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Conquering the Tease

Novel By: A3V3I

Audrey is a smoking hot, tease, college girl who entices the wrong man... Tommy is an old friend, but he is anything but friendly after Audrey pushes him too far. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 17, 2013    Reads: 2,326    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   


I am taken aback when I feel your rough, angry hands on me, grabbing my wrists and prying my protection away from me. I look around in all directions for someone - anyone.

"HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP M--" I begin shouting frantically before your hand clamps over my mouth so tight my screams cannot be heard. I dig my nails into your forearm and squeal through your fingers. You grab me from behind and drag me rudely away from the light - away from safety.

My feet trip over themselves the whole way as I try to kick you in the legs, groin, anything but it seems my legs have gone more limp as time passes and my kicks do nothing as you continue to drag me away. As we turn around the back of the building there is complete darkness and I trip once again losing one my precious heels in the process. Oh my god. What am I going to do?I scream inside my head. Is he going to hurt me? Kill me? My mind is racing, searching for an exit, an escape, a way to get out of here and call the police.

I try to think back to that stupid self-defense class I had to take in high school... The back of his arm! I squirm and fight until one arm is free. I reach around and pinch down as hard as I can on the underside of your upper arm. You curse loudly and involuntarily loosen your grip around my body. I shove my elbow as hard as I can into your stomach and whip my head back and forth trying to break free, hoping I can scream loud enough for someone to hear me.


Placing the both of us into darkness turned out to be just as much a danger to me as it was to her as she violently flailed and thrashed her body to come free, managing in several hits into my stomach that rendered me rather stunned, a belly full of liquid ought to do that.

A following strike with a knee into my lower stomach sees me lose my hold on the feisty-turned bitch all together as she manages to free herself from me entirely. I drop to my knees without any choice as she seeks her opportunity.

"HEEEEELP!!" she screams out once more, making a run out where once she came. But amidst the poor lit darkness, I catch eye on her leg and snatch at her ankle just before she came out of reach, tripping and collapsing square onto her chest. She gasps out a mild grunt winded as I began crawling for her. With a tight grip on her ankle, I am somewhat unnerved when I find it to foot without her high heel.

SMACK! Just as this realisation came to me, so did a heavy blow from the stump of her remaining platform heel, right into my forehead. Fuck it hurt. I gag out my raging pain from it as she continues the onslaught, kick after kick, after kick.


I rush back toward the light as you fall to your knees screaming for help at the top of my lungs. I feel a large, purposeful hand wrap around my ankle and it sends me crashing into the dirt. My head spins wildly from my fall and the alcohol is taking its toll as my head throbs horribly.

I have to get away... I shove my platform heel behind me hoping it will cause some damage. I hear you groan out in pain so I continue kicking backwards with all my might until I feel your hand disappear from my ankle to soothe your injuries.

"HELP ME! PLEASE! HELP!" I shout as I crawl forward on my legs a few feet away from you. There are buildings surrounding us in the front but behind us there is nothing but a line of trees at the start of the forest behind campus. I steal a look back at you before I jump into action.

You're lying there cradling your head in your hands as a line of blood trickles down beside your ear. I glance to your left and notice you dropped the pepper spray in our struggle and I quickly decide it will be easier to grab it then run all the way back to my apartment on the top floor. I waste no time and clamber forward on my knees reaching for it.


My stomach is churning on itself. Burning, aching, but I have to deal with it. The point of no return has long passed. As I forced myself to recover from it, I found eyes on the pepper mace resting still just off and arms reach away. Just I found it, so did she as she began kneeing her way toward it. Bad move, she should have fled for it.

She manages a hand onto it first before I snatch at hers. Back to square one. Only there's one problem. On my back, she easily climbs ontop of me as the point of the mace became ever so close to my face. I flailed her aim left to right, but her weight ontop of me gave her control and an anchor. She was winning this round, and I didn't ilke it.

A smile returns onto her face as her determination motivates her.


As I straddle you and push down with all my weight I look at your face. Your eyes are squinting, blood running down your face, dark bruises are starting to form on your forehead underneath the gashes and wounds.

"You shut-up and listen! One move and I'm spraying this into your eyes until the can runs dry, got it?" I yell at you as my breathing turns back to normal. My dress has risen up to my waist because of the way I'm sitting and I can feel your hard-on through your jeans.

