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Thick, Delicious, And My Mate

Novel By: 4Everwet

He lifted the tshirt I was forced to keep wearing, exposing my body he leaned down brushing his lips on mine. Then with a small growl he kissed my lips. I reached up spoon still clutched in my fingers and wrapped them around his neck. I parted my lips and let his thick warm tongue invade my mouth. God did he taste good. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6 - Aroused And Ignored After my shower I threw on a halter dress that stopped alittle higher then I would usually wear but I wanted Marcus's attention's so it was worth my discomfort. I put my hair in a poinytail and walked down stairs. I found him in the living room watching t.v. I sat on the couch on the opposite end of Marcus. He didn't even acknowledge me he just continued looking at the t.v, so I took the oppurtunity to look at him. I wasn't sure what my place or purpose was here. I didn't want to be forced into a mating or whatever this was. But I needed to leave this place. Not once since I stopped my petty antics have I tried to escape. My mind was constantly filled by him. I wanted his attentions. I wanted his body, I wanted his rough personality, and even though I tried to ignore it I wanted him. His clear blue eyes never wavered from the television but I felt as if he was watching me. His jaw clentched and unclentched. His hands were curled into fist. Was he as aware of me as I was of him. I knew he wanted me but maybe he doesn't now since I was acting so childish with Terry. I sighed in annoyance and his eyebrow shifted but he didn't look at me. I leaned back in the sofa closing my eyes drifiting off. When I awoke I was alone and hungry. I stood stretching and walked to the kitchen, after eating a sandwich I decided to take a walk outside. It was still sunny out and the forest smelled wonderful. I entered the forest taking a straight route from the house that way I'd make it back easily when I was ready. I walked through the forest picking at random flowers that caught my eyes. I hummed to myself just happy I was alone to think. After about a hour of walking I began to tire and hearing the sound of water splashing on rocks, I followed the sound and smiled seeing a beautiful clearing. The stream was running swiftly down a small creek and there were fish swimming against the current in the clear water. I sat on the soft bright green grass staring at the water picking at random blades of grass. Not to long after I felt as if I was being watched and wasn't surprised when I looked over my shoulder seeing a giant wolf sitting behind me watching me with his glowing eyes. I turned back around and continued to pick at the grass. Eventually he trotted over and went to the stream and lapped at the water drinking. When he was done he walked back to me and leaned down placing his head in my lap. His eyes were blue, and looked sad in a way. I reached forward petting his head and rubbing my fingers through his fur. He thumbed his tail happily. "I'm so confused Marcus, I don't want to be forced into this. I want to choose you. I like you I really do. But this is not my place. I am not like you. I will never be able to stay here and be happy. I.. I want to go home." He whined loudly and I could only rub his head trying to ease his unhappiness. He stood and pulled at my dress with his teeth, I stood and was pushed by his nose into the forest where I was lead back to the house. ------------------------------- Marcus P.O.V "Where is she?" I looked at Josh sadly. "I let her leave" "Why?" "She was unhappy here, she couldn't except me and what I was. It hurt me to hear that but her happiness is my priority and that is what she wanted." "So thats it?" "I gave her my number she said shell call, but a big part of me thinks she wont." ------------------------------- Three months later Star's P.O.V I was going insane. I've been so depressed and unhappy. I've gained weight. I miss him so much, I barly go a minute without him in my mind. But I wont go back. I would be so embarresed to go back knowing he was right. Whatever spell he put on me hasn't left. I thought being away from him i would be free fron those feelings I had and I could continue my life but I have no life. I needed him. I had to have him. So after all this time Ive decided to go back. I was standing on the road entrance to the forest waiting on Terry to pick me up. I had called the house and he wasn't home. Only Terry. I asked that he'd get me and I would surprise Marcus with my arrival. As soon as I entered his room I sighed in relief. Never had I felt so happy just to be in the same place as someone else. Since he wasn't here at the moment because he