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Conquering the Tease

Novel By: A3V3I

Audrey is a smoking hot, tease, college girl who entices the wrong man... Tommy is an old friend, but he is anything but friendly after Audrey pushes him too far. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 17, 2013    Reads: 2,173    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   


I yelp as you grab onto my ankle and send me tumbling into the concrete again. I hit the stairs hard. I drop the mace with an audible clang and it rolls down the steps away from me. Tears are spilling from my eyes now as you stare at me again. My underwear at tangled and dropping down below my knees now, gathering at my ankles.

"HELP ME! I NEED HELP! PLEASE ANYBODY! AHHHHHHH" I scream until you climb higher and are on top of me again. I reach my hands up to push you away but you grab them and push them above my head, stretching my torso long over the stairs.

"You can't do this!" I shriek as I clamp my legs together under you and hold them closed for dear life.


"You can't do this!" she squirms with a trembling pair of lips.

"Oh, and 'you' can act like a slut whenever you feel like it? Doesn't really seem fair now does it?" I reply.

She shakes to come free as I lock both her arms with one hand above her, my other returning to where it left off, on her legs. They were closed now, tightly shut. One final frontier before my victory.

I giggle at her desperate effort as i so easily seep my hand in between legs and slowly reach further inward to where her leaking hole awaited its just punishment. I pass her thighs as she places all her last remaining strength into tightening her thigh together, attempt to seal my hand from going any further, but it fails as I only simply press on. One last push, and my fingers found her entrance.

"Nnoagh!" she moans out as my fingers reach their way into through the dripping pussy. I could feel her entire body collapse upon my touch, weakened and numb. Her closed legs cave in on the stairs as my invading fingers do their job proud.

In her desperation, she manages to reel a foot in between us both and force it against my chest, trying to push me off, but my weight and her weakened state sees her without enough strength to do so. Funny, had she kept her heels on she may have had a chance. But the soles of her soft and delicate feet were but a welcoming sight to he mix, plus she unwillingly allowed my fingers and even wide access into her as I began violently flickering my fingers into every wall and crevice.

"Nno.. Stop... Mmn.. Stop!!" she mutters in amidst tears and that breathy moan of hers, biting down on her lip with closed eyes. She would deny it, but she was clearly enjoying my punishment. The overwhelming sensations see her strength in her leg come all lost as her footing slips and the under of her calf comes resting over my shoulder, widening out her drowned pussy even more.


I whimper as your hand maneuvers past my closed thighs reaching its destination. I flinch as your fingers touch me and my legs become weak like jello falling to the sides.

As a last stitch effort I try to put my legs between us, hoping if I can push you with enough strength you'll fall backwards down the stairs. But I soon find out my legs don't carry the same potential they did with my high heels, and I've only given you better access to me. I moan out jumbled words against your invasion as your fingers work their way through every fold and inside of me.

"Please... I'm sorry." I whisper my pleas to you as tears run down my face. "Tommy please... Please don't do this..." My breathing is coming heavy along with my moans and I bite down on my lip to suppress them. My entire womanhood is aching, throbbing with desire I've had since I first saw you. I don't want you to notice how my body is responding to your touches. How wet I am. How my legs loses it's grip on your chest and falls to your shoulder.


Yes! Victory! My glorious satisfaction comes closer to one more unfolded act. In amides my fingers invasion, I no longer feel a resistance from her restrained arms as I carefully let them go with my my second hand. Nothing. Her arms flop on the stairs without life as is the exact response I was hoping for. With no more fight left in her, I was free to follow through with whatever I want.

I take to her leg resting on my shoulder and give the most intimate foot-job I could, fondling her calf and ankle, nibbling her delicate toes and licking her soles. She responds gross, and attempts a kick to my face, but catching her ankle it her force only soft lands on my cheek as I deliberate press her foot against my face, giving out a cushioning feeling. Her foot was so warm and soft against my face, I can see why she skipped the need for nylons or stockings.

She continues mildly flailing about when I begin to suspect why. Her hands catching onto my invading one, i catch eye as her toes as they clench up and her foot begin to arch in cramp-like. it told me something was "coming".

