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Thick, Delicious, And My Mate

Novel By: 4Everwet

He lifted the tshirt I was forced to keep wearing, exposing my body he leaned down brushing his lips on mine. Then with a small growl he kissed my lips. I reached up spoon still clutched in my fingers and wrapped them around his neck. I parted my lips and let his thick warm tongue invade my mouth. God did he taste good. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7 - Caught and Punished After laying down enjoying my orgasmic bliss I stood and threw on cute purple dress. Finding Marcus in the living room I walked to him sitting next to him on the couch. "You never learn do you?" "What are you talking about?" He grabbed my fingers and shoved them in my face. I smelled my juices on them and leaned away frightened. What would he do? He stood towering over me then remvoved his belt from his pants. He pulled me to my feet and turned me roughly pulling my arms behind me. He wrapped the belt around my wrist tightly. My breast were thrust forward from the way my arms were positioned behind me. He pushed me forward my face falling into the sofa and my ass sticking in the air. He pushed the dress over my ass exposing it. I flinched when his hand made contact with my bare ass. I pushed my legs further apart so that my pussy was exposed fully. Then he began slapping my ass, thighs and pussy in fast swift strokes with his hands. Over and over I cried out begging forgiveness to deaf ears. My ass and pussy were on fire and probably blood red and blotchy with his palm print. "Marcus please I'm sorry I didn't listen, I am yours and I shouldn't have touched your pussy. Please forgive me!" The spanking stopped and he turned me over and pushed me to my knees. My ass tingling in pain as it rested on my heels. I looked up at him my eyes watery and my lip trembling. "Do not disobey me again my Star" He sat on the couch behind me so I was knelled in front of him my back to him. We sat watching t.v, his fingers caressing my neck soothingly as I chastised myself for disappointing him. I should've known better, nothing gets past Marcus. ------------------------------- After a hour of watching t.v in the same position. I heard the front door opening and turned looking at Marcus. My hands were still tied behind my back and my dress was bunched around the top of my thighs. Barley covering my pussy. He wouldn't just let someone see me this way would he? He didn't even look from the t.v he only grabbed my head turning it back towards the t.v and pushing my head down so that my eyes were cast to the floor. "Do not move!" Breathing nervously I prayed no one would come in here and see me this way but luck wasn't on my side when I heard a pair of feet enter the room. I couldn't tell who it was. Marcus only grunted a ln acknowledgement and said nothing else. Someone sat across from us and I could only see their feet and jeans from under my lashes. I tried to be sneaky and look up and before I could Marcu's hand shoot forward and grabbed a breast through my dress squeezing it in his palm. His warm breath moved against my ear when he moved forward. Then after a few moments finally whispered to me. "I do not want to punish you more then nesessary but I will, weather company is here or not. Now eyes down and keep still." I lowered my head once more and after a few moments he finally sat back releasing my breast. I sat still content with my punishment and wondering how long he would keep my hands behind my back. I was becoming bit restless and bored but did not move regardless. I guess he was tired of hearing me sigh because eventually he stood and went in front of me pulling me up on my feet blocking the other person across from us. "Since your so bored how bought we find something for you to do hmmm eyes closed." I did so and then gasped as I was lifted over his shoulder and carried away. He brought me up stairs to the bedroom and threw me on the bed then went to the bathroom. I heard the shower start and then him rummaging around. He came back scissors in hand and proceeded to cut my dress off of me then flinging the remains across the room. Then picking me up to my feet pulled me tone bathroom. Opening the shower door he pushed me in the warm water falling on my hair and chest then watched transfixed as he undressed. He entered closing the shower door behind him. It felt like it was barley any room seeing his massive figure in front of me. He pushed me back sitting me on a hollowed out place in the wall tat served as a seat I presumed to wash up. He knelled before me spreading my legs then leaned over picking up shaving cream and a razor. "What do you think your....." 