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I am a cupcake and you can not eat me

Novel By: d l westra

Tags: Lust, Cowboy, Sex

The first time Amy meets Bob a bullriding cowboy she started to lust after him. View table of contents...


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Charter 1

I'm a cupcake and you can't eat me!

I had been married for 8 years to the man that was my first. The marriage had been over for a long time. From the time he started with the, I wanted it all for me (for himself). That he wanted me any time he wanted, to his drinking all the time. I was so afraid to leave him, I felt he would come and hunt me down. I felt trapped in this marriage that I did not know what to do. Therefore, I would spend my days taking care of the trailer park and its grounds. He expected me to wait for him to call on his wants. I hated my life. However, I had no place to go.

It was a warm mid. June evening in 1999. I was sitting in my office doing paper work, when I heard a knock on the door; I got up and opened the door. There was a good-looking cowboy standing there. He was about 5'6" tall, (which he was about two inches taller then I); with the most gorgeous of blue eyes, I have ever seen. His skin is dark golden brown and hair as black as night. And a black beard around his mouth, and over his chin. He looked to be about thirty to thirty-five years old. He was dressed in a black cowboy hat, a black western shirt and very tight black button fly jeans, (the jean where so tight, that I could see his big bulge in the front) and cowboy boots to match.

The first thought that came to my mind was, Wow… yummy! What a gorgeous man standing at my door.

With a gasp of air, I asked him, "Could I help you."

He said, "Yes ma'am, I would like to rent a trailer home."

I told him, "I had just one for rent and that it is a 2 bedroom."

He said, "I will take it."

Therefore, we went into the office and signed the paper work.

I told him that, "My name is Amy Smith." Also told him that my husband, "Tony manage the trailer park together" with me. I was thinking, I am Amy Smith and I want you to grab me, put me on top of my desk and do me here and now you gorgeous hunk of a man. I felt like someone took all the air out of me. A fire was smoldering inside of me and I needed to extinguish it.

The trailer park was located on top of the hill overlooking Oldtown, Id.

He said his "Name is Bob Mac 'Donald, and that I am a bull rider." I thought to myself a bull rider… mmmm… you could ride me anytime.

I got the keys from its hook on the wall and took him to the trailer. As we walked to the trailer, I could feel his eyes on my buttock. It was making me feel good about myself to have a man look at me in that way. As we walked in throw the front door to the living room, it had a small wood burner, and two big windows that looked out to the driveway and the front porch. Just right of the front door is the front bedroom with a small closet with no door, and one window that looked out to the driveway. As I showed him the front bedroom, I was hoping he would make a play for me. To the left of the living room is the kitchen. As I showed him the kitchen, I could see a very large bulge in the front of his jeans.

The kitchen was very small with a small table with two chairs for two people to sit in, an old icebox, and gas stove. In addition, one small window just above the kitchen sinks. Down the hall pass, the kitchen is the small bathroom with a washer and dryer in it.

Just passed the bathroom is the master bedroom with a big closet with a door on one side of the closet. In the master bedroom, I wigged my butt in hope of getting him to do something. Anything would have made me happy. Two small windows, that one of the window look out to the back small yard with a fence around the yard. In addition, pine trees just passed the fence in small groups. A crossed from the bathroom is the door to the back yard. All the rooms had hard wood floors. Overall the trailer was a dump, but livable.

As I was showing the trailer house to him, I noticed his cute tight round butt in those jeans he was wearing. I could feel myself starting to tingle and get wet from watching his cute round butt. I thanked him for renting the trailer and went back to my home.

On the way to my house, I started to daydream about the cowboy. What would it be like to have sex with a real cowboy? I was getting aroused and wetter. By the time my husband, Tony got home. I was so aroused. The thing I craved the most was a hard erection. At this point anyone would do. Fucking the cowboy was all I could think about at this time. I was so hoping that my husband would stay home that night and do me. Even though, Tony could not fix my problem. The truth was no one could help me with this problem because I had never had an orgasm before in my life. Nevertheless, Tony told me he was going to the bar and would not be home until very late. My husband showered, eats something and then lifted for the bar.

