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Love Cruise

Novel By: A3V3I

July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 17, 2013    Reads: 7,213    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Co author: SirLost This was written as a roleplay, thus it will switch perspectives every few paragraphs

"Bon Voyage" everyone hummed at once while the cruise ship left port. The Florida sun beamed down on the top deck of the Carnival Breeze. Everyone had a drink in hand and raised it with a sigh of relief, one week in paradise. I leaned over the railing and took a deep breath of the salty ocean air as we sailed farther out. The sea breeze blew the hem of the sheer sundress with it and my blonde hair followed suit.

"Can you believe we graduated; we're DONE with school" My sister said to me as she finished her second pina colada. I looked at all the little waves splashing the sides of the ship. "Yes, and this is our reward." I raised my drink to the cloudless sky. I walked around the boat by myself for most of the first day, watching people, observing their habits and behaviors, and discovering different parts of the ship. It was like a city on the ocean, shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, comedy clubs, and anything you could ever want.

I took an hour dip into one of the hot tubs that hung off the side of the ship and closed my eyes to listen to the movement of the ocean. I loved being out in the middle of no where. Not a strip of land all around us. Just the endless rolling waves surrouded. The sun was starting its long journey to the edge of the sea and it turned the sky beautiful colors.

"Miss, Can I get you anything?" A man in a uniform approached the hot tub. I sunk down into the water to hide my chest, I had loved this bikini in the store but now I felt a little shy. I bite my lip and quickly replied, "No, I'm fine." My name is Leonard. I am ashamed to say this, but I am a rapist... I just wish things didn't go like that, but I wanted her so bad and rape was the only way I could touch a girl like that.

Let me tell you how I have been involved in this horrible crime.

I always heard the stories of young guys like me getting lucky by working in cruise ships. Those love ships were full of single, pretty ladies who were looking for some "fun", let it be with other passengers or attractive crew members. A close friend of mine once telled me the story of how he has slept with two women in one bed when he was a waiter on a cruise. That was the most attractive job for a 24 years old, single, healthy man like me.

I had left the college where I was having a good education, I needed some quick money at these times. And as you might guess, I applied for working in a cruise ship, called Carnival Breeze. I don't exactly know why they chose me. Maybe because I was a handsome man with deep blue eyes and dark brown hair, they didn't think I would harass a passenger. And that's how I set foot on Carnival Breeze as a barman at a bar nearby the hot tubs.

I have seen that my expectations were way too high. They made me wear a stupid, uncomfortable uniform, with a "Leo" tag on my right chest. Passengers were mostly happy couples and I couldn't say I found the single ladies quite attractive here. Well, nobody was looking at my face when they were ordering drinks, anyway, I didn't mind their lack of interest.

But there was one certain girl, July. She was shining like a diamond under the Florida sun among the female population of Carnival Breeze. I couldn't take my eyes off July when she came to the hot tubs where I was responsible with. She had blonde hair, delicate body, feminine curves under her bikini and shy attitudes. I could see someone else that really didn't belong to this artificial city, she was treading her steps with diffidence. If there was a human being that interested me, she was July.

I watched her as she stepped inside the hot tub. I approached her, at first I wanted to compliment her beauty. But no, her body language showed syhness. It wouldn't do anything but disturb her. Rather, I asked "Miss, Can I get you anything?" with a tender voice.

She just sunk down, I felt like she didn't want me to see her body. It wasn't only her what sunk down, but also my heart! She didn't even look at my face! And she withheld me from the view of her body. Like I guessed, she just said "No, I'm fine".

"As you wish, miss...", I left her alone. I get back to my duty, fulfilling stupid requests of other passengers. But I could hardly look away from July having a rest in the tub, her blonde hair and pretty face was enough for attracting my attention.
I rose from the water after few seconds and watched him walk away. I laid back into the water again and rested my head against the ledge. There was music playing from the bar, Rude boy by Rihanna, and I started saying the words to myself.
"Come here
Rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
Come here
Rude boy, boy
Is you big enough
Take it, take it
Baby, baby
Take it, take it
Love me
Love me"

I stayed in the hot tub until my skin turned red from the heat. I opened my eyes and saw the colors in the sky had melted together, it must be close to dinner time by now. I stepped out of the hot tub into the night air. The water ran off my body as I walked onto the deck in search of a towel. "What the hell..." I whispered to myself when I couldn't find one. I crossed my arms and started the long walk back to my room through all the air conditioning.