went to a alpha meeting I decided to shower then I laid on his bed enjoying his soft sheets which were consumed with his smell. I smiled happily this is where I should've stayed in the beginning. I had waited paitently with the sheets wrapped around me for three hours, the sun set long ago when the doorknob was turned and opened. A smile spread across my face when he looked up at me jaw dropped. "St..Star?" "Yes, Marcus" "What are you doing here, I thought you didn't want me." "I always wanted you Marcus, I just was just so used to not being wanted I didn't think you'd want me for long." A growl ripped from his throat his eyes glowing angrily. "And instead of asking me or trusting me you decided to just leave!" "I..I didn't think.." "You dam right you didn't and ill be thinking for you from now on since you can't even make a choice that would make you happy." "Hey I didn't say....." He closed his eyes shaking his head shhhhhing me. "Quiet Star, I'm really close to losing my self control with you right now." I should've been scared he was shaking and his eyes were glowing brightly but my nippies hardened and my pussy began to leak. His nostrils flared and he sniffed the air before his eyes zoned in on me. "Star what part of losing my self-control don't you understand?" "Then lose it" I taunted. His eyes widened then he lifted his shirt off his body. His hardened chest making me wet. And unbuttoned his pants pushing them off while kicking off his shoes. He walked over to the bed in nothing but boxers, each step made his dick bounce around beneath the thin material. He climbed over me and I watched my breath quickining. He leaned down his warm breath tickling my face then kissed me. I moaned in relief at the contact. To long had I dreamed of this happining. I reached up laying down fully as he kissed me, he followed me down as my head sank into the pillows. I clutched his shoulders moaning softly as his tongue delved into my mouth. He tasted to good. He growled playfully has he nipped my lips and I giggled pulling him closer. His took his hand and placed it on my neck wrapping his fingers around it. It didn't frighten me, it relaxed me. Even as his fingers tightened slightly around my throat. I whimpered and attempted to spread my legs but the sheets stopped my movements. He pulled back slightly and stared into my face his glowing eyes arousing me more. "Marcus pleas.." "Don't talk unless I ask you to. The only sound I want to hear coming from your mouth are screams." I shivered and nodded. He grazed his.fingers down and in one sharp tug moved the sheets off my body. Immediately I covered my self with my hands as best as I could. He looked at me confused. I looked at the sheets trying to cover us and he only took and threw it from the bed. "Speak!" "I.. I've gained a little weight since." He growled loudly. Then placed his hand around my neck once more and spread my legs roughly placing himself between my gapped thighs. He grapped a breast and squeezing it then took my nipple rolling and pinching it between his fingers. I gasped and arched my back as he pulled my nipple towards himself and caused me pain. I grimaced but did not ask him to stop. I liked this rough dominant side of him. He squeezed my neck again applying pressure and I could breath but it was only short burst of air that I was able to breath. For some reason it excited me, my clit jumped and the smell of my arousal swirled in the air heavily. He released my neck letting me breath normally and put his fingers between my thighs and on my clit. He slid in across my it and I shivered looking at him pleading. He took his fingers and entered me slowly. I grunted and shuddered clinging to his shoulders crying out. He finger fucked me in slow rythem which drived me insane. I began to hump his fingers trying to hurry the pace but he would only remove his fingers from inside me and make me wait until I stopped. He continued this torture for over twenty minutes and when I was ready for release he stopped! He smirked and climbed off me then went to his pile of clothes throwing on his jeans. "If you touch your pussy it'll be the last time you use your hands understand?" I nodded outwardly but I knew I would not obey. "Why,.." "You think you could leave then return and receive no punishment. You will beg my forgiveness for leaving in the first place my little Star." Then he left the room slamming the door behind him. I waited at least 20 minutes humping the air before i said fuck it and placed my fingers around my neck squeezing then finger fucking myself to an orgasm my hides leaking on the bed. He would never know. I needed release, it would be my little secret. Comment


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