I before long, it came. Her body convulsed with a squealing moan as a sudden rush of her juices pumps out of her womanhood like a hydrant. I can help but laugh out a whoa as my hand comes soaking wet. She reached orgasm.

My fingers finish their job with extreme precision.

The challenge was conquering her, but the reward was penetrating her.


My arms fall onto the cold concrete beside me as lifeless limbs. I continue to whimper as you caress and kiss my legs and feet.

"Oaaah" I let a moan escape past my lips as my toes curl, legs flex beside your face, and my body tenses up. I feel the throbs and pulses of pleasure reach a crest and I grab onto your arm and squeeze it.

"Ughhh Oahhhh" My hips grind against your hand as I arch my back. My legs shake uncontrollably and my breathing is dramatic. I hear you laugh at me and I blush for the first time tonight, my face flushes with heat. I still can't believe this is happening to me.

I gaze up at you with big eyes as my breathing comes back to normal. I watch as you unbuckle your belt slowly, looking into my eyes as you do.


Her eyes say it all as I loosen down my pants, and free my manhood for the first time. it is aching and pulsating for its reward.

"No" she mutters, her arms and legs coming back to life as I position myself for the next onslaught.

"No.. No.. NO!!" she repeats as leg returns barricading against my chest to prevent my access.

She swims across the stairway horizontally as she reaches down for where her precious pepper mace laid rested to the mid steps, her fingers scraping along the step just before it when I anchor her arm down with the rest of her, disallowing her any further on it.

Her eyes pried onto the mace, She manages two fingers to it as she clamps the canister between them like chopsticks, the most loose grip asI make quick work with my delivery, brush her fighting legs out wide as they seep into position around me as they are suppose to be. Her final resisting had comes pinned out to the side, and there is only one more thing left to do.

Her eyes glued onto her precious can of mace, I find easy access back inside her and slam my pelvis into hers. The sudden assault see her body jolt once more, and her flimsy grip on her mace is lost. The sound of the can dropping down the blanket of stairs like ringing bells to my ears.


I almost have the mace between my fingers, just a little further and I'll spray this bastard once and for all. I feel your hands spread my legs among your hips but I ignore it because I nearly have it!

"Oahh" I yelp out as you slam into me unexpectedly and I watch in desperation as my savior falls down each step slowly. It sounds like an echo through the stairways, each bump reminding me it's travelling it further away from me. You fill me up instantly and I stare up at you with fearful eyes. I start to feel claustrophobic as if the concrete stairs are closing in on us, and your body is swallowing me up.

You reach a hand under my round ass and grope it roughly, taking a full hand of my flesh and squeezing it. Your pelvis slams into mine with repeated harsh thrusts and I all can do is lay there and whimper and moan.


I pant out a smirk. This is exactly where I want to be, ever since Audrey showed me her new and true colours, this is exactly what needed to be done.

"You wanted this" i mutter in her ear amidst my deepening thrusts. "This is what you've always wanted. You ask for this every night"

She closes her eyes and looks away as she can't stop her expressive moans and groans. My second hand moves on to the last remaining area yet to be touched. One last act and I have conquered her 100%.

I slide off the trim to her shoulder as it drops instantly to her right breast coming exposed, braless. My one hand focused on her rear, my second fondles every crevice of her mounds, squeezing them, pinching them, messaging them until they turned rock hard.


Your hot breath on my ear sends chills through to my spine.

"You ask for it every night" I glare at you through my tear filled eyes, because you are right. But I can't tell you that so I turn my head away from you, away from your gaze, your scrutiny.

The strap to my dress fall to the side and the cold night air blows past us. My hands push against your arm as you fondle my breasts until they tell lies against my struggles.


I couldn't control myself. Her nipples turned so hard so fast that I felt obliged to think just the same, so I dunked my head right into her perfect round mounds and nibbled at their peaks, suckling and lubricating them to being just as wet as her downstairs.

She claws her hands into the fibbers of my hair, pulling them every which way to seem my head removed, but the pain inflicted isn't enough to delude on my onslaught on her body. The moment was too perfect to be ruined now. Everything dreamt up for me tonight as come true as every nightmare bestowed inside her was leaking out.

I come round for a following nibble when entire body jitters uncontrollably a second time, with another made rush of her juices spilling out over my manhood and waist. She had reached a second orgasm.