Therefore, I took a shower and went to bed. In bed, I could not stop thinking about the handsome cowboy. Before I know it I had my right hand petting my hairy bush, and my left hand was playing with my nipples and Began to knead the softness of my breast. With one finger, I pulled my lower lips open and started to rub myself softly. All the time I was dreaming about the sexy cowboy large bulge in his jeans and sexy blue eyes. I start to squeeze my breast harder. I was now rubbing my nub harder and faster. My whole body was now on fire with lust. I was breathing hard. I had never felt this way about a person before. I stuck a finger inside of my velvety pink lower lips and start going in and out. I fingered myself for a long time but it did not help. Therefore, I just stopped and rolled over and went to sleep.

The next day I got up to my husband being hung over and mean. Therefore, I made his some breakfast to eat. He was at the table. In addition, was yelling at me to get him something to drink now. I put his breakfast and drink down on the table in front of him. I got my plate and sat down across from him at the table too. My husband took about two bites of his food, throws the plate across the kitchen at me.

Told me, "you can't cook me a decent breakfast, you stupid bitch. I am sick of your stupid ass." Then reached across the table punched me in the eye.

I wait for him to go to the bedroom, (I could feel my eye was hurting, that it hurt to cry.) I cleaned up the mess my husband made in the kitchen. Then I got my sunglasses on, I went out in the trailer park and worked on cleaning the flowerbeds. It was a nice day outside even with my sunglasses on it hurt my eyes. I saw the cowboy come out of his trailer.

So, I said, "Hi, Bob, how are you today?"

Bob answered, "good and you ma'am."

I said, "I'm good too."

Bob was putting his bull riding gear into his old beat up brown pickup truck.

I asked, "Are you going somewhere?"

He said, "Yes ma'am, I have a rodeo in Spokane this weekend, I will be back Sunday, if I do good."

I wished him luck as he got in his old beat up truck. Something about the way the cowboy talked to me was getting me all wet between my legs. I saw the cowboy a few times in the next couple of weeks. However, the cowboy was gone a lot of the time.

My husband and I argued a lot throw out the next couple of weeks. My husband got to the point that he was hitting me around and forcing me to have sex with him when he wanted it was more and more often. One day Tony came home from the bar, grabbed me by the hair, and drugged me to the bedroom. In the bedroom, he ripped my blouse off me. Then with both hands, he pulled me from the floor up to the bed by my breasts. I pleaded with him to stop.

Tony then told me, "I see the way you look at that fucking cowboy. Therefore, I am going to make you think about me your husband!"

I pleaded, "But Tony I have not done anything wrong."

"Shout you fucking mouth. You are nothing but a fucking whore! And I am going to treat you like the whore you are. Now take your pants off." I started to take my pants and panties off when Tony yelled at me to, "stop."

Therefore, I stopped.

Tony yelled, "you stupid whore I did not tell you to take you panties off, did I?"

I then removed my pants. Tony had removed all his clothes and was standing over me. He then ripped my panties off me and rolled me so I was lying on my front.

He then told me, "I am going to beat them thoughts of the cowboy out of you, you whore."

I felt his big hand hit my buttocks hard. It hurt so bad that I started to cry and beg him to stop. The more I begged the harder he hit my buttocks. I even told him I would suck him off if he would just stop hitting me.

He just yelled, "Shout your fucking mouth whore, you will do whatever I want you to do."

I could feel that my butt was becoming bruised from all the time he had hit it. When he stopped hitting my butt, he rolled me over and climbed on top of me. He had a hard time getting his manhood inside of me. Because my privets place was so dry that he could hardly get himself inside of me. I just wanted him to come and pass out.

