late!" I was pinned against the mirror which gave you the perfect opportunity to feel me up. I thought back to earlier tonight when I walked without purpose, when I intentionally pushed your buttons, and now I was paying for it.

"Now let's take this pretty dress off... It would be a shame if it got torn apart, wouldn't it, my beauty? Assist me to take it off."I stopped struggling for minute because I wanted you to think I had given up.

"Fuck you!" I screamed as I used all the force I had to shove my elbow into your stomach. You were stunned that I had disobeyed you and that gave me a chance to bolt for the door.


I groaned with pain and anger with the effect of her elbow's shove. I noticed she rushed to the door, I must never allow her to escape the room!

I quickly crouched down to get into a position where I could leap at her. I jumped over her like a lion catching his prey, my arms were wrapped around her waist as I cought her. She was close to the door, her body slammed the door with the impact of my primal leap. We would fall on the floor together, if there wasn't a door blocking her body. I got on my knees steadily, held her hair and forced her to take a look at me.

Without giving her a chance to recover, I slapped her face! It wasn't a strong slap at all, its purpose was to warn her not to struggle against me. "You know, I can hurt you even more!"

I waited for my breathe to come again. "Now will you take your FUCKING dress off?"


My body slammed against the door with such force that it emptied my lungs of air. I opened my mouth to breath when I felt a harsh slap across my face. My face stung with its impact and my eyes watered.

"Now will you take your FUCKING dress of?" A stream of tears ran down my face as you towered over me.

"No..." I whispered as I put my hands at the hem of my dress to push it down. "I'm not doing anything that will make you happy!" I knew it was a bold move, but I wasn't thinking clearly.


"That's a shame... My pretty one, I really liked your dress..."
I forced her to lay on her face on the carpet. My one knee was on her hips, pushing her with my body weight. I got my hands on the shoulder part of her dress, began ripping it apart inhumanely.

"But this dress... will exist... no more!"
I continued tearing the lace with the whole strength that my wrath gave. Shortly, there was a rip along the halfway spine of the black dress. I began pulling it down, her torso was at my sight. I unsolved her bras while her back was still facing me.

My knee still on her spine, I pulled her underwear down to her knees. I patted the bare skin of her butt. "Are you aware that there are way worse methods to hurt you? Rough ways? Don't drive me angry!", I put a final slap on her ass. I really didn't wish to advance to sodomy, but hey, maybe that would scare her?

I pulled my knee from her knee and held her two wrists from behind. "Now stand up... Let's get back to the mirror."


I felt the rough carpet scratching my face while I listened to the lace of my favorite dress rip over and over again. "Stop!" I screamed over and over as your weight pushed me into the carpet. Within a minute I was completely naked underneath you.

"Are you aware that there are way worse methods to hurt you? Rough way? Don't drive me angry!" You slapped my ass and instantly I understood your symbolism. "Not that..." I whispered as you pulled my wrists to my back.

"Now stand up... Let's get back to the mirror." I bent my legs as you lifted me up and I tripped over my own feet but you dragged me the rest of the way. When I laid eyes on my disheveled appearance, I couldn't believe it. I had black streaks of makeup running down my face, hair falling into my eyes, and rug burns on my face. I was a far cry from the beauty who walked in the door just a few minutes ago.


I brought her to the mirror. My two hands were holding her wrists, my hips were pushing her to the vanity from behind.

"Look at you... A fallen bird... It didn't have to be like that... Don't you remember yesterday?", I began kissing her neck. "I would be gentle tonight... Maybe I would not fuck you, not hurt you anymore... Because do you know what drove me mad? Loneliness...."

My face continued running along her blonde hair. "I just wanted love. A special girl's love... Your love...", I couldn't hold myself from crying anymore, but my grip was still strict. I was sobbing with her, my reddened face buried on her neck. "I wish... it didn't happen like that...."

After finishing crying, I brought her right hand to my mouth. I licked her fingers, then I bit her index finger strictly. My right hand was free now. I began unbuttoning my shirt. Then took my trousers and boxers off, they slid down to my ankles. My erected penis was buried between my Adonis muscles and her ass. I held her right hand again, continued twisting her right arm behind her, like her left arm.

"Now bend over.", I continued to gain my dominant control again. "I have never fucked your pussy from behind yet."


"Don't you remember yesterday?" You kissed my neck gently and it made me regret what I said. If I had shut up and just humored you for a few more days then I would be done with you forever...

My arms became sore from their current position and I fidgeted as you stripped off your clothes. "Please...don't..." I uttered even though I knew there was nothing I could do now to stop you. My only chance of escaping you had blocked and now I stuck here again, forced to have sex with you. I could feel your warm penis pressed against my ass.

