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Thick, Delicious, And My Mate

Novel By: 4Everwet

He lifted the tshirt I was forced to keep wearing, exposing my body he leaned down brushing his lips on mine. Then with a small growl he kissed my lips. I reached up spoon still clutched in my fingers and wrapped them around his neck. I parted my lips and let his thick warm tongue invade my mouth. God did he taste good. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4 - Rejection He didn't return that night but I felt him enter the bed early morning, pulling me into his body before his snores filled the room. What's funny is I couldn't sleep that whole night but as soon as I was wrapped in his arms I fell asleep instantly. I rolled over stretching and cracked my eyes open then frowned. Marcus was leaning over me staring into my face a grin across his mouth, his blue eyes wide and sparkling. "Morning" he said grinning happily "Um, did I miss something" I croaked out. "No its just a beautiful day and I want to take you around my land." "In a tshirt" "No your clothes arrived." "Clothes, what clothes?" He jumped up pulling me with him. I stumbled clumsily and followed him to the closet. He opened it and I gasped. All his clothes were on one side of the closet and the other was filled with vibrant colors of material, jeans, shoes, flats and sneakers. I walked in the closet running my fingers over everything as I stared in awe. Then turned running at him and tackling him to the ground hugging him. We fell and he rolled over so he was on top of me between my gapped thighs. He pushed my hair away from my face and leaned down then pecked my lips softly. "Your welcome" "How did you afford...." "Does it matter there yours now dress I wanna go out." I chose to wear a purple tank top and black puma shorts with sneakers. Everything fit perfectly and I didn't feel self consious at all the way he was staring. It felt great to have on underwear again but the way my ass was moving as we walked in the.forest it was like nothing was constricting it. Looking over my shoulder I blushed as Marcus stared bluntly watching my ass move and shake. Then yesterday came crashing back and I stopped staring at him crossing my arms on my chest. He caught up ruining ahead of me stopping in front of me and wrapped his arms around me. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" "No I just want to know why it matters that I'm a virgin, why did you leave last night." "I left because I almost lost control and fucked you. You being a virgin doesn't bother me it excites me. I believe no, I know your my mate. You drive me wild I don't think it was a mistake you got lost on my land. Your mine and your untouched." "Mate, yours, are you claiming me? Do I have no choice in the matter? What if I don't want you?" He growled low in his throat and gripped my hips tightly. Then kissed me roughly. I couldn't help but respond and moan and whimper until he leaned away letting me gasp for breath. "You don't want me huh?" "No...no I don't" I looked away, I knew I did but I didn't like the way he made it like I had no other options. I stomped back the way we came walking back to the house ignoring his frightening growls behind me. When I entered I walked down the halls hearing voices and walked toward them. I missed talking to other people. Marcus was in my face non stop the last couple weeks. I entered what was a kitchen. The man who found me and another handsome man was there joking around and eating. When they noticed me they smiled and waved. I waved back nervously and sat at the counter across from them. "I'm Star" "Im Joe, and this is Terry." "Nice to meet you guys" "Likewise" Terry replied looking at me. I felt like he was having sex with my body with his eyes. Joe cleared his throat noticing and Terry looked away but still glanced back every few seconds. They began conversing with me telling me what a great pack this was and how much they wanted to enlarge it. There was a female here named Shabre but I wouldn't want to meet her. I was having fun and enjoying their company. It caught me off gaurd when Terry asked. "Are you and Marcus together?" "Absolutely not!" "Good" He licked his lips but I didn't like it, and I looked away. I knew something was wrong when they both got quiet and jumped up from their seats scrambling away. I didn't have to turn to know why, I heard his footsteps then his body heat behind my back I turned around on the stool staring into his glowing eyes. "What is it, can't you see I was conversing with a potential boyfriend." His eyes glowed brightly and his rippling shook so bad I knew I was pushing it, but I wasnt frightened of him he wouldn't hurt me. "I will kill that boy if he gets near you." "I thought you cared for your pact." "I care for my pact, but I love you!" "You,you do? But, you don't even know me and my weight doesn't bother you?" He took my hand placing it on his hard dick through his jeans. "What do you think?" I stood my body pressing into his I squeezed him through his jeans and a low growl came from his throat. "Take me upstairs and show me it doesn't bother you then" "I want to badly but no." "Why?" I felt so embarrassed I should've knew he didn't really want me. "Just no" "Fine, I'm going to go socialize with Terry. He so cute don't you think." Comment


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