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Thick, Delicious, And My Mate

Novel By: 4Everwet

He lifted the tshirt I was forced to keep wearing, exposing my body he leaned down brushing his lips on mine. Then with a small growl he kissed my lips. I reached up spoon still clutched in my fingers and wrapped them around his neck. I parted my lips and let his thick warm tongue invade my mouth. God did he taste good. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2 - Escape As soon as I was alone and I heard the man's retreating footsteps I ran to the balcony. From my point of view I was on The second floor, there was no way I'd jump but the stars were looking after me as I got an idea. I ran inside scooping all the sheets from the bed and rushing to the balcony making a makeshift rope. After testing its strength I tied it over the railing and dropped it to the ground. Praying it would hold my weight I grabbed the rope climbed over and used it to let myself down. My arms gave out halfway down an I landed hard on my butt. But thinking of that dog I scrambling to my feet and took off into the dark forest . I had no direction of where I was going, I could barely see but I ran and ran. Panting and sweating profusely. After about ten minutes of stumbling I stopped at a log catching my breath taking a seat. I needed to think, how do I get home. I slowed my breathing trying to listen for passing cars to know if I was near a road. What I heard instead made my heart jump in my chest. A low growling filled my ears. Looking over my shoulder I saw bright glowing eyes behind me. I froze just staring. It came from the tree's walking around me, I followed his movements until he was standing in front of a few steps away. I knew this was not the dog from earlier. This dog was massive, black shiny fur, longer tail and I knew it was angry. Sighing in defeat I bowed my head, immediately the growling stopped. I peeked up and it resumed again. I looked back at the ground. I heard his heavy footsteps walk towards me slowly. Then squeaked when his paws came into view near my feet. He sat on his hunches and leaned his nose forward and began sniffing me. First my fingers which were sitting on each thigh, then my chest and neck. His cold wet nosed passed over my mine and I leaned back alittle scared he'd bite my face off. A low growl came from his throat and I went back to my previous place. He then countinued sniffing me, my shoes and legs. Then surprisingly placed his nose between my thighs sniffing where my pussy was. He pressed his nose right where my clit lay beneath my jeans and in spite of myself I shivered. I took a hand and runned it through his fur on top of his head he only countinued pressing into my pussy. A small whimper left my throat and realization hit me and I scrambled away from him. I stood and fled the soft padding of his paws keeping me going. Everytime I changed course he'd run ahead of me herding me the other way until with annoyance I rolled my eyes realizing he had chased me back to the house. I looked back over my shoulder angrily and stomped inside. He padded in behind me then walked ahead of me to the end of the hall up some stairs. I followed agitated, after a hall and living room he padded into the door of the room I had escaped from, I walked in sat in the chair by the fireplace and kicked off my shoes. I closed my eyes ignoring his shuffling that was coming from the closet. When he finally emerged I couldn't help but raise my eyebrow, the first time I didn't really give him a good look but now that he was standing before me I couldn't help but appreciate my captors good looks. Bright clear blue eyes and a strong nose, with plump lips made up his irritated face. Muscled chest and arms which were crossed before me, bulged frightfully under his white t-shirt.. His short blonde buzz cut had me aching to run my fingers through it and his tight denim jeans stretched beautifully over his muscled thighs. I stared lovingly at the bulge pressed against his thigh. He cleared his throat causing me to look up. A smirk across his lips. "If you hadn't run away maybe I would've obliged but now I can't give you such pleasures." I scowled at his ego and rolled my eyes looking away. "How long will you keep me here?" I mumbled. "How long does it take you humans to die?" I sighed trying to hold in tears. "Listen I don't know anyone, I don't have family or friends or even a boyfriend. I wont tell, Please let me go" "I'm sorry Star but its the rules, my name is Marcus by the way I'm the Alpha here. Which means I make all the rules and choices. I'm leniant but when it comes to protecting my pack I will kill to keep them safe. Do you understand?" I nodded squeezing my eyes closed as a tear fell from my eyes. Taking a breath I stood trying to ignore how he towered over me. "Where do I sleep?" "Here, oh come on don't give me that face. After running do you really think I'd leave you to your own devices. Until I know your not a flight risk Ill be keeping my eyes on you. " I huffed and crossed my arms. "Can you at least get me some clothes, I would like a shower but I doubt if there are any females here I would be able to fit there clothing." "Your right you wouldn't, shower ill find something for you." ------------------------------- After watching her bubbly ass walk off, I searched my closet for some clothes only coming up with a big t-shirt. I had no jeans she could fit and I'm sure Shabre wouldn't want to share. I ran out locking the door behind me, then downstairs to the kitchen Terry and Joe were eating leftover lasagna. I scooped some in a bowl for her and popped it in the microwave. "So hows the escape convict?" Joe asked. 'She's coping, to be honest I expected her to fight me but she just nodded and went to take a shower." Joe and Terry both looked at one another and shook their heads. "I don't think she's given up" I shrugged my shoulders. "Neither do I, that's why she's sleeping in my room." "And your not gonna take advantage of the poor defenseless human are you." I growled Joe immediately cowered showing defeat. "Sorry my alpha." I grunted and grabbed her food rushing back upstairs. When I entered my room I almost dropped her food. She was sitting on the egde of the bed her feet dangling off the side of the bed. She had on the t-shirt it stopped about mid thigh her creamy thick legs showing, causing me to lick my lips. She stood and walked over to me a grin on her face. She took the food sniffing approvingly. "I would love to oblige you but,you wont let me escape, so I can't give you such pleasures right now" She turned walking to the chair near the fireplace and began eating her food. I closed and locked the door behind me agitated. How dare this human challange me like that. I breathed deeply calming myself and my rock hard dick. I laid on my back on the bed staring at her my eyelids heavy. Watching the slow rise of her chest, her nipples showing through the shirt. Her long shiny black hair flowing over her shoulder, I pictured grabbing it as I fucked her mouth. I didn't realize I had dozed off until I heard the thump! outside. I opened my eyes the chair was empty, bowl sitting on the floor half eatin and the balcony doors open. I ran towards it and looked down seeing her struggling to her feet. I jumped down landing swiftly next to her. She turned startled and backed up, her back hitting the wall of the house. I walked forward placing my hands on the wall aside her, my face so close I could feel her soft breath in my face. "I am so close to just killing you little one, stop pushing me I rather not do it." "You mind as well ill never stop trying to escape!" "Is that a challange" I threatened sneering. My canines lengthing. She saw them and trembled. "I thought so" I sneered and grabbed her throwing her over my shoulder. Her ass and pussy becoming uncovered. Her sweet scent hitting my nose. Irritated I took the back entrance. I didn't want anyone to see her exposed like this for some reason. When I entered my room I threw her on the bed climbing in next to her. Then pulled her to me spooning her. Trying to keep my hard dick from pressing into her back. "Escape me now little Star"


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