When he was done, he would look at me and said, "Did that get rid of the thoughts about that cowboy now?! Get out of my sight you whore."

I would grab some clothes and leave the bedroom. I went to take a quick shower. The water falling on my butt felt good. Tony had never beaten me this bad before. I would try to spend more time outside in trailer park, in the flowerbeds cleaning them out.

On July 1, my husband came home from the bar drunk. Kicked me out of the house because he said he had a "new woman." I had no place to go because I had no friends, left and my family lived to far away for me to go there.

Therefore, I went to the cowboy, and asked him if, "I could stay in his trailer house for a couple of days."

He said, "Yes that you could have the front bedroom and stay as long as you would like."

So, I moved into the front bedroom of the trailer house with the cowboy. Bob told me to make myself at home and that he would not be home a lot. He was getting ready to go to a rodeo in Cda, Id. for the weekend. I had never lived with any one beside my husband and my parents before. This was going to be different living with someone other than my husband. Because, Bob was not a person that, I know very well. I just known he was a real gentleman.

That Monday the cowboy came home. He went in and showered. When he can out of the bathroom, he was wearing just a tight pair of jeans. His stomach and chest was rippled with muscles. I just wanted to grab him. He was a very gorgeous man.

We sat and talked for some time. I was staring at his muscular chest the whole time. Bob talked about the rodeo, what place he took. I talked about how I grew up on a mountain and how my parents lived off the land.

I told him, "I will make dinner for you to night, to thank you for letting me stay here."

I was still day dreaming about him all the time. The more I day dreamed the more aroused I got. That afternoon I put on a very sexy low cut top that showed off my double d breasts. In addition, a very short black skirt that showed off my long legs, firm round butt.

Then I cooked a very nice steak dinner. While we eat dinner, we talked. I told Bob about the clothes my mom and me sewn when I was young. Bob talked about horses and going on trail rides in the mountains. I could feel his eyes on my great bosoms but he did not say a thing about them.

That evening I went to bed at about 9pm. Bob was still in the living room watching TV. I lay in bed for a little while, but I was so aroused that I could not go to sleep. Therefore, I got up and put on a little blue baby doll top and my nicest pair of granny panties I had. That show off my cute firm butt. The baby doll top was old but it the only sexy lingerie I owned.

Then I went to the kitchen and got a drink of water. Bob was on the couch in the living room watching TV. I could feel he was following me with his eyes. I went over to the couch and sat down beside him. He was trying not to look at me.

My face was red from how sexual aroused I was. Bob was into the movie he was watching on TV. When the movie was over Bob got up, said, "good night", and went to his own bedroom.

Therefore, I got up and went to take a cold shower because I was so aroused I needed to cold off. Then went to bed by myself still feeling a little sexual frustrate. I did not sleep much that night. I tried to fix myself but could not get off.

The next morning Bob was getting ready for another rodeo. This time it will be in Wyoming. Therefore, Bob will be gone for about 10 days. I had wished Bob good luck before he left. Not long after Bob was gone, my husband come over and was pounding on the door yelling to let him in.

I went to the door and without opening; the door asked him what he wanted.

He told me, "Go get your things together you are coming home now."

I was scared but for the first time in my life, I stood up to him.

I told him, "No, I'm not going back with you."

This enraged him.

He started yelling, "Open the door right now or I will break it down, You bitch!"

I yelled back at him angrily, "The cops are coming."

He turn around on the porch and punched the post and left. I waited for my husband to leave the trailer park before I would go outside to work in the flowerbeds. I was still thinking about Bob. I would daydream about Bob coming home and taking me in the house. I would let him have his way with me. I was going to miss that tight little butt and rippling muscular chest of his. It is going to be a long ten days without Bob there or for that matter anyone to talk too. As the days went on the days got longer.

I would try to do thing to keep myself busy. However, all I could think about was his cute tight round butt and his big bugle in the front of his jeans. His rippling chest of muscle that all I wanted to do was touch that chest, to feel it under my hands. I cannot wait for the day Bob comes home from his rodeo.