"Now bend over. I have never fucked your pussy from behind yet." I lowered my head and torso so they rested on the counter of the vanity. I groaned as I felt you spread my legs because I didn't know how much it would hurt me. Even the first time you raped me, you had been somewhat considerate, but now...


"Now let's play a game. I will keep watching your eyes. You will keep your eyes open, okay? Well, you can blink, that's natural. But try to keep your eyes open as much as possible."
While saying this, I was moving my feet to slide my trousers and underwears off my ankles. My socks were peeled at my feet, as well, due to all the struggle. I took them off using other foot's help.

"And you will be looking at us. Me and yourself. You will be watching your own rape. How helpless you are. If I notice you are looking away..."
My dick's below skin was rubbing on her right buttock.

"... we will make an experiment. And you won't like it. Got it? ...... Good...."

Now the circumcised head was touching her waxed pussy. My blue, insane eyes were on her eyes. My hairy legs were brushing her seperated legs. "You are still sooo pretty, July...."
I began penetrating into her womanhood, still as gentle as a lover.


"You will be watching your own rape. How helpless you are. If I notice you are looking away..." I whimpered as you rubbed your dick's underside on my ass. "We will have an experiment. And you won't like it. Got it?" I inclined my head in agreement. I would do anything to avoid that. "Good..."

I bite my lip as you inserted your penis into me and accidently closed my eyes. As soon as my eyes had shut I remember our agreement and opened them again and looked at you. Your blue eyes had always been intense, but not they were staring straight through me... It was more difficult to look you in the eyes than I thought because just as you said I could see everything. I could see the despair in my eyes and the insane lust in yours.


"MMMMMMmmmmhhhh", my penis penetrated into her whole vagina. I pulled four inches off, then slowly pushed it back. I began moving my hips forth and back slowly, not taking my eyes off her eyes. The movements' speed gradually increased, now we could hear the sound of our splashing, sweaty meats as my hips hit her butts with each thrust.

*shlap* *shlap* *shlap* *shlap* *shlap* *shlap* *shlap* *shlaaaAP SHLAP SHLAP SHLAP SHLAP SHLAPP*

Her breasts and my testicles were swung with each thrust. I was moaning insanely! I stopped holding her wrists, I grabbed her one breast and hips instead. Her torso was pulled closer to me, as close as I could still ravage her pussy with my vertically erected cock.

I decided to rotate ourselves 45 degrees, so that she could see the reflection of our hips from side. "Continue looking at it!", I ordered her. She could see my penis penetrating between her legs, I was fucking her like a jigolo!

Then I turned our bodies to our previous position, we were straightly faced to the mirror. I still kept her torso closer to me. I pushed her to the mirror as close as our position allowed, our faces were close to each other.

"Ummmmhhhh yesss! I am cumming! Look at my eyes! Look at my eyeees!"


As much as I hated this and you I kept my eyes on yours.

We turned to the side and you commanded me, "Continue looking at it!" My attention gravitated down to your penis as it disappeared inside of me. Since you had let go of my wrists I held onto the wall for support as you violated me from behind.

I placed my palms back on the mirror and hung my head down."Ummmmhhhh yesss! I am cumming! Look at my eyes! Look at my eyeees!" I pulled my head with the little energy I had left and fixed my eyes onto yours. I whispered, "Thank God" under my breath hoping you didn't hear me. I wanted this to be over so I could release my anger on something that couldn't hurt me back.


You might know that funny face expression when a man orgasms, especially if that's such an intense one. Here that was on my reddened face when I squirted up my semen into her pussy. My hip movements continued, but getting slower. Finally, I pulled my penis out of her pussy and let her go. I stepped backwards as cum was dripping from our legs to the carpet.

But something was wrong. I wasn't completely satisfied yet! My penis wasn't as stiff as the time I fucked her like a machine, but still some erection was flowing in my veins of dick.

July had collapsed on the carpet with tiredness. "Come on... Get on your fours on the carpet... And look at the ground. I am not done with your pussy!"

I crouched down to take my phone out of my trouser's pocket, when she wasn't looking at me.


My legs gave out on me as I collapsed onto the carpet. I was lying on my side trying to push myself up with arms. I glanced up at you and noticed you were still watching me.

"Come on... Get on your fours on the carpet... And look at the ground. I am not done with your pussy!" I whined at your request but crawled until I was on my hands and knees in front of you.


As she wasn't looking, I turned on the button of my phone that sets it in silent mode.

"Good girl... Don't struggle... I will be good...", I positioned myself behind her. Phone was at my right hand, starting the video. My left hand was brushing on her back gently.