"Are you ready yet?" I shouted to my sister in the bathroom. I was lying on my bed in my leopard dress and black heels. "Gimme f-five more minutes..." Her speech was slurred a bit from her afternoon of binge drinking. I got up and walked to the bathroom to help her get ready. We had 6 o'clock dinner slot and I was starving.

I managed to get my drunk fool of a sister downstairs to the dining hall. We had a 3 course meal I was sure she would puke up later, but I enjoyed mine. "Come on, I want you to meet these people." She said to me as we walked past one of many bars. She led me over to a group of young guys who were considerably drunk and obnoxious. She let go of my hand and sat down at their table becoming enthused by their conversation.

"Do you want something to drink?" One of them asked me and I shook my head slightly. "Awww, Come on!" They all pushed me to have a drink with them.

"Well if I have to deal with you people all night then I need a drink." They all smiled. "That's what I wanted to hear!" One of them pulled a chair over for me and I sat down. The bar waiter from before appeared beside me. "What would you like?" I looked at those icy blue eyes and quickly looked down. "I'll have a mudslide." I handed him my room card which was the room key, credit card, ID badge, everything in one.
As "Rude Boy" was playing in the bar, I was passing by July and I heard she was singing the song. I sighed, thinking she would want a rude boy who would take her despite everything. But I wouldn't be that boy she wanted!

I had noticed July when she decided to leave the hot tub. I have watched her stepping out of the tub, looking for towels. She couldn't find any, it was obvious that she was cold. I found some clean towels, I was about to run after July and wrap her around them. But another passenger called my name on my tag. She requested me to rub sun oil to her back. Funny thing, it wasn't quite sunny at that time, but I've told you that I was receiving ridiculous request.

The second time I have encountered July was after the dinner. She came to my bar with another girl (probably her sister, they looked alike) and they joined a bunch of guys, who were already drunk enough. It was a noisy crowd there; I had always hated those kind of noisy, talkative people. But my July kept her diffidence and silence among them. What made her special for me was that similarity I had seen between me and her. I just wished I could seperate her from the crowd...

She looked gorgeous with a leopard dress and heels. I wasn't looking bad, neither, I had combed my medium-length wavy hair and shaved my face. I approached July to ask, "What would you like?" , looking in her eyes.

I smiled at her when we made an eye contact and she ordered a mudslide. Our fingertips touched each other as she handed me her room card, that was certainly not unintentional by my side. I turned back to the barman's desk with the card.

The first thing I did was sliding her card to the hardware whose function is to read the card data and output on the Windows computer. Here, everything I needed to know about this pretty girl was at the screen! It would take a long time to write everything to a note paper. And I didn't have a phone or camera to take the photo of the screen. Luckily, my keyboard had a "PrtScr|SysRq" button on it. I quickly took a shot of the screen, opened Paint and save the image which held all the information about July.

Then I actually began preparing the drink she ordered. I picked a rocks glass, the bottles of Bailey's and Kahlua from the shelves. I rimmed the glass with chocolate syrup with care I didn't show for previous customers. I poured ice cubes and half ounces of each liqours into the glass. Finally, I found a stirring stick with a cute red heart at the upper point, which was actually designed for couples.

I brought the liqour-with-heart to July, handed her card and glass with a smile on my face. "I hope you enjoy it, miss!"

After that, I began copying the cruise data of July (especially her room number) to a notepaper, then I deleted the image file when I finished copying it.

My eyes would continue gazing on her as she was trying to enjoy the noise of lower intelligence she was surrounded with. But I'd look away each time she catched me checking on her.


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