Wait... he wasn't going to murder me, but rape me? I look at you in surprise as your bulge presses against my thin underwear. I always knew it was possibility to push a guy over the edge with my teasing, but I never dreamed Tommy of all people would be the one to seek revenge.


"You shut-up and listen! One move and I'm spraying this into your eyes until the can runs dry, got it?"

Her words were a false confidence, prompted by the return of her trusty pepper mace. I comply however. My injuries soaring on me as I needed to compose myself from the beating. From my lying view, I can see right up Audrey's legs and under her risen skirt to her thing layered panties. The erection I was sustaining throughout the whole night had finally elapsed over. I couldn't hold myself in no more as the bulge pressed against her unders.

She comes quickly alert to it and flinches at its tough, once again her distracted guard giving me all the time I need.

I clap my hands over hers and twist her wrist out to the side. Her instant reflex is to squeeze down on the trigger, but the trajectory of the liquid misses my eyes and any of my being as the sudden shakeng see me easily roll her over onto her back, turning the tables and her legs conveniently already to either side of me.

That sneering smile is quickly removed, along with her confidence as she returns fretting once more. Hands clamped shut, I continue twisting her wrist around still in possession of the mace as its rim sees its trajectory come turned onto her.

Her wrist unable to go no further, her grip is all lost as the pepper mace comes into my proper control for the first time.

"What did you say?" I taunt, reminding her what she threatened only moments ago. "Huh? What did you say to me?"

She can only look to me with a fearful pant as I showed her precious pepper mace to her.


I gasp in shock as your hands shoot out at and grab onto mine. Shit, I have to get him now! In my frantic state I hold down on the trigger but it shoots into the grass beside your face.

"Ahhhhh!" I scream out as you roll me onto my back. I try to kick to my legs but they're already spread on either side of you. I squirm under you and try to hold my grip on the mace but you turn it on me. I instantly regret my words as it is now pointed at me, my protection gone. I should have run, I should have bolted for my apartment screaming at the top of my lungs...

"What did you say?" I groan as I push against your torso trying to distance myself from you.

"Huh? What did you say to me?" I ignore your question again instead looking at you with fearful eyes.

"Stop it! Get off of me!" I shout with no confidence. I look around at the surrounding buildings, no one has heard my screams for help. I look down my dress which has slide up higher with the effect of my spread legs. I reach down to make it cover more of my legs. All of a sudden for the first time tonight I am worried about modesty.


He eyes gave me all the fuel I needed. She was terrified of the consequences of her actions tonight, and she should be.

"Stop it! Get off of me!" she screams out in a weak plead as she makes to stretch down her skirt from her highly exposed thighs.

"Hush, hush" I mutter aiming the mace right to her face. She extinguishes her cries with panting gasps. I catch eye on her attempting to stretch down her skirt in a desperate attempt to cover herself up, not like I haven't already seen what down there anyway.

"Ah-ah. No no." I growl out as I make to stop her hands. She puts up a struggle, but another reminder of the pepper mace right to her eyes sees her return still and quiet again.

"That's right" I smile. "One move and 'I' am spraying this into your eyes until the can runs dry, got it?" I tease, using her own words as well against her. Brushing her still hands out to the side, the remain dormant as I find a clear access right to her silk-soft legs. With my spare hand, I rest a palm down onto her revealing thigh. I gasp in awe at their feel as I slowly and gently being coursing my hand down her leg, squeezing and fondling with every crevice, and all the while she can only watch on and feel my advance.

"Is this what you do every night, Audrey?" I inquire. "You go out with these legs open to all looking, wear the most revealing attire so you can sell your body like a free peep show? And when a guys dares to approach, you simply say 'look but don't touch'.. Is that the game?"

I slowly reach down my hand to new borders as it comes under the remaining trip of skirt there was to the thing fabric that was her panties.


I glare at you as you reciprocate my threat from only moments ago. I eye the wounds on your head and contemplate hitting you, but think better of it when I stare straight into the mace can.

I flinch as your hand grazes over my thigh and slowly moves south groping my flesh along the way. I feel my heart beating out of my chest in fear and regret. If I wasn't such a bitch to him, this wouldn't be happening...

