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Thick, Delicious, And My Mate

Novel By: 4Everwet

He lifted the tshirt I was forced to keep wearing, exposing my body he leaned down brushing his lips on mine. Then with a small growl he kissed my lips. I reached up spoon still clutched in my fingers and wrapped them around his neck. I parted my lips and let his thick warm tongue invade my mouth. God did he taste good. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 - Wrong Place At The Wrong Time I can't believe it. I'm freaking lost. I know I passed this tree at least ten times. I sighed trying to think, I had no service, no one knew I was out here and I ate and drank my supplies long ago. It was probably around 8pm. The sky was darkening and I could hear no cars so I know I wasn't near the road. Listening I heard the pitter patter of water splashing and followed it. I was dehydrated and needed water. I could only hope it was safe and clean. After five minutes or so of stumbling on rocks I saw the stream. It was a very wide stream but it was far enough I couldnt jump over it, not that I would've tried. I bent over at the knees placing my bag on the floor and placed my finger tips in the water, it was cool and immediately sent chills up my arm. Licking my parched lips I cupped my palm gathering water then placed it at my lips drinking. Its tasted like fresh poland spring from the deli. I sipped at more and was about to get more when I heard a the sound of a twig snapping. I froze, I wasn't expecting to be raiped but I didn't want to be murdered either. I looked across the lake a dog padded to the scream opposite of me and lapped at the water. I stayed absolutely still holding my breath, I didn't want the dog to attack me. After drinking his full he backed up shook his fur out then his body rippled. I watched petrified as his hair receded into his skin. His ears, tail and muzzle shrunk into a man like face. Claws receded then his bones lengthed and straightened to arms and legs. Before I could understand what I was seeing a man stood where the dog was just a moment before. He was nude and though I was scared I still noticed how muscular he was. He bent down running his fingers in the water then throwing some on his face and shaggy hair. He yawned lazily just staring at the water. My first thought was to run but what if he turned into the dog and killed me. I attempted to move my foot back and it was just my luck a dried leaf was under my foot and cruntched beneath me. His head snapped up and his eyes zeroed in on me. Before I could think I grabbed my bag and fled not even sure where I was running to. I heard him slashing through the water, I turned back seeing him catching up with ease on foot. When I turned my bad luck turned worse. A tree was in my path and before I could swerve out the way I slammed into it full speed. ------------------------------- I strectched out lazily in comfort, silk sheets wrapped around my body and beneath my head. Wait! Silk I couldn't afford such luxury's. I sat up looking around sleep still clouding my vision. The room was massive, it looked like a expensive hotel suite. I stood noticing I was still clothed, but who would undress me, I wouldn't. I walked over to the balcony where the doors were wide open showing me a beautiful forest landscape. No roads or civilazation was to be seen. Gasping I remember the insident at the lake. Did he bring me here? I needed to get out of here. I spotted an open door which showed a walk in closet.which was filled with black and white T-shirts and Denim pants. Was this his room? The other door I tried was a luxury bathroom. Glass door shower and deep and wide bathtub. The last door was locked when I tried It. I pressed my ear to the door listening, there were muffled voices. "Well we really gonna just have to wait till he returns so he can deal with her. " "Has she eaten?" "I don't know but I don't want to chance opening the door, she might attack me" "Dam Joe your scared of a little human" "She's not little" I backed away from the door huffing, how dare he talk about me like that. The bastard. I have to leave before who ever they were talking about could "deal" with me. ------------------------------- I walked up the stairs irritated, I had to leave a meeting with the Alphas surrounding the area to deal with some big problem Joe called it. I entered the upstairs meeting room. Joe and Terry were there talking amongst themselves. I was about to ask what was so dam important when my nostrils flared. Someone was here and they weren't from my pack. I started sniffing the air trying to find its source. It was weird I wasn't trying to find it because it was a threat, it was arousing me. "Hey Marcus, we had a little insident." Snapping my attention to Joe I asked. "What insident?" "Well I went for a run then stopped by the lake and shifted. There was this women there I think she saw me shift, she ran and I chased her she hit a tree and passed out. I put her in your room I didn't know what else to do" "How the hell did she get on the property" "I don't know, but I know its against the code for a human to know about us so I brought her here." I placed my head in my hand blowing out a puff of air. I don't need this aggrivation. I turned to my door putting my hand on the knob. Then sighed. The smell was so strong. "Can you move from the door I don't want to push you down when I open it." I heard her gasp. "How, how do you know I'm standing by the door?" "I can hear you breathing, if it makes you feel better grap the lamp off my bedside table if you feel the need to hit me." There was silence then I heard her scrambling across the room. I opened the door and stood halfway in and out of the room. Dam! She was beautiful. Thick all over and wide scared blue eyes. Her breast were at least triple d's. Straining aginast her tank top. Her wide hips and thick thighs made my dick swell and become hard. Those shorts were so lucky to be.holding those hips. I shook my head clearing it. She was human, fuck was I thinking. I took a deep breath and it only made it worse her scent was everywhere. "ARE YOU GOING TO KILL ME!!!??" "Um, no I wont, but you can't leave either." "What, please let me go I wont tell anybody about that weird mutt I saw I promise." "I know you wont because your not going anywhere." I closed the door locking it, then walked back to Joe and Terry. "What's her name did you do A background check on her?" "Uh, yea she lives alone no family members alive as far as we can tell and her name is Star Wilkinson." "Alright, Ill get her something to eat then see we'll do something about her living arrangements." comment


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