My nipples become hard almost instantly, as if beckoning you to come closer and you do. The same breasts that I taunted you with all night are in your mouth. I wrapped my fingers through your hair and yanked with all my strength but it didn't stop you. My desperate whimpers come like waves as a maddening rush of pleasure surges through my womanhood again. A high pitched squeal escapes me as my pussy contracts around your cock and squeezes it as my legs tremble on either side of your pumping waist. I feel my juices spilling out of me for lack of space.

"Ughhh" I moan in frustration hoping this will end soon.


"I bet you're wondering what i'm going to do to you after this, huh?!" i tease to her whilst pummelling into her miy near final thrusts.

"I'll tell you. Nothing. You're going to go back to your dorm after this. You're going to sleep. Wake up the next morning, have a shower,.. an go to school."

I can feel a certain something begin coursing itself through my body, filling my innards. I know there's not much time left.

"You will go about your life, and this will never be mentioned." I speak in certainties as she does not respond. She does not even give me eye contact. But I know she is listening.

"And even if you do.. who's to believe a fucking tease like you?" I chuckle.

"Besides. theres a bar-full of guys who will say otherwise. They will say you seemed perfectly fine with yourself.. They will say you were asking for it. And so will you. Because you were. And you got what you asked for."

I am near coming. I slow my pace down with a warm before exiting her. Finally, she looks to me, perhaps thinking we're finished when roll her over onto her stomach. She gasp in horror again as I line up her rear and enter anal. rear.


I lay there not reacting to your comments and jabs because I know soon this will all be over. I close my eyes preparing for the end to come, but it doesn't. You slow your thrusting and I feel your hands on my hips, turning me, twisting my body over onto my stomach.

"Wait...N-" I go to protest and scream but your hands clamp over my mouth to quiet my horrific screams and pleas for mercy. I scream through your fingers and push against your waist with my arms, trying to block your cocks entrance with my hands. But nonetheless I feel your cock slide into me and I feel dizzy as if I'll pass out from the shock and discomfort.


I enter into her rear, slow at first, clearing a path as she spreads her legs wider to make clear from the tremendous pressure she would be no doubt experiencing. Screaming through my hand in upmost pain. i retract myself and re-enter several times, each time seeing my access with a smoother entry as each time she spreads her legs out a little wider to relieve the pain.

"This is what you wanted, Audrey." I remind her as my rage against begins to subside with the building and coursing of something inside me. It grows strong quick as it fills my manhood. I hold it in, for as long as I can. Savouring every thrust as each is welcomed with a blistering squealing cry.

"Here it is... this is it.." I clench, holding on, but I'm a about to burst. I can't hold it in any longer. On a final thrust, a pierce further and deeper than I ever have before, colliding my pelvis into her anus as my load is shot deep inside her. She screams out as my juice now fill her, and I pant the rest of my rage away.


I squeal and struggle harder with each deeper penetration and force my legs wider to ease the pain.

"This is it..." I scream out one more time in pain before I feel you fill me up and collapse on top of me. You let go of your grip on my mouth and I cry helplessly through gasping breaths. Even though you're finished I still feel this helplessness as I lay under your weight waiting for you to get up and go away.


My entire body is drained. I feel my muscles collapse, rested and relaxed. My mind is clear of conscious or consequence. What was just was acted upon. I seemed my vengeance on her unjust lifestyle, and it was ceased with all rewards.

I breathe in to her hair, panting "Thank you... thank you..." the words intended to scorn more than anything. i wipe whatever remained on my hands on her back and down her waist as I slowly retract my shaft, the last dripping remnants of my load exiting with it.

"I had a wonderful time, Audrey. I would like to do it again sometime." i tease with a smirk as I rise from atop of her. She quivers and curls into a ball, trying to hide her exposed self with her arms and closed legs, weeping along the stairs with closed eyes, hoping to wake from her own made nightmare.

"Don't forget your mace down there before you go back to your dorm room won't you? That'll might come in handy for you one day." I laugh returning my pleased manhood back into my trousers, ruffling down my shirt to its formal self, giving the defeated Audrey one last glance before turning away back down the dorm stairs.


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