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Conquering the Tease

Novel By: A3V3I

Audrey is a smoking hot, tease, college girl who entices the wrong man... Tommy is an old friend, but he is anything but friendly after Audrey pushes him too far. View table of contents...


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A soft, rosy pink gloss is spread onto my lips as I scan the room looking for potential guys to toy with. "Audrey, be nice tonight..." My friend whispers to me, she knows me all too well. I love to tease men. Pull them in, excite them, and leave them confused and frustrated when I walk away.

I catch the eye of a man across the room and I flash him a demure smile, enough to entice him but still leaves room for uncertainty. I shift my eyes the right and look away so that he can steal glances at my body. My D cup breasts are on display just as I planned, peaking out above the sweetheart neckline of my red dress. The dress continues down hugging my waist and hips cutting off just above mid thigh. There are little cut outs on the sides that allow just a sliver of skin to peek through, just enough to make him imagine me without the dress at all. As his eyes travel lower, as I know they will, they will rest on my heels. I only stand at a mere 5'1 on my own, yet with my favorite black platform stilettos I reach 5'6.

I curled my blonde hair with big, voluminous waves that hit just beneath my breasts. I've smoked out my eye shadow and applied a deep rosy blush to my cheeks, much similar to that of a lingerie model. I look every bit the part of the college hottie, the girl who could get whatever she wants, yet all these men think they have a fighting chance with me. I feel the familiar grin creep onto my face as I turn back to meet his eyes once again.


It was another new low for me placing myself in this environment. I was surrounded by piers of whom all have had their fair history on me. Verbal assault, corridor bullying, work sabotage, the works. And yet here I am amidst the belly of the beast.

Why I was here, my reasons were not at all clear to myself. The cheap grog me thinks. 'Student's night half prices' always brought the crowds, and tonight I just happened to be one of them. Several weeks isolated in a dorm room can do that to you. Work was over, my perfectionistic esteem seeing to that taken the detour. But no more.

I was on what I counted to be my fourth when our eyes met. Across the way, there she stood like the only glowing source of light. She didn't know me, but I once knew her, from a long, long time ago. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and went to the same junior school.

Audrey, that's her name, and oh how times have changed her. She was never this "revealing" in her younger years, never popular, never amidst the circle, never easy. She was once striving, self-teaching, and a good study buddy. No more it seems. She was indeed no longer that little girl I once knew, nor was I a boy anymore.

She gave me all the signals, the eye contact, the coursing of her body, the waving of her hair, everything that she once resented in becoming she had become.

She looked back to me with that same intentional grin. Did she recognize me? I doubt it. I don't know what prompted me to approach her. Perhaps it was the cheap booze already in my system. Or perhaps it was the idea of just saying to and old and once friend. Whatever it was, I lifted myself off from against wall of the establishment and slowly coarse my way over to her.


I greedily sip on my third Dirty Shirley as I watch you approaching me, working your way through the crowd of obnoxious drunks. I give you a one over as you get closer and to my surprise you're not too hard on the eyes. My eyes travel over your body, observing your muscles under the shirt that peeks through your leather jacket. Once you're in front of me, I'm hit with an intoxicating smell, it must be your cologne. I play out several scenarios in my head for tonight although I already know I have my mind made up. You're quite a bit taller than me so I have to glance upward to look into your eyes as you start to speak. My own friends are laughing loudly behind me and I don't catch what you say at first. "What did you say to me?"


"I said, you probably don't recognize me, but we went to the same scho--", my attempts to repeat myself are again shadowed by obstruction. A jock half off his face nudges into my back, and I spill the remainders of my drink all over my pants and shoes.

"Oh fuck man. Sorry dude" the Jock laughs as he staggers back onto the self-made dance floor. In my state of mild embarrassment I return eyes to find Audrey laughing it up with what I quickly assumed were her mockingbird friends. I force a smile, but deep down I am hurten, not so much by her squeaking friends, but more so just by Audrey herself. She was never like this, and the reminders of what was once hurts me the most.

"Sorry. My names Tommy by the way" I make as a rendition in a desperate attempt to delude myself away from my forced accident.


I don't even try to suppress my laughter as you unintentionally make a fool of yourself. I send a wink to the jock who bumped into you, he's a friend of mine and this is our little ritual we play. He himself has been on the receiving end of my teasing so he takes any opportunity to knock down the competition- as if he has a chance anyway.

I watch as you stare down at the wet spot on your pants in embarrassment and smile as I prepare myself. "Ohh... Timmy you say? I can't seem to remember your face, although I'm sure you're not normally this red." I mock you, both by messing up your name intentionally and bringing the attention back to your incident.

My friends are all standing behind me, drink in hand as they snicker at your appearance. I give you a fake smile as I say, "You should go clean yourself up, Timmy. It was so nice seeing you again..." I lay a hand on your arm casually for just a moment before I turn to my friends leaving you completely cut off from myself or our conversation.

After another round of drinks my posy and I stumble to our car outside and head back for the dorm rooms. I sit in the passenger side and lay my head against the window nearly falling asleep on the 10 minute drive. Once we reach the parking lot, we split ways, my friends go into their building and I start the 5 minute walk across campus to my own apartment.


"Nn-no. It's Tommy, not Ti.." before I can even finish my sentence, she draws her back to me and walks away with her group of friends.