I filmed July's raped pussy, once again. My left fingers were examining her labia and clitoris, showing more of her womanhood. Her skin had a color between red and pink due to whole friction of rape. "I love you, July.... I love you....".
My hairy legs were brushing on her waxed legs, my feet rubbing on her soles. I filmed it, too. My cock was gaining its old erection with the touch of her delicate feet and smooth legs on my bare, muscular skin.
"You are mine, July... You are mine..... Aren't you?"

My dick easily penetrated into the hole I had already inseminated, brushing her cunt at the way. My left finger tip was also rubbing her clitoris. (Do I need to say I filmed everything while doing these?) The hips movement was not as harsh as before, I began with slow thrusts, hoping I could stimulate her somehow.

*shwap* *shwap* *shwap* *shwap* *shwap*

It didn't took long for me to increase the pumping speed. I pushed her back with my left hand, lowering her womb. I ejaculated into her pussy once again, accompanied by loud moans! I continued thrusting her till all the semen inside me was ejaculated into her.


"Good girl... Don't struggle... I will good..." My palms and knees were pressed into the carpet as you ran your hand over my back.

"You are mine, July... You are mine... Aren't you?" I fought back the urge to say no, because I didn't want you to come through on your promise of an experiment. Instead, I whispered, "Yesss" to appease you as you shoved yourself into me again. I felt your left hand reach around me and find my clit.

I moaned with pleasure as you rubbed it just the way I had told you yesterday. I couldn't withhold my enjoyment anymore because I was so sensitive to begin with, and because you had just finished pounding me for the second time. "Ohhh..." I moaned again as you pulled out of me and let me fall onto my belly on the carpet. I just laid there trying to breath.


After filming my second post of cum dripping off her pussy, I stopped the video and placed the phone on the floor in silence. I sat on the carpet, leaning my back on a wall, trying to catch my breath. I was all naked, my penis was soft and little, wettened with orgasm liquids.

I looked at July. It was so sad to see her ravaged like that. She was naked, hair was all scattered, her pretty dress was lying torn apart next to her, she was attacked by Beast within me. She was nothing like that proud, strong girl in the restaurant.

I stood up, wore my boxers and carried July in my arms, bringing her to her bed. I picked her bra and pants from the floor. Gently, I clothed her with the pants and bra. I went to her open luggage to find a sheer sundress, I had July wear it.

I found an empty plastic bag in their rooms. I picked the torn black lace cloth and stuffed it in the empty bag. Her wounds needed some aid, I found ice-cubes in girls' refridge. I rubbed a piece of ice on the part of her face that I slapped.

Then I tidied the room, especially the scattered items those belonged to vanity's table. I didn't want Lisa to understand we were a little rough today.

Then I slipped in July's bed, hugging her from behind! I buried my face on her shoulder, "July, I am so sorry....", I began crying.


I melted into the bed and rested my eyes. You came over with clothes for me to wear and I pushed against you will all my might, which was nothing at this point. Even will all my strength I barely put any pressure on your arms. I didn't want your help.

I could hear you walking around the room, no doubt cleaning up your mess.

I felt the bed move under your weight as you crawled into bed with me. "July, I am so sorry..." I didn't open my eyes or react to your touch. "Just leave me alone..." I growled in anger and pain.


"Alright...", I slipped off her bed. I walked to my phone and clothes, I got clothed again. I sent the video myself as an e-mail.

"By the way.... If you intent to report me... know that I have just taken another video. When I was raping you second time today. I have just sent my video to my friend."


"By the way... If you intent to report me... know that I have just taken another video. When I was raping you the second time today. I have just sent my video to my friend." I turned over in bed so I was facing the wall instead of you. I should have known you would take another opportunity to add to your blackmail.

I drifted into sleep for hours until I heard Lisa come into the room. "July, how are you and lover boy?" She said jokingly as she eyed me in bed. I shrugged my shoulders. "We're... fine." It killed me to say this, but I knew you would publish those videos if I told anyone. I glanced over at Lisa. "Can you hand me one of those pills and some water?" She brought it over to me and I sighed with relief. At least I wouldn't get pregnant from this whole ordeal.

Hours passed and I slept off my hangover and the trauma of last night. When I woke up Lisa was still here so I stepped into the shower and got ready for the day. I couldn't hide out in this room anymore because you had a key and could come and go as you pleased. Instead, I would go to the public area's because then you'd have to be far more civil to me.


When I was in my room, I disinfected the scratch on my arms, took a bath, shaved my genitals and face before going to bed. It was easy to fall asleep, I was exhausted with that rough rape and multiple orgasms.

Afternoon, I sent an SMS to July: "See me at that deck at 9:15 PM. I'll be gentle, if you'll be good."


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