'Slap!' I flinched away as he slapped my exposed clit. Then he gripped it and looked at me, the water spraying over his chest. "What is this?" "Your pussy" "Remember that, don't worry about what I'm doing with my stuff" I nodded and stayed absolutely still as he placed a handful of shaving cream between my legs rubbing it into my pubic hair and pussy. I shuddered a bit, this was something I had never done. Besides him eating me out no man had ever been this close. And shaving, me was this normal behavior. He brought the razor closer and I held my breath watching. Then he placed it on my skin and in one long swipe took off some of my pubic hair. My creamy white skin showing underneath. I haven't seen my skin bare there since I was a child. And seeing it become uncovered now was very arousing. Every swipe uncovered more and looking between Marcus's legs I saw he was hard, water sliding down his length, I groaned quietly. He looked at me then what I was looking at then back at me a smirk on his face. "Patience, you'll have it soon enough." My eyes widened as he continued shaving me. Would today be the day he finally fucked me. Jesus hurry I wanted it so bad, I was tired of waiting. When he finally finished, he sprayed off any lingering cream and hair. I wished my hands were free so I could rnmy hands over it knowing it would be smooth and soft. He did what I was thinking and rubbed his fingertips across it. I whimpered softly and before I could react he leaned forward and placed his mouth on my pussy and began to suck and lick. I cried out as he took long licks with his tongue teasing me. i wanted so bad to grab his head and push it deeper into my pussy. i trembled and my legs began to shake as i wtched him suck my pussy lips into his mouth one by one. With all my hair removed i felt every lick and touch he did, i moaned ludly listening to him slurp away at my pussy and threw my head back when he speared my hole with his thick tongue enetering me. his face covered in my juices he looked up at me as i moaned. watching me pant and thrash around only him holding my legs ang thighs keeping me from slipping. i whimpered needingly when he pulled away licking his lips then stood. he reached up unhookoiing the shower hea but my only concern was his thick dick bobbing in my face. Without thinking i sat forward and engulfed the head sucking hungrily. tasting his precum and water. he was hard and hot in my mouth and i sucked trying to swallow as much of him as i could. he groaned ludly gipping my hair and shoving his dick into my mouth. i relaxed letting him use it. hoping my pussy would recieve the same treatment. still fucking my mouth he released my hair and ajustd the setting on the shower head to a hard pulse and pointed it at my pussy and cried out around his dick and he groaned pushing in deeper into my throat. i didnt last long with the pitter patter pressure of water hitting my pussy and him sliding roughyl into my mouth and ended up chocking and gagging on his dick as i came from lack of air. He only grabbed my hair dropped the shower head and continued brutally fucking my mouth then pushed it deep into my throat graoning loudly and then a warm hot salty liquid spurted into my throat. with my only options of chocking or swlllowing. i gulped him down breathing through my nose until his spurts stopped and he pulled his surpringly still erect dick from my mouth. Panting ludly i stared at him as he returned the shower head to its place then kneeled before me and kissed my lips. his tongue envaded every crevice of my mouth. then with his head resting on my forhead he looked down and i did as well and sheld my breath seeing him holding his dick perpendicular to my entrence. it was happining. i would finally be fucked. he lifted my chin kissing me once more and looked into my eyes. "Are you sure your ready? i will wait for you" i smiled then leaned forward nipping his lip getting a small growl from him. "Its your Marcus, use it" And with a cheeky grin he entered me. i bit his shoulder trying not to scream when he hit my barrier. He stopped letting me catch my breath ntil i noddded wanting him to continue. Slow and long strokes helped in ease in and eventually the pain stopped and when i looked down watching him slide in and out. i watched the blood slide down the drain and take my virginty with it. Then smiled happy i had waited and i used my thighs to pull him to me. He took the hint and began to pump into me. He reached behind me realeasing my hands and i thanked him by grabbing his shoulders, spreading my legs further and pulling his dick further into my pussy. i moaned and yelled enjoying him using my body. He pinched my nipples and fucked me hard my back banging into the cold porcelain. After my 6th oragsm Marcus finally grunted and came inside me kissing my neck and shoulders lovingly.i placed my head on his shoulder content with my diseon to return to him. He held me whispering my name over and over. And i only smiled not caring that the water had turned cold or that he was a werewolf. my only thought was he was mine and i his. Comment


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