Her words seep in me deeper and colder than my spilt drink, and worked effectively like they were intended as, a poison. Her last words hit the hardest. "It was so nice seeing you again." She did recognise, she knew exactly who I was, enough to know my real name as well. But I didn't know her name anymore. This was no longer the Audrey I remembered at all. That Audrey was long gone from this place.

I took a cab back to the campus a little earlier than originally planned, though the time I got back there ended being the same since the driver took the damn detour road, no doubt for the $8.50 more to his toll. Lifting my feet I enter the unguarded gate. The security at this campus was a joke.

I came to my dorm building just when a small compact sports vehicle came rolling up to the lane way, and who do I see of all the people, none other than my "old friend" Audrey come stumbling out over herself. She could hardly walk in her state let alone in those heels of her, but she clambered onward anyways, her so called friends without even the decency to walk her back to her dorm room.

As much as I was no longer concerned for her well-being, it didn't exclude the excuse to be considerate. As a final gesture to see my old friend, I make my way over to give her an assist.


I struggle to stay on my feet as the pavement becomes uneven and the dimly lit sidewalks don't help me any. My heels click on the ground with each step until one of my ankles bends inward as I lose my footing. I fall onto my knees and slide onto my butt kicking my legs beside me.

"Ouch..." I mumble to myself as I try to push myself off the ground but my head is dizzy. I glance behind myself and see a figure walking up to me. I don't recognize you at first and I have to squint until I see your face.

"Tommy?" I ask you as you get closer.


Wow! She called me by my name, the first of the night. As I came right before her I couldn't help but look to her vulnerable state; her legs fully exposed from her risen dress skirt, a heel exposed out from a platform heel dropped at her toes, a perfect view of her low-cut cleavage. I shake out of my hypnotic state and reach down a hand for her take.

"You look like you could use a little help." I gesture with a smile. My intentions were pure and honest, but were rudely shut down with a backhand to my reached down hand, and the familiar mocking giggle she had brought with her from the bar.

She clampers back onto her unbalanced feet and continues her mocking.


As I see your face close up again, I start to remember you. I did go to school with you... back then. I glare at you and push your hand away from me. "I don't need your help... I don't need anyone's help." I snap at you as I slip my high heel back on. I get up onto my feet again and stand facing you.

"I do remember you now... Tommy. But I've changed and I don't associate with people like you. I'm surprised to hear you go to college here, I thought you'd be off at some Ivy League school, you didn't measure up?" I smirk as I see you get pissed off. I hit a nerve questioning your intelligence and I laugh at you as I turn to walk away.


Once again I am hurter by my own pride to be the civilised of the two of us. But something strike a cord in me that was never struck on any earlier circumstance tonight.

Who the hell is she to insult and doubt my intelligence? Who the hell is she to turn reject my offer of condolence and turn her back to me laughing? Who the hell is she to consider herself better than me. Maybe it was the intoxicated aurora of the night, maybe it was my pride all worn out, but I stormed after her just as she make a first step up for her dorm, and snatch at her arm, forcing her to turn midway around to me.

"Who the hell are you to insul-" I attempt my thawed out words, but it is quick not to go as planned as she continues laughing and milady thrashing for her arm to be free.

"Shut-up" I order. She does not respond, her cackling laughter no longer a pleasant ambience at all.

"I SAID SHUT-UP!!" I yelled, sending a hard backhand into her cheek. She recoils from it and yelps out a surprised gasp. Her laughing is no more.

I am even surprise at myself by my actions... but God it felt good!


"Oww!" I yelp as your hand collides with my cheek making it burn and sting. I reach a shaky hand up to my cheek as I glare at you again. I dig my heel into your leg and you stumble backwards but I lose my footing as well and tumble onto my ground. My purse falls beside me and I dump it's contents looking for my pepper spray. I grab it and point it at you as I lay on the ground. My legs are still unstable from my shock, fall, and intoxicated muscles unwilling to listen to me.

"Who do you think you are? Hitting a lady? Get away from me, Loser!" I yell at you feeling my confidence come back again. The pepper spray is held tightly in my hand. I glance around in the dimly lit walkway to see if anyone is here, I'd love nothing more than to get you arrested for assault!


I got back to my knees when she drew out mace. I froze, a good two or three feet away from her, so close yet so far. I don't know what's happening to me. This shadow of a once friends has stirred out a monster inside me. It wished to see this pretender hurt.

"Who do you think you are? Hitting a lady? Get away from me, Loser!"

Her words no longer hurt me, only fueled my rage even more. In her state of dismay and her drunken aura, all I had to do was buy my time. Her legs laid right before me, knees closed and mildly bent, her skirt slowly slid down to the upper of her thighs.

The shock in her eyes was clear, and she knew that she was no longer in a state of play. This was series.

I waited, waiting to see her drunk stature betray, and it did. She swerved her head around to the nearby area, hoping to catch eye on another whom will come and help her. Bad move.

Her slow response, and distracted guard, I dive right at her, smacking the pepper spray out of my line of sight before manage to clamper hands around her wrists. She again gasps in fright, never in a millions years having expected this happen yo her.

Before long I find a weakness in her tight grip, and begin slipping my digits under hers in possession of the mace.

"HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP M--" she attempts to scream as I gag a hand over her mouth. Two hands against made it unfair, but drunk state was a heavy advantage for me. In amidst our struggle, I snatched her up from behind and began forcing her away form the stair case and down to a poorly lit area aside the dorm black, all the while she was kicking and screaming, trying to see that canister of burning liquid find itself into my eyes. But I was determined not to see that happen.


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