The next day I was thinking about my life asking myself the questions that I had no answers for like, what was I going to do for a living…? How was I going to get around being I did not drive and where was I going to live …maybe I could get a job in accounting, being I have a degree in accounting..? What was I doing living with a man I barely know? My thought then turned to Bob why he would let a strange woman move into his house… What did he want from me…? Want was he hiding behind those gorgeous blue eyes…? Who was he…?

Bob can home with a big smile on his face. Bob was so happy that he was glowing.

I snapped, "What are you so happy about?"

He wanted to celebrate and ask if, "would you like to go celebrate with me?"

I said, "I guess so…, it is something to do…"

Bob went to shower, and got ready to go out. I want got ready myself by putting on a pair of jeans and old t-shirt. When I came out, he was waiting in the living room.

Bob was all dressed up in his black hat and white western shirt and black button up jeans and black shining cowboy boots. Boy…., Bob looked so good that I wanted to have him now. When he saw me come out of my room in pair of old jeans and old t-shirt, he asked if there was something wrong.

I told him that, "it is my 30th birthday and no one not even my so called husband wished me a happy birthday."

Bob said, "I'm sorry I did not know it was your birthday today, happy birthday to you."

Therefore, Bob took us to a western style steak house. At the steak house, we had a lovely dinner. Bob order us both a steak dinner that came with a salad. As we eat, I was think I needed to pinch myself because I had to be dreaming. I was sitting across the table from this gorgeous hunk of a man. If I play me cards right I could be having sex with him tonight. I saw Bob whisper something to the waiter. In a few minutes, the waiter came back to the table. He had a cupcake with a candle in it. Bob and the waiter sang, "Happy birthday to me."

I blow out the candle and said, "thank you," to the waiter and Bob.

Then I looked at Bob and said, "I'm a cupcake and you can't eat me." Bob laugh at what I said.

I asked Bob, "What is so damn funny?"

So Bob said, "so you're a cupcake and I can't eat you, huh…mmmm..., we will see about that."

I was confused, I did not understand, what he meant by that, we will see about that. It was getting late. Bob drove us home from the steak house.

When we got to the trailer, my drunken husband was there.

My husband was calling me, "Whore! You would sleep with anyone with a dick between their legs."

Bob jumped out of the old beat up truck and grabbed my husband by the shirt.

Bob told my husband, "That was no way to talk to a lady."

Bob had my husband pinned to the side of the truck with one hand, had the other hand raised, as if he was going to punch Tony in the face. I never had a man defined my honor before. It made me feel good that someone cared about me. I got out of the old beat up truck and went to the front door of the trailer to go inside. Bob let my husband go and followed me into the house.

I was crying because of the way my husband talked to me. Bob came over and hugged me for the first time. As Bob was hugging me, he ran his hand down my long brown hair that went to the middle of my back, in a comforting way. That made me feels a little better. Then he wiped the tears from my eyes, face, and told me that I was better than that.

While he was looking into my big brown eyes, and told me that I deserved a better man than that. Bob and I talked for a little while. I felt so much more comfortable talking to Bob. Then Bob gave me a hug and went to bed. What had happened tonight was over whelming for me. My birthday, my husband yelling at me, to getting comforted from a man that I have been daydreaming about for weeks. What is going too happened next to me. As I was going to bed by myself, I was going over all that happened. I was happy to have Bob there with me. As I was going to sleep, I remembered what Bob had said to me about the cupcake and he said we will see about that. I went to sleep wondering what Bob meant by that comment.

The next morning over breakfast I asked Bob what he meant by his comment last night at the steak house.

Bob smiled and said, "You'll find out soon of enough."

I was still confused. Bob started to call me Cupcake. The rest of the week, I noticed that Bob was looking at me in a more sexual way.


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