"Is this what you do every night, Audrey? You go out with these legs open to all looking, wear the most revealing attire so you can sell your body like a free peep show? And when a guys dares to approach, you simply say 'look but don't touch'.. Is that the game?" I turn my head away from you as the first tear falls down my cheek and drops off into the dirt. I don't want you to see how scared I am, how the fear is shaking my entire body. I never lose control like this.

"Stop... Please..." My hands are twitching with the need, the desire to push you away.


"Beggars can't be choosers, Audrey." I retort lifting the rest of her skirt onto her waist as it exposes the rest of her legs and her thin layered panties into complete view. I gasp and awe to the delicious site. She quivers from knowing how revealed she is to me.

"it's cold out tonight." I inform as I stroke my free hand down her waist back to her thigh, along the way my thump deliberately pressing in on her soft spot. She jolts from the sudden feeling, and I can't help but giggle. As I look to my thump drenched in her juices.

"Oh, I don't see how you can say stop when you clearly want it, Audrey."

I pant heavily as my bulge is reaching its upmost size. It want's out, and I wasn't going to deny for any longer.

I slip my fingers under her panties and yank them down at the one side as it see the thread come knocked from being perched on her wide pelvis, dropping down till to the corner, her clean shaven pussy comes into view.

In my state of absolute amazement, I lose track on anything else when I feel my hand clenched to the pepper mace come grabbed and bitten into. I scream at the sudden introduced pain and it sees the mace drop from my grip.


I squirm underneath you, my silky legs rubbing your sides. My eyes stayed glued on your hand as it runs down my belly toward my underwear. Your fingers graze over and I groan in frustration as you laugh at me. My wetness has transferred easily onto your finger even through my underwear.

"Oh, I don't see how you can say stop when you clearly want it, Audrey." I shake my head back and forth.

"No no no." I mutter in disbelief. My hands cannot stay still as you reach for my panties and I push desperately against your hand but you rip them down far enough to see me - all of me. I look up at your eyes, almost glazed over. You're in a trance just gazing at my pussy with an insane lust.

I take my chance and grab onto your hand with the mace and bite into it harshly. You scream out in pain and drop the pepper spray, but I want you out for the count. I close my eyes and prepare myself for the impact. I crash my forehead into yours, right into your bruised, bloody, and aching forehead. I heard an audible crack as our heads collide. You are stunned and rendered unconscious just for a little while. I push your large frame off of me and watch as you moan and groan in the dirt, reaching for your forehead. I retrieve the mace quickly, kick off my remaining heel, and waste no time bolting for my apartment.

I am stumbling all over the place, the head bang also affected me. I can't judge my steps and it takes me twice as much time to climb up the hill we originally came down. I get to the top and see you rising to your feet. I trip and fall onto my knees again, but quickly push myself up and turn into the light. I rush toward the staircase, 2 flights I must run up in this condition - head pounding, heart racing, legs unresponsive. But lucky for me, you are just as fucked up, buying me time to run up one flight before you even reach the dimly lit walkway where this whole thing started.


I am reminded of where we are when the sound a heel hits the floor beside me. Shit, how did this happen?! My peripherals return to me just as I see her mak a run for it back the way we came. My head is heavy, ringing, aching, and seeing more than double. Intoxication was nothing to this.

I stagger to me feet and give chase, not so much for my sacking of her now, but more so in preventing her from alerting others or security.

Coming to the dorm stairs where I first found her I see her turn the corner to the following flight of stairs. The steps her heavy for my legs, and my balance was not keen. I grab onto the wall arm as it assists me the rest of the way, turning to the second set of stairs when I find eyes on her once more, midway up the stairs, and fallen to the floor. Her ass through her dress was extremely clear and rounded, and even the sight of her panties still wrapped around her knees gave me all the welcoming I needed.

She spots me and aims her mace to me, this distance between us rendering the device without reach on me.

"Stay away from me!" she warns. But after all I have been through tonight, that was the one thing I wasn't going to do. I step forward for her.

She frets and attempts back onto her feet. She clearly wants another to come to her aid as she turns around and climbs the stairs. I take her place on the floor as trip on the stairs after the first step. It hurt, but it left me in arms reach of her as I reached out and snatched to her ankle. She gasps falling onto the final steps as the sound of the mace canister fills my ears as its clatter drops along the floor.


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