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Would you rather I take you back and let someone else buy you who will probably use you then kill if they saw fit?
Understand this little one, I am your owner now. Without me you would be used and discarded. I have chosen you for a special task and if you cannot even listen to simple instruction I will replace you. Understand?" View table of contents...


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Master klane "Now I've done my part. I've used all the money you gave me to buy her, I even made sure she was pure. I want your end of the bargain!" "Watch your tone, here is the 5,000,000." "You said 10,000,000!" "That was before you damaged her and used her for her purpose. She is to serve no one but me!" "How do you know what...." "You humans are quite easy to read. I must go, I will be back in a lunar cycle." "A what?" "A month." "Oh, okay." Her heels departed and a hissing sound was made then a large lock could be heard. I heard beeps then a feeling of lightweight. I only felt this once, when I was on a plane. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself when I heard him approaching. I felt him watching me. I heard a grunt then he walked away. I stayed still pretending to be sleep. I was to frightened of what I would see again. He returned and I again felt him staring at me. "I know you are awake Yani. You do not need to be frightened of me, I can garentee I would not have put you through as much pain as she has." I doubted that greatly. I kept still pretending sleep wondering how he knew my name. He gave a exasperated sigh. "Yani open your eyes, I do not want to force you." I slowly opened my eyes and shut them quickly again. Purple eyes, bright clear purple eyes. Full lips and midnight hair. He was a man but then again he wasn't. His skin was tan colored but with a translucent glow to it. "Open them!" I opened my eyes again shaking. He stared into my eyes with obvious intrest. "I am Klaneļ¼Œ you will call me Master Klane. You will respect me and listen to my demands. I can make you happy here or I can make you miserable its your choice. I am an alien from the Krasnoyarsk planet. I buy humans and train thembto become sex slaves. I will train you to become the best slave I can then I will give you up to the highest bidder. You can fight me along the way but you will not like the consequences." I sighed there was no hope. I had two choices. Let him use me then be sold or kill myself and take my innocence with me. I was to much of a coward to end my life so the decision was easy. I slouched in defeat wondering what was to come, in doing so my nipple brushed against my arm and I flinched. He looked down at the purple and blue bruise that was my left breast. He walked away then returned with a black jar. He opened it and dipped his fingers inside. When he took his hand out it was covered in pink glittery goop. He reached towards me and I instinctively raised my handcuffed hands over the area. He raised an eyebrow then took a step back. "Sit up." With some difficulty I sat up on the bright white table with my legs over the edge. He put his hand out with the pink goop on it. "Take it and put it on your bruise." I reached forward taking some ignoring his warm skin as I took the goop. It was cold and had the texture of silly putty. I hesitatingly put it on my breast and relaxed then sighed. It felt heavenly. I closed my eyes and rubbed it into my soar nipple. I immediately felt relief and a tingle spread throughout my nipple. It began to harden and I pulled and lightly tugged it testing for pain but instead felt pleasure. I lightly pinched and sighed. Remembering I was being watched my eyes popped open to see Master Klane staring at me as I fondled my nipple. I gasped in shock. I could clearly see a giant bulge causing a tent in his pants. He was gripping his bulge squeezing it. But his actions wasnt what made me gasp, it was his eyes. It had turned a black color. I stopped and I watched amazed as his eye brightened in color to its purple hue. Comment


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